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Best Wax Jackets


With so many things going out of fashion, you can bet your bottom dollar that a good old waxed jacket will never be one of them. Timeless and rustic in style, it will always be at the top of the list in a classy country wardrobe. All country dwellers have one and the jacket is infectious in most rural areas.

With their mass production beginning in Scotland during the 18th century, their popularity quickly escalated all over the UK and even ended up being supplied to the British Navy. Coated with paraffin wax, the wax jacket has been designed to resist the rainy weather making it ideal for any outdoor endeavour. More commonly desired by farmers to labour in, this country classic has now become a well-favoured piece of fashion amongst men and women of all ages and lifestyles.

Men's Wax Jacket

The Royal family are typically notorious for being spotted hunting, gaming and enjoying a stroll with the Corgi’s in their wax collection and they have left a lasting impression. Our all-time TV favourites have had a love for the wax jacket including The Last of The Summer Wine and Heartbeat, both of the country TV hits have had their costume department loaded with every wax delight that you could ever imagine. Remembering Compo and Smiler getting up to no good in the countryside always makes us think of a tweed flat cap and an Olive wax jacket.

Our Yorkshire Farm are also keeping up with the wax flow, in almost every episode you will see an Owen milking the cows or farming the sheep in one! Wearing your wax jacket to its truest of potential is more than easy to achieve and we’re going to look at some styles and tips to look your very best in your new purchase! Let’s look at our top five favourites for the guys and the gals, then we will get dressed to impress.

Best Wax Jackets For Men - Top 5

The StamfordThe Stamford is a padded delight and is our most traditional field jacket. With a tartan lining and multiple pockets for storage, this is always a big hit with the guys.

The Richmond Slim FitIdeal for the taller gent, the slim fit offers a sense of true elegance. With a two-way zip and button, up flap to protect it, the Richmond is perfect for most country pursuits.

Men's Wax Cotton Jacket

Diamond Quilted IIWhat isn’t good about this jacket! It is bursting with warmth and comfort and is mostly favoured by the more sophisticated country gent. Its diamond pattern is truly distinctive and is acknowledged wherever it is worn.

AntiqueThe antique boasts a timeless country look and is a must for any country gent’s wardrobe. Available in three different colours,  you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

The Cawood - The most cost effective of the five. The Cawood is more basic in its style. If you’re looking for a last-minute country bargain, then this is the one for you. Now, that is what you call quality for money.

Best Wax Jackets For Ladies - Top 5

Gayle IIA favourite with the ladies, the Gayle II is certainly a jacket to be seen in this year, with its length at waist height, and slimline appearance, it looks great whilst being worn against any casual attire.

The Hannah - The Hannah is probably the most favoured wax jacket amongst the Rydale ladies. With its long and slimline appearance, it provides a sense of country elegance for anybody who wears it. Perfect for the taller lady the Hannah is always a sell-out.

The Belted Biker BabeThis sweet but edgy jacket is always in demand due to its balance with style and durability. Great for the riding club, shooting events or a simple country walk, the Biker will keep you warm, dry and stylish.

Ladies Wax Jacket

The Wrelton - The Wrelton has been crafted to the finest of detail. With an elasticated rear and double fronted pockets, it is simply adored by all the ladies. Available in three colours and a beautifully, patterned lining, you won’t be disappointed.

The Cawood - Popular amongst both the ladies and the gents. The Cawood offers literally everything that you could possibly need in a jacket in terms of quality for money. Like the gents, the Cawood is basic, versatile and just £24.99 at Rydale.

What to wear with your wax jacket

This is really the easy part. For the gentleman, co-ordinating an attire to match the jacket could be quite overwhelming as it simply looks delectable paired with most garments. Do not worry ladies, the list is also endless for you when it comes to picking an outfit to wear under your timeless classic.

Ladies, if you are wearing your wax jacket down at the farm, why not try some jodhpurs and long leather country boots for that extra country zest. The Allerton boots look truly irresistible against the Hannah as they continue that elongated sophisticated look. If you are into the Biker style, pairing some Portia skinny jeans and a simple cotton shirt with The Biker Babe is a truly amazing look finished with a pair of Biker boots.

Ladies Wax Cotton Jacket

A hat is always a must with a wax jacket and the Fedora without many words, simply completes your look effortlessly. Let us just say that Spring has certainly been a wet one so far, and many of us have been keen to get our waterproofs up to date. Pairing your wax favourite with a pair of Ladies or gents’ waterproof over trousers and a pair of wellingtons is the ultimate deal when it comes to staying dry and comfy this season.

Gents, we have an endless list of ideas for you. Getting your best look is all down to accessorising, there isn’t any denying that the Yorkshire flat cap is the greatest companion of the gent’s wax jacket. Any tweed pattern is perfect as they always work with each other to provide that sense of country sophistication. Navy jeans and a plain Oxford shirt are ideal to wear beneath a good Richmond jacket, paired with our delectable Cognac Chelsea boots.

With so many outfit ideas, you may find yourself in a pickle when it comes to choosing the Best wax jacket. Be sure to browse our full range or men's and ladies best was jackets for further ideas and if you do have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us at Rydale where one of our experienced and friendly customer care agents will be happy to help.


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