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What To Wear Under a V-neck Sweater

06 Feb 2019 |

With winter well and truly underway, it’s important to wrap up warm. Layering seems like a science until you work out what works for you. Jumpers are a necessity when it turns cold, but just adding a coat on top isn’t always enough to keep you toasty.

By adding a layer underneath your jumper, you can keep the heat in and the fashion on point. You might want to add an invisible layer or as an accessory but either way, we can show you how.

Here, we’ll take a look at the various materials and designs of sweaters, the different layers you can add, and the colour combinations that are our favourites in our comprehensive guide to knitwear.


Different materials of a sweater

When it comes to materials, you need to think about when and where you’ll be wearing your jumper. If it’s purely for the colder months, you’ll probably want to go for a thicker material, but if you know you’re prone to feeling the heat, thinner materials are probably more for you.

Concerning caring for your knitwear, always check the label for instructions. If you know you’re too lazy to hand-wash the jumper every time, make sure you buy one in a material that can be machine washed.

Cotton: The most breathable material to buy, it is also the easiest to take care off. Being machine-washable means, it can be done alongside all other laundry. It often comes in a stretchy fit, which makes it perfect for jumpers. It also means that you can layer a thermal or shirt underneath

Lambswool: This is taken from the first shearing of a sheep, usually around seven months after its first coat comes in. Because of its shorter length (less than 50mm), it is easier to use from a manufacturing viewpoint and the fibres are stronger, smoother and more elastic.

It has special crimps in it which means that the fabric is breathable, retaining heat in the winter or allowing you to stay cool in the summer. See our men’s Lambswool Jumpers  >

Men's Lambswool Sweater

Wool blend: Because it blends well with older fabrics, wool is often woven with cashmere, silk or polyester. Choosing a material for a jumper means you need to think of how long you want it to last. Wool blend is not the most durable fabric but is great for standalone fashion pieces.


Different designs of a sweater

Think of where you’ll wear your jumper; just for running errands or planning to wear it for work? Having a versatile piece means you might even be able to wear it across many activities. You might also want to buy a mixture of thicknesses and designs so you have a full array of choices.

Thin-knit: When you get to those troublesome spring months when it’s cold one minute and warm the next, thin knits are ideal. Adding a layer underneath makes them perfect for when it’s cool outside but not cold. You can always take off the jumper or the layer underneath if it gets too warm. Ladies Fine Knit Jumpers  >

Cable knit: A more traditional style of knitwear, cable knits are the perfect piece for country chic style. Often coming in classic shades as well as bright pops of colour, their preppy nature means they look perfect paired with a collared shirt.

Ladies Cable Knit Jumpers  >

Crew neck: A round neck is perfect for keeping warm which means layering is key. With a crew neck, you can get away with an invisible layer, like a thermal or base layer for those months when it’s really cold.  Ladies Crew Neck Jumpers  >

V-neck: If you’re looking for a classic look with a modern take, a V-neck sweater is right up your street. It lets you show off a little more skin if worn alone or you can highlight the layer underneath, whether it’s a different coloured t-shirt or a patterned shirt.

Ladies Knitwear  >

Men’s Knitwear  >


Layering for women

When it comes to layering, V-neck sweaters are often the easiest to wear something underneath. You get to show more of the layer off rather than just a collar.

For women, wearing a V-neck jumper on its own can be a sophisticated look. Adding a delicate long-chain necklace really adds glamour and pairing it with jeans and heels can be a classy night out outfit.

Make sure you get the fit that’s right for you. V-neck jumpers look best fitted but an oversized one might be more your style. When it comes to a more sleek, clean-cut look, opting for a shirt underneath brings the look from casual to smart.

This is a look you can wear for the office during colder months. Just make sure to tuck in your shirt or the outfit will look a little less polished.

Ladies Country Shirts  >

 Ladies V-Neck Cable Knit


Layering for men

Men tend to have more choice when it comes to styling a V-neck jumper. Opting for a classic shirt and tie gives a smart but cosy feel, or ditch the tie to keep it more casual. Similarly to women, make sure you tuck your shirt into your trousers or you might look like you got dressed in the dark!

When buying a V-neck jumper, make sure it fits properly. Too small and it will crinkle and stretch, too big and it will look like you’ve borrowed it! Don’t forget about the length of the sweater either; it should fit a couple of inches below your belt buckle, no longer.

There are a couple of styling tips that you need to be aware of that are a huge no-no. Wearing nothing underneath isn’t a great look and wearing a t-shirt underneath looks less adult. If you want to wear a t-shirt under a jumper, go for a crew neck style so that it is hidden.

Men’s Country Shirts  >

Layering a jumper for men 


Colour combinations for all

If you’ve decided on a patterned shirt, pick out one of the colours in the print that can be your sweater colour. Details like this help tie a look together and give a smarter look.

White and anything: A classic white shirt underneath a jumper is always a classic look for men and women. In fact, you can buy those jumpers on the high street with a fake collar attached! Our new Danby Shooting Jumper is a great addition on top of a white shirt.

Greens and neutrals: Pairing shades of green with nude, tan and cream are the perfect country look. Think long walks and shooting, add some wellies and you’re good for all kinds of weather! If it’s extra cold, add our Ripley II Gilet in Dark Forest on top of your Fine Knit Shooting V-Neck Jumper in Olive Mallard.

Pinks and purples: Bringing a girly touch to your outfit means giving pink a go! Go bold with our V-neck Cable Knit Jumper in Rose and add a checked shirt underneath.

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