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Men's Nightwear & Pyjamas

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Men's Nightwear & Pyjamas

Rydale believe that going to sleep doesn't have to mean that we can't look good! Our range of men's nightwear gives you exactly that: comfort and style. Our designs are both practical for bed but have a more luxurious feel, like loungewear. We have plenty of styles to choose from, so go ahead and explore our range of men's pyjamas above. 

All our men's nightwear is made from 100% cotton, meaning the material is soft and luxurious for a comfortable and warm night’s sleep. The style allows you to stay in your pyjamas for that little while longer on a lazy Sunday morning too! No need to get changed into your Sunday best for lounging around the house!


Men's Pyjamas

We know that comfort is key when it comes to men's nightwear so all our pyjama designs are rigorously tried and tested for maximum comfort. Choose from a range of styles, including men's red checked pyjama bottoms or khaki green checked pyjama bottoms. Our men's pyjama tops come with country animals printed on, including a dog or pheasant, so that you can keep that country look up even at nighttime. 

All of our men's nightwear is crafted from high-quality cotton materials which are extremely soft and kind to the skin. This means that they provide ultimate comfort when trying to get to sleep at night or lounging about the house. 


Men's Pyjama Top

We also know that pyjamas can make perfect gifts for the man in your life who is a struggle to buy for. Why not explore our nightwear for men and grab him a fancy, country-inspired pair of men's pyjamas? Gifting for men can sometimes be extra tricky but speak to the rest of your family and friends for ideas; you never know they might have a great idea to share! Pyjamas are a tried and trusted gift idea for any man wanting to relax in comfort! If all else fails, grab a gift card and they can choose themselves!

Please let us know if you have any queries regarding our men's nightwear and pyjamas 

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