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Men's Country Jumpers & Chunky Country Sweaters

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Mens chunky jumper (danby... They are brilliant I bought two when they first came out "many years ago. maybe 10 years or more " for golfing and shooting" they still look good. Where can I get some matching leather to make some...
Norman Wharton, 9/28/2023
Empfehlenswert Produkt wurde schnell aus UK geliefert und entspricht genau meinen Vorstellungen..Auch die Qualität passt...Danke
Anton B., 7/5/2023
jumpers Bought two in different patterns. Hard wearing and smart looking. Good value for money as are all rydale products. Been wearing their goods for years. Usually buy them in Ripon when on holiday.
Norman, 5/11/2023
Men's Country Jumpers & Chunky Country Sweaters

Explore our fantastic collection of men's thick wool jumpers and sweaters! Choosing men's country jumpers is sometimes tricky when we try to balance practicality with style and fashion. That's why we have created a collection of Jumpers & sweaters that tick all the boxes. Ultimately we need to keep warm in the colder months, but simply don't need to wear older knitwear that we find at the back of the wardrobe as country styles and casual looks are covered by Rydale, whether that's a cable knit or a shooting jumper.

Designed in Britain at Rydale HQ in Yorkshire, we understand the styles and look that make being comfortable and warm look great. Explore our great range of men's country wool jumpers and chunky wool knitwear above - please don't hesitate to get us if you would like to know more about these country sweaters, whether it's with regards to material or fit - we'd be more than happy to help you with your browsing and shopping. 

For any man, looking good should always be a priority. The importance of being able to go out and attack the day whilst looking your best is always a nice feeling. However, as you will know, finding comfortable yet country-suitable clothing can be tough work. With the help of the team here at Rydale Country Clothing, though, you can turn around a tough experience and make sure that you can pick up some quality items. For example, have you had a look at our men’s sweaters? Our men's country jumpers have been crafted from top quality materials to ensure a high-quality finish and a comfortable feel for all-day wear. 

Men's Sweaters

These men's country jumpers make a fine addition to your clothing collection, helping you to fill out your wardrobe with quality looking sweaters that are made to make you look stylish and fashionable.  Our aim at Rydale Country Clothing is to always leave you with clothing that can be worn both fashionably and formally, giving you a happy collection of clothing that can really make you look your best without feeling like you have to give up your individuality.

For more help in making sure that you can look your vintage best, then, take a look at our list of men’s sweaters. Who knows? You might even find some excellent gift ideas in here for the males in your life who need a nice, new, comfortable sweater. There is no better gift than a men's thick wool jumper. 

Please let us know if you have any queries regarding our men's country jumpers and sweaters and we will be more than happy to help. 

Explore our range of men's country jumpers & chunky country sweaters in the following colours .

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