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Girls Jodhpurs

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Girls Jodhpurs

The Rydale girls jodhpurs have been crafted using a durable, high-quality fabric, designed for comfort, movement and fit. So shop our range of children's jodhpurs and breeches and make sure your little rider is comfortable whilst in the saddle. Shop now and discovers our kid's jodhpurs and breeches. If you do have any questions with regards to any of our girl's jodhpurs then please do let us know and we'll be more than happy to help you.

get them clothing that does the intended job. With the help of our new and improved range of girl's horse riding jodhpurs, you can do that with ease. We’ve built a collection of sturdy and impressive jodhpurs for kids, making sure that your young one can jump on horseback and avoid any discomfort whatsoever.

It’s a big reason why our range of kid’s jodhpurs goes so well with everything else we sell. Our aim is to help the young riders enjoy the art of horse riding as much as the adults. To do that, we look to utilise the smartest and safest range of kids horseback attire and clothing, giving them access to the gear that they need to ride with total confidence, comfort, and happiness moving forward.

For more help in making positive choices for your child when it comes to horse riding, why not take a look at our growing horse riding collection for kids? We have a range of colours including, Navy Blue, Navy Denim and Beige jodhpurs. 

The clothing that we sell here at Rydale Country Clothing comes with the promise of making sure your child can feel confident on the back of a horse like never before. Wearing the right outfit and attire goes a long way to convincing a young mind that they have made the right decision by riding on horseback.

With the help of our high-end range of children's jodhpurs, then, you can quickly and easily change the way that your kids approach their riding sessions. With more opportunity than ever before, you should have no real problems in helping your kids to get themselves together and to get them back on the saddle.

Good quality horseback clothing always gives someone confidence, and children are no different. Why not ensure steely confidence by equipping your child with top quality horse riding clothing suitable to their personality and their experience?


Explore our range of girls jodhpurs in the following colours .

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