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Rydale's Best Wellington Boots

14 May 2021 |

Once upon a time, it wasn’t that uncommon that your wellies only made their annual appearance if we had a huge downfall of snow or an upcoming festival that only happened once a year. More recently, wellies have become a must-have in every ladies’ footwear collection and there is nothing quite so essential to life in the countryside as a decent pair of boots. Whether is a pair for muddy walks in winter, attacking weeds around the garden in spring or a pair for the kids to enjoy the rain. Not forgetting the festival goers - that’s when they really come into their own.

Neoprene Lined Wellington Boots

We know that finding the best wellington boots can be hard to find, you may have lots of questions about fit, material, weight or warmth so here are some of our favs to help you make your decision.

The Gransmoor Boot

Simply built for the rural lifestyle, our Gransmoor boot has been newly improved with a more lightweight sole is neoprene-lined with a full zip design. Some say that a neoprene boot is the perfect all-rounder boot that will see you through any activity in true comfort. If you do spend a lot of time in wellies, whether that be daily walks or as part of your workwear, a more durable boot with a longer lifespan may be a better choice than a cheaper alternative. So, if you can stretch your budget, we recommend investing in a pair that will see you through for years to come.

When considering a new pair of neoprene wellington boots, here are a few key benefits that might sway your decision. Firstly, are they worth it? The neoprene lining will provide unbeatable insulation for arctic winter conditions and this will be a real bonus in keeping your feet warm and toasty. Secondly, durability and stability are two key features that neoprene wellies offer. The thick lining is soft and spongy so that it can mould to your feet and legs for a comfortable fit. Thirdly, these boots have incredible protective qualities, keeping in the warmth whilst keeping the cold air at bay. They also boast waterproof properties and the lining traps in warm air bubbles so that even if you are still for long periods, you always remain warm. What’s not to love?

Neoprene Lined Wellies

Here at Rydale, we offer a men’s and ladies neoprene lined boot in two stunning colours, Navy or Olive. Our boots feature a thick 4mm neoprene lining, strong rubber sole and a full zip style. Fancy features that really bring the boots to life is the faux leather trims, side buckle and striking Rydale badge adorned on the front. But that’s enough of us telling you how great they are, so, we’ll let the customer reviews do the talking…

Ladies Ripon V3 & The Men’s Classic Boot

Looking for something more lightweight? Fret not, the Ripon III wellies are a great alternative. Not so heavy or bulky as our Gransmoor, these boots are great for walking, rainy days at the beach, gardening or festivals – the uses are endless. In the classic style with a selection of eye-catching colourways, these high gloss wellies are ready to take on whatever adventure you may embark on. From sludging around muddy festival fields trying to find your tent (we’ve all been there) to early morning walks along the coast – this essential boot is a must-have.

Blue Wellington Boots

Also in our range, we feature another classic boot for a classic gentleman. Funnily enough, we have even named this boot Classic! Whether you live in the big city or you are a true countryman at heart, there comes a time in every man’s life when nothing other than a trusty raincoat and a pair of wellies will do. So, if you are in the hunt for a casual and affordable pair of boots then you are in the right place. With a choice of Navy Blue or Olive Green, these classic wellies will take you from the bleakest of winters to the hottest of summer ensuring your feet are able to breathe. Why not try a pair for yourself? 

The Mid-Calf Wellies

Becoming more and more fashionable as time goes on, mid-calf wellies are the perfect fashion choice for any lady. Finishing mid-calf, they’re ideal for ladies with a more athletic calve and are just the ticket when the downpours strike! With mood-boosting prints of pops of upbeat colour, our ladies’ mid-calf wellies are made from waterproof rubbers and soft linings that will keep feet warm and completely dry. Choose from shades of navy, gorgeous greens, striking pinks and tone-down greys – you’re sure to find a colour that suits you. Our collection of women’s wellies will beat the downpours and walk you straight into autumn in style.

How to Style Your Wellies - Ladies

You are more than likely wearing jeans or trousers when it’s raining, which is a really good starting point when creating your outfit. If you are going to be out and about for a prolonged amount of time, or running errands in town, we suggest you opt to pair your wellies with a stylish waterproof coat. For an everyday look, our Cayton toggle jacket is the perfect choice for any women, country or not. If you require a more refined look, the Cawood wax jacket will hit the spot. In a 100% waxed cotton design that is super lightweight and non-restrictive, this waterproof jacket will bring your wet weather outfit together beautifully.

Mid Calf Wellington Boots

Don’t forget about the socks! We have a huge selection of ladies’ socks for you to browse through. For knee high wellies, we recommend opting for knee-length socks for ultimate comfort. We also have a range of boot socks that are thick and cosy to keep your feet super snug.

How to Style Your Wellies – Gents

Men love a quick outfit to throw on with no hassle. Team up your wellies with a smart wax jacket for a true gentlemanly look with hardly any effort. You could opt for a more casual look with our men’s Egton coat. Currently at a reduced price, this hooded jacket it fully waterproof and windproof.

Again, you cannot forget a decent pair for socks to wear with your boots. Socks are usually the last resort when thinking about styling an outfit, but not when wearing wellies. A comfortable pair of socks is so important when wearing bulky boots to keep your feet feeling fine. If you are going to be out and about on the farm, walking the dog or any other general outdoor activity, you’ll need several pairs of boot socks to wear under your wellington boots. They are designed to keep your feet warm on a long, cold day but should be cool enough that you don’t feel like your feet are sweating.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the benefits of some of our favourite wellies, of course, if you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer care team who will be able to answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget to check out the full rangers of our men’s wellington boots and ladies’ wellington boots for more fantastic styles.

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