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Men's Wax Gilets, Vests & Waxed Bodywarmers

Wax Country Gilets

Are you on the lookout for a new gilet that you could easily wear outdoors? Then you need a wax gilet. Our growing number of wax gilets should give you all the help that you need to feel plenty of comforts as soon as you sit down to enjoy your day. When worn properly, such a gilet can give you plenty of comfort as well as lots of room to try and move around with.

It’s a big reason why we think that you should pick up a wax gilet. They are solid for weatherproofing and can go well with many of our wax goods. Want to buy something akin to a wax gilet, but maybe made a little different? No problem! Check out our alternatives below.

Men’s Fleece GiletsEnjoy wearing a top quality gilet that keeps you nice and warm without restricting your movement. A must-have for any guys out on the go!

Men’s Tweed GiletsStay stylish and fit in with the look of your chosen event with a tweed gilet. Helps to add a touch of formality without succumbing to the cold.

Men’s Tweed JacketsPair up your gilet look with some stylish tweed jackets to help to further insulate you from the cold and protect you from being caught-out by winter weather.

The added comfort of a wax gilet is something that often surprises us once we put them on. When you stick one of these on, you should notice an immediate sense of warmth and comfort. Wax gilets are most suited to you when you are doing work outdoors and you want to make sure you can move around without feeling restrained or constricted.

Other forms of bodywear can feel like they are restricting you a touch. With the wax gilet, it moves with you rather than against. It allows you to move with total freedom and fluidity, meaning that you can get more done. The added heat and the fact that it can keep you so warm as you go about doing your duties for the day is another key reason why wearing a wax gilet makes plenty of sense.

So, for something different, check out wax gilets here at Rydale Country Clothing today!

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