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Best Rain Jackets for Plus Size Ladies

28 Feb 2022 |

Shopping for a rain jacket can be a struggle for any woman but plus size ladies usually have a limited selection. At Rydale, we try to cater for all shapes and sizes because you deserve to feel fashionable at any size, no matter what the label says.

Many jackets are slim-fitting with little wiggle room in the shaping. Whilst you might want a fitted jacket, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, plus size clothing can be oversized and shapeless, which isn’t flattering on your figure either.

Our range of waterproof rain jackets have been made with a multitude of sizes in mind, and also don’t cost you any more for a larger size than they do for a smaller size. From sophisticated wax jackets to everyday waterproof coats and everything in between, we’ve gathered up some of our favourite rain jackets from our collection. Firstly, let’s look at the must-have features of any rain jacket, no matter what size it is. 

Ladies Belted Wax Jacket

Some of these features might seem obvious but you’ll also notice that not every jacket has every feature. Pick out the ones that are most important to you and make sure to read the product descriptions as they always feature extra details about the jacket.

Rain jacket must-haves

A waterproof outer shell - Let’s start with the very obvious, waterproofing! Many jackets are showerproof but not waterproof. Whether you need full waterproofing qualities will depend on where you’re wearing the jacket, the season and where you live. Showerproof jackets are more than enough for running around towns but if you’re hiking for a long period of time, you’ll want something fully waterproof. Always check the weather before you leave the house, that’s our number one top tip of British countryside living!

A hood - The heavier the downpour, the better the hood you’ll need. Concealed, foldaway hoods are great for light drizzle but torrential rain won’t keep your hair dry with one. Many people like the streamlined look of a concealed hood too so double check that on each item. Many coats have a faux fur trim around the hood too, which can usually be removed. We love this look during drier weather and usually remove it if the weather is awful!

Ladies Long Riding Coat

Lots of pockets - Jackets without pockets are next to useless! Our jackets can feature anything from two front pockets to five pockets (both internal and external combined) so make sure to choose a jacket that fits your lifestyle here. Just keep your phone in your pocket? Two front pockets should be enough. Always carrying around keys and your purse? Look for jackets with an internal pocket for extra security.

Elasticated panels - Comfort in a jacket is often overlooked but think about how often you wear a jacket. Most of us wear them daily so it’s actually crucial to get the comfort levels just right. Elasticated panels will allow for extra stretch so when you move, you won't feel restricted. They usually feature as side panels as this is usually where you need the most stretch.

Pull-in waist - A jacket can be fitted and pull-in waist features really accentuate your waist. They come in various styles, from a drawstring style internally to a press-stud panel externally on the back of the jacket. Play around with this feature because you want to feel comfortable. Pulling your waist in too much will make your jacket feel too similar to a corset, not exactly known for being comfortable!

Stormproof cuffs - With heavy downpours, you’ll want to keep as dry as possible underneath (we don’t want you to ruin your outfit, after all). Stormproof cuffs are perfect for keeping your arms dry, they also mean you won’t have any jewellery flying loose around your wrist either. They usually come in the form of a velcro or press-stud sleeve. Leave them loose during dry weather but keep them tight when the rain comes down. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than rain trickling down your arm as you’re trying to hold your hood up on a rainy and windy day!

Women's Long Padded Coat

Our favourite rain jacket for plus size ladies

Once you’ve had a look at the different features a rain jacket might have, now is the time to pick out the right style for you and your lifestyle. We’ve come up with some of our favourite types of waterproof or showerproof rain jackets for you to take a proper look at.

A wax jacket

For a showerproof style that you can wear day and night, a wax jacket might be the one for you. It will be waterproof as long as you use protection spray on it often. Our wax jackets come in an array of length too, from waist, hips and mid-thigh finishes. For a shorter style, our belted Milly jacket is super flattering on all figures. The high waisted belt feels feminine and gives your jacket an added twist. This style looks best fitted so don’t leave the belt loose. For hip-length jackets, our Cawood and Wrelton styles are more traditional. The Cawood is a great, everyday style for running errands whereas the Wrelton is the ideal day to night jacket. A longer style we have on offer is the Hannah wax jacket. The side press studs allow you to cinch it in at the waist and the longer fit is flattering to cover hips and thighs. The rear riding vent can also be opened for a more relaxed fit.

Ladies Pack & Go Jacket

An insulated jacket

Often called a puffer jacket too, our insulated jackets are popular right now! They keep you warm but feel lightweight so you’re able to move around easily. The Wansford puffer jacket is a favourite in the office because it keeps you so warm without being too thick. We wear them whenever we’re out and about because it’s so comfortable. For a less padded style, the Runswick Bay and Marske styles are even more lightweight, if that’s even possible! Both are very similar in style but the Marske features a hood and zip pockets too. They retain heat, which makes them perfect for transitional weather and days when the weather just can‘t make up its mind.

For a thicker style, the Arram coat is the perfect winter option. Coming in both a shorter and longer style, the rich jewel and neutral tones means that it will go with so many outfits. The faux fur trimmed hood gives it that extra classy nudge over other styles. The shorter style fits around the hips whereas the longer style sits mid-thigh so choose which you would feel most comfortable in.

A toggle jacket

If you’re looking for the ultimate raincoat, the Cayton toggle jacket is exactly that. The relaxed fit makes it the perfect option for plus size ladies as it won’t feel tight around the hips or thighs. With a cotton lining, you will remain dry underneath in this one as toggle jackets often feature a plastic-y lining. This style comes in four colours (navy, berry, yellow and navy stripes) so pick the colour and pattern to go with the rest of your wardrobe.

Ladies Toggle Jacket

A riding jacket

They don’t have to be just for riding, you know? With vibrant colours in our collection, you will stand out anywhere! The shorter Askwith jacket and the Emley ¾ length jacket are exactly the same but in two different lengths. If you’re looking for a jacket with just about every feature named above, this is the jacket for you. Drawstring waists, stormproof cuffs, internal and external pockets and a lightweight hood are all included in both styles!

For a more casual option, an equestrian bomber jacket, such as the Ripon IV style, is great for everyday life too. It’s more of an oversized style but without looking too big. The elasticated bottom panel keeps it fitted to your hips and the high collar will prevent your neck from getting chilly. With six different colours to choose from, we wear ours on weekends for general countryside living!

Pack & Go jackets

It wouldn't be an article about rain jackets without our friend, the pack & go jacket. We recommend wearing these as a fully waterproof outer layer, they’re perfect for occasions when there is some light drizzle, heavy rain or if you’re going to be outside for a long time. With three styles to choose from, all are super lightweight and packable. From navy to khaki to grey, there’s a neutral or bright colour in there just for you!

Rain jackets can be both practical and stylish for any shape or size and our collection proves just that. Don’t forget to consider which features you need the most, whether it’s a concealed hood or extra pockets. There can be a variation between styles so be sure to check. Now grab your coat and explore the great outdoors because you’re set for any weather!


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