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Women's Satchel Bag

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Women's Satchel Bag

The satchel has been around for centuries, as far back as the Romans who called it a ‘Loculus’ which is actually a Latin word for ‘Little place’. The leather satchel as we know it came into play in the fashion world in the 17th century. However, it has always been used for the same reasons for being practical and comfortable, making it an ideal fashion accessory for keeping your belongings safe. From keeping rations safe during the Roman era to now keeping your beloved smartphone safe the much-loved satchel will disappoint.

Having the choice to wear it either across your body or as an over the shoulder bag you are sure to find your best fit for maximum comfort. The Satchel has never left the fashion scene since its arrival which makes our Country Satchel Bag not only a fashion statement but also a fashion investment as the satchel is clearly here to stay.

Whether you opt for our full leather or tweed version of our Rydale ladies satchel bags, you are sure to have a bag which will keep your essentials safe for time to come and now you also know about its history too. The satchel bag has its own story to tell and its story will continue for many years to come. What will be your satchels story? What will it carry? Where will it travel to?

Why not shop our range of stylish ladies satchel bags here at Rydale, you will not be disappointed. Let Rydale be your new destination for country-inspired handbags, you will not regret it. Go hands-free and bag the perfect look this season, have the bag that everyone wants and let passers-by envy you. Our satchels are the perfect alternative to any hefty handbags and perfect to store your daily essentials. If your looking for something new, then look no further. Our women's satchels are available in leather and check tweed patterns. Including buckle and magnetic fastenings and are fully lined.

Our ladies satchel bags are the perfect addition for any ladies bag collection, every woman needs a trusty satchel to hand. Whether it be for long or short distance travel, it will always serve its purpose with the added bonus of our Rydale authentic country look. A quick trip into town or spending the day of outdoors, this bag is exactly what you need. Will yours be for everyday use or for best, the choice is yours.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of our ladies satchel bags we have in our collection - the Rydale customer services team will be more than happy to assist you further. In the meantime, view our complete collection of ladies bags

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