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Men's Shooting Breeks & Tweed Shooting Trousers

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Men's Shooting Breeks & Tweed Shooting Trousers

With hunting season in full force, Rydale appreciates how important it is to be well equipped for that focussed prowling session. Finding a suitable attire for your day on the hunt can be an arduous job as there are so many little details that you need to make the day run smoothly.  Shooting events are also a much-loved country sport and our tweed breeks are more than perfect for both events. Built to last, our tweed breeks make up at least 60% of your outfit and available in four classical blends of country colours you will certainly find your match.

A pair of reliable, hard wearing men's shooting breeks will make the world of difference whilst out shooting, ensuring your protected and also look the part. Crafted from a high quality wool blend, our men's shooting trousers are ideal to wear all year round. With a wealth of earthly tones and traditional check tweed patterns, you really don’t need to look anywhere else when it comes to men’s shooting breeks and sporting trousers.

Good quality men’s shooting breeks and trousers can be hard to find, especially if you intend on earing them regularly. With the help of our various tweed made men’s shooting trousers, though, you can make sure that you always have a pair of trousers that can keep the heat in and let your style out. It’s a fine choice of attire when you want trousers that do your figure justice, giving you a shapely, stylish finish that ensures you always get a pair of trousers that feel good to wear.

Our various tweed men’s shooting trousers come in various styles, but each one should perfectly complement the style of clothing that you can find in our various shooting styles and collections. You can match them up with our various shooting jackets and boots too.

With the help of our various men’s shooting breeks and trousers at Rydale Country Clothing, we can make sure that you spend less time searching and more time shooting. Instead of having to look around for reliable and stylish shooting attire, you can pick up everything that you need via our trousers and assorted other collections.

Make sure that you never need to turn up at any event without anything other than your best shooting gear on. Thanks to our combination packages and the like, you can easily piece together a wardrobe that should give you total confidence in yourself, making sure you can turn up to shooting season ready to impress both with your firearm and your attire. 

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