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Our Top 5 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials

With autumn well and truly here, for many of us, this is the time of the year when we don’t really know how to dress. If you go out in a thin jacket, it’s likely to rain or the temperature will drop. If you wear too many layers, it will be the warmest day of the season. We all know thin layers are the key to autumn but never seem to stick to it!

You’ll also find that you’ll be grabbing the same items from your wardrobe on a daily basis, no matter your age or gender. We rarely give much thought to it as we simply choose our outfit and begin our day but take note of which pieces you wear the most. Whilst they will vary from person to person, we guarantee you’ll pick a couple of items that are similar to everyone else.

Autumn Outfits

With a smaller, capsule wardrobe, you will have fewer pieces to choose from but you know that you love them and will wear them frequently. This means you can invest in quality pieces that fit in with your lifestyle perfectly. For this reason, we’ve selected our top 5 autumn wardrobe essentials for anyone living in the countryside. We’d put money on you having at least two or three of these items but we need that money for our Christmas shopping! Keep reading for our autumn essentials, perfect for all kinds of weather too!

A waterproof jacket

It wouldn’t be autumn without some rain/snow/hail (or all of the above) so without a waterproof jacket, we wouldn’t be going anywhere! The best thing about a waterproof jacket is that you can go as crazy or as subtle with the colour or pattern as you want to. When you can’t see much of your outfit underneath, you can wear your jacket to show off your personality. With shorter styles for cooler days and longer versions for when it gets really cold, there really is a style for everyone. Our range has everything from a thinner jacket in a packet to thicker fleece-lined coats, perfect for autumnal walks.

Ladies Waxed Jacket

We don’t feel like you should have to compromise style over substance for a waterproof jacket so we’ve tried to find that perfect blend between practical and on-trend. Many women think of waterproofs as hiking gear. We’re here to debunk that myth because as long as you use a protection spray, most leather jackets are waterproof. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend wearing a wax jacket when it’s absolutely pouring down, they’re great for commuting, nights out at the pub and indoor events when you have to make the quick dash from the car to the venue! We’ve got so many styles of wax jackets, including a classic style, a quilted version and a belted jacket, a style we love for dressier occasions.

For an everyday style, you might need something a little more practical: plenty of pockets, a hood and a style that goes with every casual outfit you have. An equestrian bomber jacket is the ideal jacket for cooler days when you’re running errands. For an alternative style, a jacket in a packet is the perfect ‘in between seasons’ jacket and better still, you can choose one in  your favourite colour!

Men's Puffer Jacket

If the temperature drops significantly, you’ll need a coat rather than a jacket. A traditional waterproof jacket is great for outdoor activities because you know that’s exactly what it’s made for! You might prefer a parka winter coat in preparation for the colder months so make sure to grab that style early! Instead, you could go for a longer riding coat in a bright or jewel colour, a coat that you can dress up and down!

Don’t worry gentlemen, you have plenty of choice too. If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to outerwear and tend to go for a jacket that goes with everything, an all-weather jacket is right up your street. If you’re someone who’s cold all the time, a fleece lined version might be better for you! It might mean you can wear less layers underneath too unless it’s snowing out! If you’d rather layer up underneath with a fleece or gilet, how about getting yourself a jacket in a packet? You could leave it in the car for just in case emergencies like a downpour!

Ladies Tweed Poncho

Two of our favourite styles are that blend between casual and smart. An equestrian bomber jacket looks casual but when worn with a smart checked shirt would be just fine for casual nights out. We’re big fans of the dark denim style as it adds a pop of colour to a neutral autumnal outfit. For an all-round jacket, a hiking jacket in a neutral shade might be the jacket for you. You know it’s going to be super practical but that doesn’t mean you have to wear it for just hiking. With shades of olive and black, it’s the perfect everyday jacket for any type of weather!

If you’re looking for a waterproof jacket for dressier events, look no further than a wax jacket. A classic style could be the first step if you’ve never worn this style before. To take it one step further, a quilted version, whether it’s more of a padded style or a traditional style, looks great when dressed up. Our styles all come in neutral colours so you know a classic brown, black or olive shade will go with almost any outfit!

Leather boots

You won’t be able to make it through autumn without a pair of boots. However, with our delightful rainy weather in the UK, a pair of leather boots is preferable over other materials. Whilst we love suede, suede and rain do not go well together whereas regular leather can be polished and waterproofed as often as it needs to be. With ankle length boots for everyday wear to knee high boots for torrential rain, the motto is the more rain falling from the sky, the higher the boot needs to be! For rain-friendly boots, you’re looking for two focuses mostly: a good tread and easy to clean.

A pair of Chelsea boots will be your go-to footwear during autumn if you have a pair in your wardrobe. However, traditional Chelsea boots have a flat sole, which is no good for slippery paths and muddy terrain. Our Skelton style is designed to have the same look as a Chelsea boots but with a much better tread and a trendy quilted panel at the back. We were ours in the office, when out and about doing our Christmas shopping and for casual nights in and out with friends and family. Simply pull them on, tuck your jeans in (or roll them up to show your boots off) and you’re ready to go!

Men's Checked Overshirt

If you prefer something more practical, a walking or hiking boot might be better for you. For countryside living, these are the perfect style to be out and about, whether you’re walking on grass or a path! With either pair, they’ll go with any outfit so don’t worry about potential colour clashes or worrying if they don’t go with an item in particular. Sure, they won’t go with a sequined Christmas party dress but for everyday life, you don’t have to worry!

One of our favourite boot styles is the biker boot. It’s always been a cool boot style but we’ve since added our Rydale touch. Whether you go for a tan or dark brown shade, you know they’ll go with any casual outfit. If you prefer a dressier version, how about a biker brogue boot instead? These can be paired with tweed dresses or skirts and thick tights for smart casual events, such as family parties and evenings at the local pub.

For a dressier look, a sleek pair of knee high leather boots once again goes well with tweed. A dark brown pair or a tan version are more of a streamlined style and work well with dresses and skirts that sit just above the knee.

If you’re looking for a more casual option, our popular Tullymore boots might just be the most perfect pair of boots for countryside living. Just make sure you tuck in any bottom half items, such as jeans or jodhpurs, to allow you to not only show the boot off but to keep your clothing clean! It’s easier to wipe mud and dirt off these boots than it is to take off clothing!

Tall Leather Boots

You might think you don’t need a pair of leather boots in your life but they’ll come to be one of your most popular items in your wardrobe! For the ultimate casual pair, a classic pair of lace up work boots will fit right in with any outfit. Paired with jeans and a T-shirt or jumper is the perfect everyday look for any casual occasion. If you prefer a pair with extra support, you might want to invest in some walking boots. In a classic dark brown shade, these boots will last you a long time if you clean them properly.

If you’re looking for more of a fashion boot, a pair of pull-on Chelsea boots bridge that smart casual gap. They’re not too smart but they’re perfect for those in between dress code events. They still have a good tread on them so no need to worry about ruining them during outdoor events.

If you prefer a longer boot, our Tullymore style is the one for you. You won’t get a more practical boot than this one. If you work outdoors or spend a lot of time there, these are the perfect pair for you. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend hiking in them, they’re comfortable enough for short walks and errands in the local village. 

A checked shirt

It wouldn’t be a Rydale checklist without a country checked shirt! For the ladies, we have lots of pretty pastels, such as baby pink, lilac and pale blue, with gingham and finer checks across the board. For particularly cold weather, try a fleece lined shirt; you’ll be all snuggly on the inside too!

For the gentlemen, shades of red, blue and green feature heavily in our collection as they typically go well with tweed jackets and blazers in our range. Many of our shirts are smart enough for the office too so you don’t even have to get changed if you’re going out straight after work!

A fleece

We’re big on layering, especially when it gets colder, and a fleece item is an ideal layering piece. It’s like wearing a blanket underneath your jacket and what’s better than that? Keeping warm when it’s so cold outside is paramount so a fleece might be what you’re looking for.

Country ladies

If you’re looking for a fleece to layer underneath a waterproof jacket, a full zip style is our favourite. It’s thin enough to wear under a coat but still thick enough to keep you warm. If you’re after a smarter version, our leather trimmed Huggate fleece jacket is very popular. The leather accents give it that extra special touch and it’s a transitional piece as you can wear it as a jacket during the spring.

Men's Wax Jacket

If you’re looking for extra warmth, try a sherpa fleece. Whether it’s a plain colour or a checked print, you won’t find many items of clothing more comfortable than something made from sherpa fleece! It’s definitely a casual piece but that doesn’t equate to loungewear. We definitely like wearing ours around the house but it’s a cosy piece to wear out too!

Country gentlemen

Just like the ladies, a thinner fleece is the perfect layering piece. If you don’t have a fleece lined jacket, wearing a fleece underneath a waterproof jacket works wonders. You’ll feel so much warmer, which you’ll be grateful for when it comes to outdoor events! For a smarter look, our Huggate and Harpham are perfect for wearing in the office but you can still layer them underneath a coat.

Tweed pieces

Another Rydale staple has to be a tweed piece. With dresses, skirts, blazers, waistcoats and ponchos for the ladies, you can find the perfect blend for any smart, smart-casual or casual occasion. Just one tweed piece can really elevate a look from casual to smart, especially if it’s paired with a checked shirt.

For the gentlemen, you can’t live in the country and not own at least one tweed item. Our blazers look great when worn over a collared shirt but for smart events, wear a waistcoat underneath. You’ll be the best dressed man at any event if you do, whether it’s a night at the pub or a winter wedding!

As you can see, you can nearly make a full outfit just from these five autumn staples. You’ll find that when you invest in quality pieces, you’ll want to wear them more, which means you’ll also look after them better too. Layer up, stay warm and enjoy yourself this autumn in your brand new wardrobe.

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