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How to Match Your Shirt With Your Jacket

09 Apr 2019 |

Now spring has arrived, it’s time to dust off those thinner jackets from the back of your wardrobe and give them a good clean. The weather might be a little indifferent, but it’s good to know they are clean and ready to wear whenever you need them.

And don’t forget, you can always add an extra layer or two underneath if it does get a little chilly.

One way to instantly smarten up your outfit is to wear a shirt underneath your jacket.

It will always offer a more sophisticated look and is great for those occasions when you’re going out straight from the office and don’t have much time to change.

The beauty of this look is that it works for both men’s and women’s styles, so this post is for everyone!

We want to show you the different types of jacket you might already have or might be thinking about buying soon and how to style them with a shirt.

We’ll give you tips on what other items would complete the look but as always, the choice really is up to you! First up, let’s look at the different styles of jackets for men.

Jackets for men

We know for a fact that you will own at least one of these styles of jacket, maybe even more. You’ll probably own similar shirts to the ones we’ve picked as well as the bottoms and shoes.

Styling a shirt with a jacket is all about using what you already have, but knowing that you can always add an extra couple of items and take it to the next level.

Wax jackets: At Rydale, we’re a big fan of the wax jacket. In fact, it’s pretty much a staple for us during the spring and summer months.

Buying a wax jacket in a dark, neutral colour, such as navy, olive, brown or black, means that the options of shirts to go with your jacket is endless; pairing brown or olive jackets with beige/brown checked shirts is a classic country look.

Cawood Wax Jacket

An olive jacket, like our Thirsk Wax Jacket goes perfectly with our Garton Country Checked Shirt in Garton Brown.

Alternatively, a brown jacket, like our Men’s Cawood Jacket teamed with our Wetwang Country Checked Shirt in Wetwang Green adds some colour to your outfit.

A classic black wax jacket is the jacket to pick that will go with most colour choices. Pick out your striped shirt, like our Classic Oxford Cotton Shirt in Matthew Blue or a vibrant checked shirt, like our Richmond Country Checked Shirt in Red/Navy and grab your black wax jacket, similar to our Diamond Quilted Wax Jacket and you’re ready for any occasion.

Thirsk Wax Jacket

Tweed jackets: When it comes to tweed jackets, the jacket itself is the focal point. Tweed tends to be a more expensive material to buy, which means you should definitely not let anything overshadow it!

Because tweed jackets tend to be a darker colour, we recommend pairing them with a lighter coloured shirt.

A favourite of ours is our Lisset Country Check Shirt in Gold. This is a great look for country life or simply if you’re just going down to the pub!

Quilted jackets: A quilted jacket is the perfect opportunity to try a new colour. Always stick to black and brown jackets? Why not try an olive or navy style instead? Our Wetherby II Quilted Jacket comes in both colours and is a more casual style compared to other jackets.

Let the jacket take centre stage by wearing it with a plain shirt, such as our Classic Oxford Cotton Shirt in Jacob Blue. They often tend to be the lightest jacket to wear also so they are perfect for the warmer months! Go ahead and discover our range of Men's Oxford Cotton Shirts

Wetherby Quilted Jacket

Padded/Waterproof jackets: With the unpredictable weather in the UK during the summer months, you still need to have a waterproof in your wardrobe somewhere.

If you take your dog out for a walk super early in a morning, this may well be the jacket you use the most.

You can have fun with colour here if you wish, with designs in bright colours such as blue and red. A favourite in the Rydale offices is our Bainton II Jacket in Iron.

Grey is a great alternative to black, especially in warmer weather. Similarly to a black jacket, it also goes with any colour of shirt underneath.

Jackets for women

Now for the ladies. Unlike men, you usually get more colour options, which means that matching a shirt to a jacket can be a little trickier.

You don’t want to clash colours, so keep reading to see how we recommend styling your jackets with your shirts.

Wax jackets: Tan colours are always on-trend when the springtime comes around, and at Rydale, we like to incorporate this into our collections while maintaining our country chic looks. Our Milly II Belted Wax Jacket in Tan is a modern style of wax jacket but still has all of the properties of any other wax jacket does.

The belt is a great addition to modernise the look. Tan is another classic colour that goes with a plethora of colours so take a risk.

We love pairing a tan wax jacket with a white patterned shirt, such as our Wistow Printed Shirt in Pheasant White.

If you’d rather stick to a more muted colour of jacket, our Gayle Wax Jacket in Black is a classic take on the wax jacket. Adding a checked shirt underneath, like our Country Shirt in Kate Tweed, really elevates the look and smartens any outfit.

Tweed jackets: Tweed for women can be super stylish because there are many different checks to choose from as well as jacket styles. If you prefer a hooded jacket, our Helmsley Tweed Coat in Megan has a baby pink check running through it.

Complete your look with a matching shirt, the Hannah Country Check Shirt in Holly Pink is a beautiful gingham check that goes perfectly with tweed.

If you prefer a lighter/shorter style of jacket, our Ladies Bramham Short Tweed Jacket in Blue Check is a modern take on a tweed jacket. With blue and purple checks running through it, you could pick out either colour in a shirt to match!

Ladies Bramham Tweed Jacket

Quilted jackets: A quilted jacket doesn’t have to be in a dark, neutral colour anymore. At Rydale, we’ve gone crazy for colour! Our Denim Trim Quilted Biker Babe Jacket in Blue is a great, everyday style jacket, perfect for going about your day-to-day business.

Because the jacket is so vibrant, pair it with a quieter shirt, like our Hannah Country Checked Shirt in Ellie Blue. The blue in the shirt match up to the jacket so this brings the look together.

Waterproof/Equestrian jackets: Just like the men, waterproof jackets are a great way to show off your personality with some colour. You still need to keep a waterproof in your wardrobe for April showers so why not pick a fun shade?

Our favourites are the Rosedale Fleece Lined Jacket in Grape and the Ripon III Equestrian Jacket in Emerald, both of which stand out in the rain! When your jacket is so bright and eye-catching, it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit neutral and toned-down.

Ladies Rosedale Waterproof Jacket

Our Hannah Country Check Shirt in Matilda Cloudless is the perfect partner for a colourful waterproof jacket!

Whether you’re a fan of the neutral colours, or love to grab people’s attention with a colourful ensemble, keeping a classic shirt to wear with any jacket is perfect for the springtime.

Having a few options to match with your chosen jackets can really help on those days when you have absolutely no idea what to wear!

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