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How to Match Your Tweed Jacket with Jeans

24 Dec 2018 |

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll probably have numerous parties, gatherings and family events to attend, which leads us to that all-important question: what will you be wearing?

Adding a tweed jacket to an outfit instantly brings it from casual to smart, even when you’re wearing it with a pair of jeans. The tweed jacket is the perfect style to throw on over most outfits; provided you know what to pair it with.

For both men and women, this look should be a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. Having a timeless piece like a tweed jacket that will go with multiple outfits is what we’re all after.

In this guide, we’ll share our ideas of how to style your tweed jacket with jeans, for both men’s and women’s styles. By picking out our favourite items, we can show you how to mix and match to maximise the use of your clothing!

Women’s guide

It’s always a little harder to match a tweed jacket as a woman, mostly because there’s just so much choice out there. Whether you’re looking for a jacket for smarter occasions, or a more casual style of coat, we have rounded up all our top tips in one place just for you so keep reading!

Long Tweed Coat in Megan: If you’re more of a fan of a casual style, our Long Tweed Coat is the ideal coat for you. The Megan shade has a check pattern of blue and raspberry, which are two great colours to pick out as accent colours. Because it’s more of a casual style than a structured jacket, we recommend continuing this throughout your whole outfit. Our Portia Skinny Jeans in Rose will elevate this whole look. Adding a pop of colour takes your outfit from drab to fab. Just make sure you keep the rest of your outfit neutral so the jeans stand out.

Bramham Tweed Jacket in Blue Check: When it comes to tweed, you often find that it comes in browns and khakis. By adding a twist with your jacket with blue check, it is best to keep the rest of your look darker for the jacket to take centre stage. Traditional indigo skinny jeans would suit this look best. You’d be going for a monochrome look from top to bottom, but you could also pair it with shoes that match the check pattern if you’re feeling adventurous: bright blue or pink.

Bramham II Tweed Jacket

Long Tweed Blazer in Kate: If you’re looking for a jacket that can be dressed up or down, you really can’t go wrong with a blazer. Our Kate blazer has a beautiful blue and raspberry check running through it and is such a versatile blazer.

Pair it with trousers and smart shoes for the office, change out your flats for heels for a traditional gathering or wear it with jeans for a smart-casual look. Again, this blazer is the statement piece so we recommend keeping your outfit neutral, but you could go all out with your shoes. Longer blazers also look fantastic over a little black dress and heels.

Ladies Long Tweed Blazer

Short Tweed Blazer in Holly: Keeping it feminine with a blue and pink check, the short blazer has similar versatility to the longer style. We like to layer a jumper under ours, like our Crew Neck Cable Knit jumper in Sorbet, especially in this colder weather. Jeans and boots complement this look. Our Tweed blazers are also great for looking smart in the show arena or hunting. With a wide range of classic country checks; team with jodhpurs and a smart shirt and you’re guaranteed to look the part.

Men’s guide

Men’s styles are a little easier to arrange because the patterns within the jackets are less colourful and tend to be more traditional. This means that you can include more colour throughout the rest of your outfit if you choose or keep the whole look monochrome. Here are our picks and how to style them.

Derby Tweed Jacket in Dark Check: With a casual coat, you can still wear it with a range of trousers. You might be using the jacket as your regular one which you put over a smart shirt and a pair of trousers when commuting to and from work, or it might be more your weekend coat. In that case, pairing it with jeans will never go amiss. This look will be a great one for New Year’s Day walks!

Men's Derby Tweed Jacket

Tweed Blazer in Harrogate: Our classic fit tweed blazers are perfect for occasions where you might need to dress up a little more. Our Harrogate style has a classic, but subtle blue check running through it, which makes this style more versatile than some. If you want to dress up but don’t want to go for smart trousers, a pair of navy chinos and smart shoes would be perfect for a smart-casual dress code. You could always pick out the blue in the jacket and wear a shirt or jumper that colour underneath too.

Men's Rupert Chinos

Tweed Blazer in Millington: Opting for a twill or herringbone tweed means you can have more choice with the rest of your outfit. You don’t have to worry about colour clashing as much, and it gives you ultimate versatility. It looks best when paired with smart trousers, so we recommend a grey pair like these, especially if you are attending a shoot meeting (Moleskin is a must!)

When to double tweed?

One of the only times where it is considered acceptable to wear double tweed is on shoots. To have matching tweeds at these events helps you to really look the part. Why not try our statement ladies olive & pink breeks, paired with a matching waistcoat, jacket and Lady Gransmoor Wellingtons? You really can’t go wrong with this complete outfit.

Alternatively, for the fellas, we have the complete outfit for shoots too. The Moorland or Heathland are both very traditional tweeds, with matching breeks, waistcoats, and jackets and to finish the look off; wellingtons. You really will look the part for every shoot dressed head to toe in tweed.

A tweed jacket, once you know how to style it, will be an item that you keep reaching for time and time again. Make sure you have a few key pieces in your wardrobe that you know how to complement it and you’ll be set for any occasion. Also, don’t forget to share how you style your tweed jacket on social media, using the hashtag #rydale.

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