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Christening Outfits for Boys


A christening can be a defining moment in your child’s life, it is one of the first milestones for you to look forward to with your new child. If your little one’s christening is coming up, you have come to the right place. We understand it can be difficult to choose the perfect outfit for your kids, especially for something as big as a christening. The day will live in your memory for a long time, with the pictures to remind you, so make sure you have your son dressed to make the occasion a special one. Today we will be looking at different outfit ideas for a boy’s christening.

What is a Christening?

A christening is a Christian ceremony where an infant is welcomed into a church organisation. A Christening involves a blessing known as a baptism in which the baby is submerged or marked with water. Promises are made by the parents and godparents, promising the child will be brought up within the Christian faith. A Christening is usually held in a church with a reception after to celebrate the event.

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Although there is no set age for a christening, traditionally it is held when the child is still a baby. However, like many things, people are moving away from tradition, and it is now common for people to wait until their children are older to have them christened.

What should a boy wear to a Christening?

For hundreds of years, boys have worn a christening gown, which is a long white gown with lace or embroidered detail for their Christenings. Although still a very popular choice for both boys and girls, the christening gown aren’t a requirement. Nowadays, companies sell both gowns and outfits as people are moving away from tradition. There are several things you should consider when it comes to picking an outfit for your boy.

  • Comfort – When it comes to picking an outfit for a young child, comfort is always most important. Your child will be wriggling around and will need plenty of space and not feel restricted. You will also want something made from a soft material such as cotton, this will make sure their sensitive skin stays safe.

  • Style – This comes down to personal preference, some people prefer the traditional gown, however some people may consider these a little bit too feminine for a boy. If you don’t want to him wearing a gown, there is a wide range of babies christening suits or even rompers which are ideal for a christening.

  • The weather – If you have the ceremony booked for summer, you will want something cooler, so you aren’t making your child uncomfortable with the heat. Obviously, in winter you will be looking for something made with a thicker material to keep them warm. Maybe even consider a Christening blanket to keep the warm.

  • Age of your son – If your child is under 6 months, a gown or a romper suit would be more suitable. An older baby would be more likely to be crawling around and moving a lot more, so the extra length of the gown might get tangled up with them moving around and end up wrapping up your child. Also, trousers or shorts look a lot better on an older baby, so an outfit would be more suitable.

  • Religion and Culture – Different churches may expect different things from the christenings they oversee. Some may expect a more traditional dress, with the baby in all white and a gown. Although, most churches these days are more relaxed about the outfit, it is something to consider.

As previously stated, what your son should wear can be down to your personal preference. If you have a gown in the family that has been passed down, you may want to use that for sentimental reasons. A gown is a classic look for a christening, usually in a white or an off-white colour, which signifies the purity and innocence of the child. A cotton gown with a matching christening cap is a great traditional choice, however it isn’t for everyone. Also if you don’t have one that has been passed down, they can be very expensive to buy new.

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There are many alternatives to a tradition gown now, such as a christening romper, or a christening outfit, which is like a white suit for baby boys. These have an advantage of looking a lot more modern than a gown but are still clearly a christening outfit when looking back at the photos. These come in many different price ranges and designs, so whatever your budget or preference, you will easily be able to find something for your son. You can buy a range of accessories, such as matching socks or booties, which will nicely finish off the outfit whether you go for a gown or a more modern romper or suit.

If you have an older boy who is being christened, you will be able to add a bit more of a modern style to their outfit, not only due to the fact most christening clothes are designed with babies in mind, but as you can dress them in different things. As a christening is less formal than most other occasions, you will be able to add a bit of country style into procedures. One of our boys country check shirts, especially the cream one, is smart enough for a christening and also means you won’t have to convince your son that he needs to wear a gown, which could be a bit of an issue, especially once they are a little older.

A smart shirt is also not going too far away from tradition of the white or off-white preference for a christening. If you pair one of the shirts with a pair of chinos, your child will look ready for the christening and the reception after without the need for a change. Also, this outfit can see your child through a range of different events, so if you like to grab yourself a bargain, you aren’t paying for something that will most likely be used one then put into storage.

Choosing the right pair of shoes for the big days has never been easier. Our stunning collection or boy's market boots are the perfect choice. With the perfect balance between style and practicality, these boots will endure your little lad is looking smart. 

When it comes to picking out an outfit for your son, the planning is often more stressful than the event itself. The ceremony itself is more important than what outfit they are in. Of course, you want your child to look great in the photos, but they are a baby. As long as they are comfortable and look smart, the outfit will be fine. We stock a range of young boys and baby clothes and accessories, so whether you are looking for a Christening outfit, or just looking at ideas for your child’s next outfit, you will be sure to find something suitable.


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