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Men's Country Trousers, Jeans & Chinos

Whether out on a shoot, at an event or even just running errands around town, Rydale country trousers certainly are sure to make you look the part on all occasions. With a range of trousers from traditional country styles to everyday jeans and chinos, we have everything covered for you when it comes to trousers. We offer four different styles in our men’s trousers: jeans, chinos, shooting breeks and moleskin trousers. Many of you will probably own at least one or two of these styles and may even have multiple pairs of one style.

If you’re new to the country clothing family, we’ve broken down our four distinctive styles to include some of our classic country styling tips, featuring our favourite Rydale pieces to wear alongside your new country trousers, whether that’s classic straight-leg jeans or tweed shooting breeks.

Men's Denim Jeans

Straight leg jeans – Although jeans are dubbed as casual trousers, they can in fact be worn on those smart-casual occasions. Although not a formal pair, straight-leg jeans are great for everyday and weekend wear as well as social events with a more informal dress code, such as family gatherings or evenings at the local pub. For smart-casual times, throw on a checked shirt, a leather belt and a pair of smart shoes and you’re set for any meal out or drinks. To keep the casual style going, switch the smart shoes for sneakers, change your shirt for a crew neck T-shirt or polo shirt and you’re covered for running all those errands.

Chinos – Chinos are the ultimate go-between trousers as they’re so easy to dress both up and down. Many men wear chinos for their office if it’s more of a casual environment. If you pair them with smart shoes, you’re keeping with the smart-casual style.

Men's Chino Trousers

Shooting breeks – If you prefer a more traditional style, shooting breeks are the perfect style of trousers for country living. Whether you wear them on a shooting trip or for walking the dogs in the countryside, you know you’ll be warm and comfortable with their wool-blend tweed. Popping your feet into a pair of wellies for life in the country is such a classic country look to pair with your shooting breeks.

Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves classic country style or someone who prefers to keep their look contemporary and casual, our range of Rydale trousers has a style for every countryman out there. 

If you need further advise on what trousers would be best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us - we are always happy to help!

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