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How to Style Your Winter Wardrobe For Men


It’s the one season that mutually nobody likes dressing for. It requires a lot of pre-planning before you leave the house, such as checking the weather meticulously and taking an extra bag of gear out just for layers. However, with a few country staples, it shouldn’t be that difficult!

Of course, the weather can change in an instant but if you’re leaving the house, you will need the same items every time. Whether you’re going to work, a family outing or just out and about, a handful of items will see you through the entirety of winter. Each of the items listed is a general piece of clothing that can always be personalised through different patterns, materials or colours. A wardrobe full of staples does not have to be dull and neutral (unless you want it to be).

Men's Fleece Jacket

We’ve gathered our favourite winter staples and put them altogether in a guide to styling your winter wardrobe. As always, you’ll probably find that you own most, if not all, of these items already, but you might be ready for an upgrade on some of them. Keep reading for our winter wardrobe must-haves for any country man!

Invest in a quality winter coat

You might think you’ll get away with a thinner jacket but trust us, a winter coat will last you for years, if you purchase a quality-made one. A coat is simply to throw on over an outfit so it doesn’t have to be a focal point of any point, just a practical item to keep you warm and dry.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Our coats are designed to be timeless, not only to see you through for years to come in terms of quality but also in terms of fashion. With country staples, you know they will go with as many outfits as possible. Whether it’s a riding or waterproof coat, we’re confident that you will get maximum wear out of it.

Men's Hiking Jacket

We would always recommend a waterproof coat that includes a hood, whether it can be concealed or not. Whilst tweed coats will keep you incredibly warm, they’re not the best coat to wear during a downpour. For something more streamlined, a fleece-lined or mesh-lined coat is perfect for everyday wear, from the office to running errands. You could also wear an extra padded bomber jacket. This style is a bit dressier than the others as it has a classy feel to it.

A hiking jacket is a great option for those of you who are outdoorsy. Velcro cuffs, an elasticated hem and plenty of pockets make this the perfect jacket for any outdoor activities. If you work outdoors permanently though, a full length riding coat might be more practical for you. It’s been designed for horse riding but it can be equally as versatile for general countryside living!

Fleece is your friend

To get even more warmth, fleece material is probably the best because it feels so soft too! Whether you wear your fleece item as a layering piece or as an outer layer, you will still look classic and cool. We’re big fans of a gilet at Rydale and our fleece Huggate gilets are amongst our most popular items. With their leather trim finishes, it gives them that extra bit of quality.

Men's Fleece Waistcoat

We’ve expanded our range to include thirteen colours so you can’t say there isn’t enough choice! Choose a shade that complements the rest of your wardrobe or go bold in a brighter shade. Our selection comes in lots of neutrals so they will go with as many outfits as possible.

If you prefer a fleece jacket rather than a gilet, you’ll be happy to know that our Huggate style is available in both an overhead style as well as a full zip jacket. Both are a fitted style so don’t wear anything too bulky underneath or you’ll need to size up. Because of their sleek design, they make great outerwear options during the warmer months but look equally as stylish underneath a jacket or coat.

Dig out that checked shirt

It wouldn’t be a Rydale blog post without mentioning our trusted old friend, the checked shirt! If you’re not a fan of check, we have a whole range of other patterns and colours just for you too. However, we know most of you keep coming back to your checked shirt. In winter, it’s probably best to pack away the short sleeved versions because it’s unlikely you’ll need them anytime soon.

Men's Fleece Lined Shirt

Our collection of checked shirts is constantly expanding so expect to see new colour combinations soon! For winter, it could be a good idea to get yourself a fleece-lined shirt for extra warmth. It’s still breathable as it’s made from 100% cotton so you don’t have to worry about sweating too much. They’re a great option for smart casual occasions when you’re not entirely sure what to wear, especially if it’s an outdoor event!

Have comfortable and waterproof footwear

Whilst you might think a pair of canvas trainers will see you through an entire winter, it’s not feasible to think so! You will need something more practical and versatile for any rain or snow coming your way. Whilst leather footwear is definitely an investment, if cared for properly, a pair of leather shoes or boots will last you for years. It requires regular footwear care so you’re not just throwing money away!

Depending on your activities, you could need anything from a lace up worker boot, a padded walking boot or an everyday Chelsea market boot. All of these boots are both practical and versatile for any outdoor activity or casual occasion. If you need a boot for more formal settings, our Atwick lace up boots are the perfect bridge between wearing for the office to smarter evening events.

Men's Walking Boots

Leather footwear is waterproof as long as you get into a routine of reproofing every so often. Don’t forget to stick on some knitted boot socks to keep your feet even toastier!

Whilst many of us struggle with winter dressing, it can be easier than you think. Having a few mix and match pieces that all add to your body warmth means you will keep toasty without worrying if each item goes with another. Each of the items listed above isn’t necessarily just for winter either.

They will see you through every season, whether you wear them regularly or not. Investing in quality footwear and outerwear especially means you will have a wardrobe built to last, provided you look after them properly (and that means regular cleaning and waterproofing). Look after them though and they will last you for years!


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