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7 Gifts for Garden Lovers

23 Oct 2023 |

Even with the changing in weather and temperature, those with green fingers know that your garden needs attending to frequently to keep it looking lovely. It’s a hobby that lots of people took up during lockdown (when there wasn’t a lot else to do) and most have stuck through it. However, it’s not a one-and-done kind of task, gardens require regular maintenance.

If you have a garden lover in your life, you’ll know that they probably spend most weekends pottering around, buying new plants, and mowing the lawn. That means they’ll need some outdoor clothing items to keep them warm (or cool if it’s the summer) and comfortable. However, there are a bunch of items to gift someone other than clothing. We’ve rounded up seven gifts for garden lovers but even better, most items can be used at various other times too!

Wellington boots

Garden lovers will be out there come rain or shine. That means they need to dress for all weathers. A pair of wellington boots are a necessity, no matter how small or large their garden is, especially if they have an allotment too. Whilst they might not wear them year round, a pair of wellies might save the rest of their footwear collection. Whether they’re calf-length or mid-calf-length, there’s a style for any country gentleman or lady.

For serious gardeners, a pair of neoprene-lined wellies might be the most appropriate option. The sole is thicker and the tread is grippier, making them ideal for traipsing through mud. The 4mm-thick neoprene lining is perfect for keeping feet and calves warm and dry.

Gifts for Garden Lovers

A wellington boot bag

And where are they going to put their new wellies? In a boot bag, of course, specifically designed for wellies! They’re such a notorious item to struggle with storing so why not take that stress away from them. In their own carry case, they’re easy to store away in a cupboard at home or in their car boot.

The trickiest part for you is selecting what you think would be their favourite colour and pattern! With 14 colourways to choose from, each design has been carefully selected to fit in with our luxurious countryside feel. The water-resistant outer layer makes them perfect for British weather yet the bag itself is super lightweight. The inside is easy to clean when placing muddy wellies inside too.

Comfy socks

What’s a pair of wellies without a pair of comfy, cosy socks to wear underneath them? Nobody wants cold or wet feet, especially in a pair of wellies, because it’s such an uncomfortable experience! Socks are no longer an unwanted gift because receiving socks means you don’t have to go out and buy them yourself!

Boot socks are some of the cosiest socks we sell; they’re so fluffy and soft as well as long-lasting and supportive to your feet. Both our ladies and men’s styles feature a funky striped pattern so they even look stylish too!

Ladies Quilted Jacket

A cosy fleece jacket or gilet

If there’s one thing that you want to be when you’re outdoors, it’s warm. That’s why adding a fleece or a fleece layer to any outfit will ensure that. Depending on the time of year, a full-zip fleece might be best under a coat or if it’s springtime, a fleece gilet is a great outer layer to keep warm but not overheat.

Our ranges of men’s and women’s fleeces are constantly being updated, especially as we go into the colder months. From fleece overshirts to streamlined hybrid gilets, there really is a style for every country lady or gentleman. Buy one in their favourite colour and they’ll be able to wear it every single day!

A cosy hat or headband

When it comes to gardening in winter, one essential is always a cosy hat. Whether it’s a wool beanie, a sherpa-lined headband or a tweed flat cap, there’s a hat for anyone. Even though all of our hats are incredibly stylish, they’ll also keep you warm!

For the ladies, our pom pom beanie hat is one of our most popular styles, coming in twelve different colours. The cable knit material has been designed to keep as much heat inside as possible so you won’t feel any cold on your head. If they’re not a hat person, maybe a tweed-print headband is more their thing. The ultra-soft sherpa fleece inner lining will keep their ears feeling super snuggly and it adds a cool-girl element to any outfit.

For the men, a beanie hat is perfect for when it gets really cold outside. The wool blend fabric gives your head much-needed insulation too so perfect for gardening outside! However, not everyone likes a wool hat. For those who don’t, a traditional tweed flat cap will suit any country gentleman. We use exactly the same tweed as we do in our suits and jackets so you know our flat caps are of the highest quality.

Ladies Wellington Boots

A waterproof coat or jacket

Gardening means being outdoors, which in turn means a need for a waterproof jacket or coat. Whether it’s summer or winter, one is a necessity. It might be a jacket in a packet during warmer weather or a full-strength waterproof coat during winter but that’s why we stock such a range!

For gardening, a shorter style of waterproof jacket might be best, just so it doesn’t get trapped when you’re bending down to plant your flowers or pick from your vegetable patch. Our men’s range comes in a range of neutral shades, such as olive, brown, navy and black, but some styles feature reflective piping in case the recipient wants to wear their waterproof jacket when walking around. Our ladies’ range is full to the brim with colour though. Of course, there are plenty of muted tones included but there are also plenty of red and blue shades to stand out from the crowd.

A large shopping bag

Anyone with green fingers will know that maintenance is the hardest part. That means regular trips to the shops and garden centres for equipment, soil and new plants. Having a shopping bag that you only ever take for garden shopping is a fab gift for someone, especially if they’re tricky to buy for.

A basic hessian shopping bag is a cheaper option and ideal for carrying plants, especially if they’re prone to make a mess in their pots. Having a bag especially for that means you don’t ruin any others and a hessian bag is much stronger than a canvas or plastic bag too.

For other supplies, a canvas shoulder bag makes a lovely gift for a garden lover. Our Roxby bag comes in five different colours/patterns, with lots of bright colours to make it stand out. It’s a great size to fit in any gardening supplies that don’t make a mess!

Just because that person in your life spends all of their time in the garden, it doesn’t mean you have to buy them plants and shovels! Thinking outside the box makes a gift that much more special and will definitely get appreciated. These gifts are versatile too so they don’t just have to be used for gardening so the receiver will have a much-loved product. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for plenty of gift guides for everyone in your life and start your christmas shopping early

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