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Comprehensive Care Guide for Your Rydale Wax Jacket

05 Jul 2024 |

Comprehensive Care Guide for Your Rydale Wax Jacket

Rydale Wax jackets are an iconic piece of outerwear that is designed for practicality and classic style. These traditional coats are manufactured to be durable and have the potential to last decades. This guide will help you to preserve and care for the quality of your wax jacket by storing it correctly, cleaning it and reproofing when needed.

Proper Storage Practices

To maintain your wax jacket's condition when not in use:

  1. We recommend that wax jackets are kept in a well-ventilated area: Try to avoid storing wax jackets in direct sunlight or near any heat sources as this can be a cause for the wax to deteriorate or even melt away.
  2. Using strong and sturdy coat hangers: It is recommended that you use a coat hanger which is strong to prevent the wax jacket losing its shape or becoming creased or distorted.
  3. Avoid storing your wax jacket in sealed containers: Storing wax jackets in containers can be a cause for mildew growth so it is much better to store you wax jackets in dry spaces where air circulates.
  4. Cleaning your wax jacket before storage: It is helpful to clean your wax jacket and make sure it is completely dry before storing it for long periods of time, such as over summer months.

Effective Cleaning Methods

Maintaining the cleanliness of your wax jacket requires specific techniques:

  1. Regular cleaning: Gently brush off any spots of dirt using a soft-bristled brush after each wear to ensure the upkeep of your wax jacket.
  2. Annual cleaning: Cleaning your wax jacket thoroughly annually will be beneficial, or cleaning you jacket regularly depending on the amount of use it gets will also ensure a longer lifespan for your Rydale wax jacket.
  3. Before you start cleaning: Making sure all the pockets are empty and removing any detachable parts of the jacket such as a hood is also beneficial before starting the cleaning process.
  4. Cleaning technique:
    • Avoid using heated water, only use room temperature water to clean your jacket
    • Avoid using any cleaning agents such as soaps or detergents.
    • Gently wipe the surface of the wax jacket with a cold wet sponge to remove light soiling.
    • Gently spray the surface of the jacket using a hose, spray bottle or shower head to remove heavy soiling.
  5. If your wax jacket has some stubborn layer of dirt, simply submerge the jacket in cool water and give time to soak, before gently cleaning the dirt off with a sponge.
  6. Drying your jacket: Air drying your jacket is the method we always recommend, straighten out then hang the wet wax jacket in a well-ventilated area and allow it to dry naturally over the period of a few days.
  7. Avoid conventual cleaning methods: You should never machine wash your wax jacket as this can remove the protective coating on the wax, dry cleaning your jacket can also have the same negative outcome.

Reproofing Your Jacket

To maintain water resistance, reproofing is essential. We recommend our range of Rydale rewaxing and care products to maintain your jacket, following the process detailed below:

  1. Timing: Reproof when water no longer beads on the surface, typically once per year.

Reproof: Your wax jacket will need reproofing when water no longer beads on the surface, or you can do this once a year.

  1. Preparation:
    • The first step to preparing your wax jacket is to clean and allow it too fully dry beforehand.
    • Choose a flat surface which is clean and protected and lay the jacket flat.
  2. It is recommended you use the same wax that the manufacture of the jacket uses to ensure the same outcome.
  3. Application process:
    • Warm the wax up until it become liquefied
    • Once the wax is in liquid form and easy to apply onto the coat, simply apply a thin layer over the entire jacket playing close attention to the parts which receive heavy wear.
    • Remove any excess wax with a clean, lint-free cloth.
  4. Finishing steps:
    • Use a source of low heat such as a hair dryer to help the wax penetrate the fabric evenly
    • Allow the jacket to hang freely for 24-48 hours in a well-ventilated area.
  5. Professional services: If you’re concerned or uncertain about carrying out the process on your own consider using a professional reproofing service.

Never attempt to clean your wax jacket via machine or dry cleaning as these conventional processes will strip the protective coating and potentially damage the jacket permanently.

Additional Care Tips

  1. Temperature: Avoid letting your wax jacket spend time near heat sources and avoid keeping it in direct sunlight.
  2. Repairs: Always keep on top of repairing any damage to the jacket to prevent it from progressing or causing further damage to the garment.
  3. Dirty areas: Cuffs and collars can sometimes accumulate more dirt that the rest of the jacket so we advise cleaning these areas more regularly.
  4. Zipper care: Keep zippers clean and occasionally apply a suitable lubricant for smooth operation.
  5. Aging: Wax jackets change and develop over time which adds to their character so expect this to happen and embrace the charming patina of a well-loved wax jacket.

Wearing Your Wax Jacket

Understanding the versatility of your wax jacket can enhance its usefulness:

  1. Weather conditions: Wax jackets are perfect for weather conditions all throughout the year depending on the level of insulated selected at the time of purchase. They are especially useful during Spring and Autumn where the weather can be wet but temperatures mild.
  2. Ideal for transitional weather: Perfect for spring and fall when temperatures are mild but variable.
  3. Everyday wear: Wax jackets are perfect for everyday wear and their natural colours make them suitable to match with almost any outfit you choose to wear with it. Some models of Rydale wax jacket are more full-featured and smarter than others.
  4. Dressed-up options: Some styles can be appropriate for slightly more formal occasions while maintaining a relaxed look.
  5. Winter layering: Longer styles or those with removable linings can be excellent for colder months.

Addressing Common Issues

  1. Always remember: If your jacket starts to absorb water into the fabric then it is time for reproofing. A well maintained wax jacket will allow water to bead and run off rather than absorb.
  2. Bad odors: If your wax jacket starts to have an unpleasant smell then this is a sign the jacket is ready for a thorough cleaning.
  3. Fabric stiffness: Gently flex the dry fabric to help soften it if it becomes too rigid.
  4. Colour changes: Wax jackets can change over time and the colour can start to fade and this is often a desirable look associated with a well-loved jacket. However, reproofing can restore some of the colour and slow the aging process down.

By following our recommendations for keeping your Rydale wax jacket healthy, you’ll ensure your wax jacket lives up to its durability and style expectations and will be your favourite jacket for years to come. Wax jackets are develop a more charming “worn-in” appearance with time, a well cared for waxed jacket can tell a lifelong story.

If you choose to care for your wax jacket, it will also care for you.

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