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Ladies Farming Coats & Women's Work Jackets

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Ladies Farming Coats & Women's Work Jackets

We’ve developed a range of jackets and fleeces perfect for farming here in Great Britain. Our collection of ladies farming coats and women's work jackets will make sure you are completely kitted out for all your work on the farm. Here at Rydale we know how important it is to have a good quality coat or jacket for completing your daily duties out in the country. Our ladies farming coats and work jackets have been hand-picked as the best outwear options for taking on the unpredictable British countryside. 

As our climate is famous for being unpredictable, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to a women's farmer jacket. This experience has translated into some extremely practical but stylish outerwear choices which are tough enough to deal with life on the farm. All of our ladies farmer coats and jackets are incredibly durable and hard-wearing to ensure they stand the test of time, no matter how challenging the activity or climate. 

Our collection of women's farming coats comprises of a huge range of different styles, designs and colours to suit every need or preference. We have a work jacket that will cater to any time of the year and any job that needs doing on the farm. All of our farmer coats are extremely practical without compromising on style - so you can look and feel the part. 

Farming Fleeces – We’ve designed our ladies farming fleeces to feel a little more luxurious than others. A tan leather trim gives an expensive feel to our fleeces as well as being comfortable and durable. To maximise style points, we offer our bestseller Huggate fleece in ten different shades, more than for every day of the week! Pick a bright shade to add some colour to your outfit or choose a classic colour to wear for all seasons. Whichever you go for, we can guarantee that you’ll stay warm underneath.

Riding coats – Farm work means lots of movement which often means that coats and jackets can be restrictive. Our riding coats are designed to keep you dry and warm whilst allowing you to move freely. We offer them in three different lengths: short, ¾ and full length.

Our brighter, shorter styles of work coat are perfect for spring/summer days when there might be some light drizzle, but you don’t need a jacket for extra warmth. Our short farming coats also provide extra freedom of movement, ensuring that your legs are not restricted for the most active of pursuits. 

Our longer farming coats and jackets are more suitable for torrential weather. Unfortunately, farm work means all kinds of weather, but our longer work jackets and coats will keep the rest of your body dry underneath. Pair with a pair of wellies and your whole body will stay dry! Just make sure to waterproof your coats regularly or the water-resistant qualities will not work as well.

We want you to be prepared for all weather all year round so have provided you with a wide range of ladies farm coats and jackets. Our styles can also be used as layers to build up extra warmth when the temperature dips. 

So, go ahead and explore our complete range of women's farming jackets and coats and update your work wear. Ensure you will stay warm and dry this winter while working out on the farm or yard with one of our long or short styles of ladies work jackets. 

Please let us know if you have any queries regarding our collection of ladies farming coats and women's work jackets and we will be more than happy to assist you. Are you looking for a farm coat for a country gent? If so, go ahead and explore our men's collection of farmer jackets

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