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Thermal Wellies

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Thermal Wellies

Beat the great British elements with our thermal wellies for both men and women. Ensuring you stay warm and dry in even the wettest of conditions, our warm and cosy thermal wellington boots are perfect for the job. Explore our collection of men's and women's thermal wellies above and ensure your feet stay warm and dry this winter. 

Whether you’re a country walker, own a farm or like to have extra protection on your feet when the heavens open, our thermal wellies are specifically designed for the wintertime.

Whilst living in the countryside is the best, we also know it can be impractical at times. Having a pair of thermal wellies close by, such as by the front or back door or in the boot of your car, can be a godsend and save you in times of bad weather and muddy fields!

We’ve rounded up a few essentials when it comes to how to style your thermal wellies, for both men and women, regardless of if you work on the fields or simply wear your wellies to walk the dog!

Our thermal wellies feature a thick neoprene lining which adds incredible insulation to ensure that your feet stay cosy and warm while out in the country. These neoprene lined wellingtons not only keep your feet dry, but maintain warmth as well, making them extremely functional for the colder months. 

Thick socks – To make you as warm as possible, a thick pair of socks will come in handy. If they’re knee-high as well, that’s a bonus!

Our boot socks are designed to keep your feet toasty inside your wellington boots but also cool enough so your feet don’t sweat.

Straight-leg trousers – When wearing knee-high wellington boots, you need to be able to tuck in your trousers, whether that’s a pair of breeks, jeans or chinos.

With straight-leg trousers, these are easy enough to slide inside your boots and inside your socks if you want extra warmth!

A leather belt – The last thing you need when out and about in muddy fields are loose-fitting trousers. Adding a leather belt is not only stylish but practical!

A waterproof jacket – Whether you prefer waxed cotton, tweed or a puffer jacket, we sure have a style, colour and design for you! Decide from a whole range for both men and women on our website.

Country living means layers are key to any country lady or gentleman, meaning you need to consider this when purchasing any item. Think about which items fit well underneath or on top of others and consider colours and patterns too! Lucky for you, our thermal wellies go with just about everything!

Just don’t forget to clean them regularly and they can last you so many years! Try giving them a wipe after every use to get into a routine!

Please let us know if you require any help in purchasing a pair of men's or women's thermal wellies and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

Explore our range of thermal wellies in the following colours .

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