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Ladies Cable Knit Jumpers & Cable Knit Sweaters

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Ladies Cable Knit Jumpers & Cable Knit Sweaters

Our jumper range has quickly become a customer favorite, featuring the classic cable knit design suitable for both formal and casual settings. These versatile jumpers effortlessly pair with everything from jeans and skirts to tailored trousers.

As we’ve expanded the range over the years, we add more colours to choose from and improve the materials used too. Our cable-knit jumpers come in both a crew neck and a V-neck style as we know both styles have different fans! The stretchy fabric means they’re a great layering piece, looking perfect over a shirt or T-shirt on chilly days.

Both versions of cotton cable knit sweater can be dressed up as something smart with a checked shirt underneath as well as dressed down for the more casual appearance, making them incredibly versatile for all weathers too! Here’s a round-up of our two styles and just a few items you can wear them with.

Crew neck cable knit jumper – This style is loved by many and you can see why. So much variety in terms of colour choice meaning you can pair your knitted jumper with so many other items. We like to add a checked shirt underneath for workdays, as it can keep you warmer in an outdoor setting. When the weather gets a little warmer, wear a basic crew-neck T-shirt underneath as an extra layer without being too hot.

V-neck cable knit jumper – We love our V-neck style for more casual occasions. You can still get away with wearing a checked shirt underneath but ditch the crew-neck T-shirt layer for a camisole top or vest to show off your décolletage when the weather brightens up.

We’re a fan of the jumper and jeans look; you honestly won’t find a more classic country lady look when you add a pair of leather Chelsea boots and tweed jacket.

Consider buying a couple of colours to fit your entire wardrobe. How about grabbing one darker and one lighter shade to mix it up? How about a classic black or grey style with a bright coloured version for the summer months?

A cable knit jumper is an easy, gentle way to introduce more colour into your wardrobe as an already-beloved item in your closet. We wear ours in the office, to the pub, for days out, to run errands, even a night-time country wedding reception if it gets a little chilly!

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