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Men's Muck Boots & Yard Boots

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The Rydale men's muck boots and yard boots are incredibly popular and it’s obvious why. They’re strong and durable, breathable and incredibly comfortable to wear and they look great, to say the least.

No longer are these boots used for only yard work, they’re stylish enough to wear out and about too! You might prefer to use one pair for everyday use in the garden or in the fields and another for regular occasions. This will save you having to deep clean them after every single use.

Our men’s equestrian muck boots are practical boots that are perfect for wearing at the yard, a walk around the woods, out with the dogs or popping into town. They are so much more versatile than you might think they are!

We've rounded up our three most popular styles into a handy breakdown for you to choose your preferred one.

Ankle boots – Our ankle boot style muck boots are probably best for less muddy work. Because of the length, they’re practical enough for walking through the woods to walk the dog but probably not for farm and fieldwork.

For those times when you need less perfection, they’re your go-to version of men's yard boots. Coming in brown and tan, our Malton market boots are not only practical but oh so stylish too. Just make sure to clean them if you get them muddy as they look best when kept neat and tidy.

Knee-high boots – If you prefer a longer boot, a knee-high style muck boot is best for any field or farm work. You get more protection over your legs and they can also add extra support to your calves when doing intense work!

Our styles come with either an extra buckle or drawstring towards the top of the boot to further secure the boot to your leg. These extra features add an extra dimension to our equestrian muck boots, making them look good as well as feel comfortable.

Wellington boots – Every respectable country gentleman should own a pair of wellington boots, whether you live on a farm or not! With our dreaded British weather, you’ll never go amiss by adding a pair of wellies into your wardrobe.

Make sure you keep them in an easy-to-reach spot, such as the shed, the garage or a cloakroom, so you can just grab them and go when the weather takes a turn for the worse! Remember to clean them after every use!

If you have any queries relating to our men's muck boots and yard boots then please get in contact and we will be more than happy to assist you. To complete your classic country style, then make sure you go and take a look at our country gentleman range. 

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