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How to Wear a Shirt Under a Jumper

02 Jun 2021 |

When it comes to a simple, but very powerful and easy to execute look, there are few better than a shirt under a jumper. Whether you prefer a crew neck, V-neck or even a sweater vest, layering your outfit is a way to not only keep yourself cosy in the autumn and winter months, but also add an extra dimension with a different texture and visual interest to your outfit. Smart enough for a business meeting but can easily be tweaked slightly for a smart casual outfit, the combination can see you through a multitude of situations. In this article we will be looking at the best ways to wear a jumper over a shirt.

Ideas For Men

For a more formal look, a V-neck sweater and a shirt are a great combination. The advantage of a V-neck in a more formal setting is the fact that the shape of the neckline will nicely frame the tie, showing it off more. Of course, the tie is completely optional, the formality of the outfit should match the occasion. Although the tie is optional, we would recommend you always keep the shirt tucked in.

Men's Crew Neck Jumper

It is acceptable to wear a shirt untucked without a jumper for a more casual look but having shirt tails hanging out from the bottom of your jumper is not the easiest of looks to pull off and will more often than not leave the outfit looking untidy.

When checking the sizing of your V-neck, make sure you follow a few simple rules to keep you looking your best:

  • The neckline should always be above your armpits – a deep V-neck sweater does not compliment a shirt. Showing too much of the shirt underneath, no matter how nice it is, should be avoided.

  • You should be able to tuck the collar of your shirt inside the collar of the V-neck jumper. This again makes sure the correct amount of shirt is shown underneath.

  • Make sure the jumper and shirt fit correctly – Although the shirt will mostly be hidden under your sweater, so you can get away with it being slightly larger or smaller, but a shirt that doesn’t fit can still be seen under a jumper.

The crew neck jumper is often seen as the less casual of the sweaters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear a country checked shirt under one. When wearing a crew neck, we recommend a more casual shirt, a dress shirt can be teamed with a V-neck, but it’s best to stick with a less smart option with the crew neck. With the tight neckline of the crewneck jumper, we would advise you keep the collar tucked inside of the jumper’s collar.

Although the crew neck and shirt combination might not have the versatility of the V-neck when it comes to formal events, a crew neck and shirt can see you through a lot of different occasions. Warm enough to see you working outside in the yard, but still smart enough for any meetings or a trip to town if needed.

Men's V-neck Sweater

Ideas For Women

Of course, it isn’t just men who can pull off the jumper over a shirt look, the look is becoming very popular with women, whether it be for a walk outfit or a visit to the café.

A women's V-neck jumper is one of the simplest ways to add an extra layer to your outfit whilst still showing off your shirt underneath. Whether a crew neck or V-neck, there are less rules when it comes to putting together a women’s outfit. Although a well-fitting jumper would be ideal, if you prefer a more oversized fit, replacing a well fitted jumper with a baggier one would still work, especially with a more casual outfit. It is also more acceptable to have the shirt untucked, creating a cosier casual look.

However, if you are wearing it to a more formal occasion or for the office, it may be better you stick to a standard size and tuck in the shirt. Our Ladies V Neck Cable Knit Jumper is a great addition to any wardrobe and is one of the simplest layers you can add to your outfit. Coming in a range of colours and with a chunkier cable knit, these jumpers have a great preppy style and look great with a checked shirt underneath.

Ladies Crew Neck Jumper

When it comes to a colder day outfit, the crew neck is ideal to keep the wind out and the warm in. Although they aren’t always seen as the most formal, our ladies crew neck jumpers can easily be worn over a shirt, for an easy smart casual look that can go with jeans or a smarter pair of trousers easily, depending on how formal the event. The ladies crew neck has a wider opening than the men’s which still allows you to show off the shirt under, not just the collar.

Adding an extra layer to your outfit can add some visual intrigue as well as some added warmth. With this thin jumper you can easily add a coat over the top on the days the temperature drops, or you need extra protection from the rain, without the outfit feeling too restrictive or bulky.

Men's V-neck Jumper

Whatever occasion you are dressing for, it’s a safe assumption that wearing a simple jumper over a shirt will suffice. A white shirt will go with any colour jumper you choose and is a classic look that you can’t go wrong with. Jumpers are an essential layering piece for anybody’s wardrobe, we believe you can never have too many, they are truly one of the most versatile items of clothing you can own. The added formality of a collared shirt only adds to the look.

For a year round outfit that can be easily added to in order to match your need, you can’t beat a shirt and jumper combination. Browse our knitwear and shirt sections to find your dream team, whether you like classic subtle colours or prefer a bolder, more in your face colour with stunning checks and prints, we have something for everyone.

Of course, if you have any questions with regards to How to Wear a Shirt Under a Jumper then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team who are always on hand to help. 

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