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What to wear with a wax jacket?


With spring just around the corner, it’s nearly time to put those big coats away and bring out those lighter jackets.

They might need a dust off and a wipe down, but you’ll be glad to know that jackets rarely go out of fashion.

The quintessential jacket for all kinds of weather is of course the wax jacket.

You probably already have one lurking in your wardrobe somewhere, so it’s always best to know what you can wear with it and at what times.

In this guide, we’ll show you the many benefits of wax jackets, as well as those all-important styling tips, both for men and women.

You’ll probably own a lot of the items mentioned already, it’s all about how you style them.

Why own a wax jacket?

  • They’re waterproof: If you look after it and clean and protect it every so often, it’s water-resistant, so it will get you through the showers. Also, you don’t have to clean it as often as you’d think!
  • They’re versatile: A waxed jacket is a great item to have in your wardrobe because it goes with so many clothes! We’ll explain more about outfit choices later, but this makes it a great buy; the perfect jacket to grab and go.
  • It’s a classic design: You don’t ever have to worry about waxed jackets going out of style because they never do! And because of their versatility, they’re perfect for all ages too.
  • They’re practical: If you’re looking for a jacket that has it all, the waxed jacket must be considered. Plenty of pockets are to be had, alongside belt fastenings — so there is a style for everyone.

Ladies Diamond Quilt Wax Jacket

What to wear with a wax jacket – men

Although versatile, with the ability to lend itself to different looks, the safest option for a waxed jacket is country cool.

Think warmth and practical for the outdoors, but with a stylish edge. You can find a waxed jacket for just about any style, which is great if you’re unsure of what style might suit you best.

We’ve broken it down into seasons to see which looks would be better suited to the weather.


Hopefully it will start to warm up soon so we can ditch the thick winter coats and bring out those lighter jackets.

Wax jackets are perfect for those transitional months when it’s too hot for a coat but too chilly for just a shirt.

You can always make yourself warmer by adding layers. Fleeces are a great extra layer, whether they’re full zip or half zip, like our Huggate and Harpham styles.

Only popping your jacket on to run errands or take the dog for a walk?

Our Classic Polo Shirts and T-Shirts will do the trick.

Better still, they’re both on 3 for 2 now! As waxed jackets come in neutral colours, you can go colour mad underneath if you wish! Our Richmond Slim Fit Waxed Cotton Jacket in Olive paired with a matching Classic Polo Shirt in Forest is a great summer look. Add a pair of straight leg jeans and casual footwear if you’re just heading to the shops or local pub.


The smart shirt is always the way to go when dressing up a look for men. Keeping your shirt in the same colour house as your jacket keeps the look streamlined.

A classic blue checked shirt goes great with our Thirsk Classic Wax Jacket.

For even dressier occasions, a quilted wax jacket adds a fresh approach. What’s more, a jumper over the top is a great addition in the colder months.

Chinos are the perfect solution for those smart-casual occasions. Wax jackets tend not to go with smart, work trousers, as wax jackets are not designed for black tie and workwear outfits.

Adding our Rupert Chino Trousers in Sand and Market Day Brogues in Tan and you’ll be set for nights out, family gatherings, and meals with friends and family.

Men's Richmond Slim Wax Jacket

What to wear with a wax jacket – women

Women get a little more colour choice than men, as well as more bottom-half options. Similarly to men, country chic is your go-to style; think check prints, comfy footwear, and layers.

Winter layering was made for waxed jackets and you can always remove a layer to make the jacket stand out more.


Even when you’re dressing in a casual outfit, it’s still important to look put-together and sleek. A favourite with us is our Milly II Belted Wax Jacket in Tan.

It will be the centrepiece of your outfit but in a neutral colour, meaning it will go with a plethora of other colours.

Try a patterned white shirt, like our Wistow Printed Shirt and denim jeans.

Make sure your bottom half is kept dark and monochrome or you’ll risk it clashing with your wax jacket.

You’ll have more colour choice if you opt for a darker washed waxed jacket. A shorter style, like our Gayle Wax Jacket in Black is incredibly wearable when the weather gets a little warmer.

This style of jacket might make it a little difficult to wear thick layers underneath, so opt for a tank top or camisole under your shirt if it’s a little chilly.

If your top half is monochrome, you can have some fun with colour on your bottom half. Skinny jeans in our Rose colour go great with monochrome outfits, especially black and white.

If you’re a bit colour-phobic, beige jodhpurs have a slimming effect. Tuck them into a pair of boots and you’re good to go for running errands and walking the dog.


Belted styles lend themselves to smarter outfits for women. They’re not designed for the office, but you can wear yours on occasions such as family dinners and drinks with the girls.

Our Diamond Quilted Wax Jacket in Black is our most versatile waxed jacket. Because it’s black, you can throw it on over any outfit to keep the chill off on a night out.

A little black dress and heels will look stylish underneath, or if you’re not a dress kind of woman, trousers are a great option.

Dark wash jeans are your safest option for night-time events, but footwear is completely up to you. We’re a fan of heeled boots because it’s too cold to have our toes out just yet!

Ladies Cawood Wax Jacket

As you can see, wax jackets go with just about everything in your wardrobe. You probably own most of these pieces anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to some new additions.

When it comes to colour choice, pick a jacket that will go with everything you already own; there’s no point in buying a jacket that requires you to buy a whole new wardrobe.


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