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Yorkshire Flat Cap

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Yorkshire Flat Cap

Looking to get that Yorkshire edge to your overall outfit? Then there's nothing quite like investing in a quality Yorkshire Flat Cap. With Rydale hailing from Yorkshire, we've managed to craft some truly remarkable and traditional style men's flat caps that pay true homage to their heritage. So go ahead, literally top off your classic country style with one of these high-quality Yorkshire flat caps.

We all love a good cup of Yorkshire brewed tea and a puffy Yorkshire pudding with our Sunday dinner but where would we be without the good old Yorkshire flat cap? It simply represents the heart of the Yorkshire district and is certainly a piece of timeless country fashion. Typically loved by dads and grandads, the Yorkshire flat cap has evolved amongst the youth of the British population and is now loved by gents of all ages. It is largely reputable on successful TV series such as the Last of the summer wine, Peaky Blinders and even Del boy had one! The flat cap has certainly remained a well-favoured accessory amongst our much-loved British attire and Rydale have kept it nice and simple just how you like it.

Rydale have left you chaps spoilt for choice with this year’s collection and there isn’t a pattern that we haven’t deliberated over! If you like the plain country blends the Derby tweed flat cap is just what you’re looking for. Available in six different tweed patterns, you will find it difficult to pick just the one! For those who like that extra colourful twist with theirs, we have created over thirty-two tweed patterns with forest reds, blues, greens and even a slight dog toothed style. The combination of colours and patterns are simply dapper and are very reasonably priced.

If you’re not a lover of tweed we have designed the moleskin flat cap which is a very complimentary item to any attire, with a look of sheer taste and quality the moleskin is high in demand. We know that you country guys just love your waxed jackets and we have crafted the wax cotton flat cap just for you. The fit is perfect and will hug your head securely whilst you’re out and about getting those odd jobs completed and goes down a treat with your old faithful wax jacket. What's more traditionally Yorkshire than a flat cap made in Yorkshire? 

Pair your Yorkshire flat cap with some denim jeans, leather boots and a wax jacket from our collection for the complete country look. 

So go ahead and add that Yorkshire flair to your style today with one of our men's flat caps! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding your collection of Yorkshire flat caps!

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