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Dog Friendly Beaches in Norfolk

04 Apr 2024 |

Based in the East of England, Norfolk has a coastline of nearly 100 miles. Norfolk has the some of the most varied coast and shoreline in the country, whilst you can explore the tidal saltmarsh where the shellfish are reared. Walk along the cliffs and discover the costal erosion and the power of what the sea has done to help keep continuing to help shape Norfolk seashore. 

Norfolk is one of the fewest places in the UK where you can see the Northern Lights, Kelling Heath and Wiveton Downs, both have dark Sky Discovery Status, this means is unaffected by the light pollution. 

This blog will be crafted with Norfolk’s most dog friendly beaches which you can enjoy a weekend stroll along the sunny beaches. For many dog owners, the companionship of their four-legged friend is an integral part of the family. Dog friendly beaches is a crucial part of family time, providing a space where pets can freely run along the sand the feel the fresh air and take a refreshing dip in the sea. 

Provide you with the insight to Norfolk top beaches to cater to the needs of both the dogs and the owners, ensuring an unforgettable experience in Norfolk. By offering recommendations and, insights and tips to help you plan the perfect day filled with unforgettable memories with your fury friends. The North Norfolk coast is a lovely place to be any time of the year. With miles of scenery perfect for them family days out. 

Brancaster Beach 

Brancaster Beach is one of Norfolk’s glorious beaches with 4 miles of gorgeous scenery. The beach is dog friendly and child-friendly so you can bring your little ones for a run along the golden sand. Perfect for Sunday strolls, a spacious beach for dogs to play fetch or even just have a well-deserved slow walk across the beach and enjoy the sea breeze. At low tide, the water is at a perfect depth for your pup to have a paddle in. Fun fact about Brancaster, when the tide is at its lowest, it makes the shipwreck SS Vina visible. 

Holkham Beach 

Mile after mile of yellow sands, Holkham Beach is one of Norfolk most friendly dog beach, with miles of soft sand, perfect for our four -legged friends, dog friendly café with a radiant view of the unspoilt scenery. Holkham beach is a true paradise based in the UK. If you enjoy a bit of an adventure then Holkham Beach is perfect for you, offering plenty of exploration including Norfolk coastal path that winds through the pine forest or take a venture further afield and discover the Holkham hall and estate. 

Dog On The Beach

Weybourne Beach 

Weybourne beach is one of the most enduring impressions of the sound of the sea and the stones. The beach produces impressive big crashing waves on the calmest of the days.  The beach has the sound of the waves which is music to our ears. This beach is notorious for pitching a windbreak and enjoying the miles of golden sand spectacular views, whilst your 4-legged friend can take a well needed rest. 

East Runton 

North Norfolk’s deep historical beach is a 22 mile stretch of coastline between Weybourne and cart gap and steeped in years’ worth of history. The sandy beach backed up by sloping cliffs and countryside. Fun fact you can glimpse Cromer pier in the distance and in fact you can walk there along the beach in around 10 minutes. Plenty of rock pools for the family days out where your little ones can take an adventure into the sea life. 

Happisburgh beach 

Well, known for the striking red and white lighthouse. Happisburgh beach is a dog friendly beach especially if you are looking for a quiet, secluded beach. There are miles of coastal paths to walk along and footpaths in the surrounding area. The cliffs surrounding the coast offer an impressive backdrop to the beach with its red and white lighthouse and St Mary’s Church. If you and your fur friends are looking for a longer walk then, there is an impressive cliff-top trails connecting footpaths to the local countryside. After the long walk, if you are looking for a bite to eat then there’s a dog friendly pub serving delicious food. 

Norfolk Beach Dog Walks

Horsey Gap Beach 

Wonderfully laid-back stretch of sand on the north coast, with miles of sandy beach to explore. Horsey Gap Beach is a long sandy beach and home to one of the largest and most accessible grey seal colonies in the UK! All year round the seals can be spotted on the beach relaxing or swimming close to the shore. If you and your family love to watch the nature grow, then between October and end of January then come and watch the Seal pip season. The beach is a superb stretch of sandy wilderness backed by dunes. 

Hunstanton Beach 

With its coloured cliffs, rocks pools and sunsets, Hunstanton Beach is considered one of the finest Norfolk beaches. As the dog walker, there are many options to choose from. Like taking a stroll along the shore or maybe take a walk along the cliff tops. The beach itself is mostly sandy, perfect for your dogs to enjoy a long run. 

Thornham Beach 

Vast expanse of sand, sea, and the sky, as good as a beach you and your family with ever find for blowing the cobwebs away, letting the dogs run around to their hearts content. It is worth the two and half mile walk because once you get there, it is an uncrowded beach with lot of soft gold sand. One good thing is when the little fur legged friends have enjoyed their run, they can happily snooze in the dog friendly Pub Lifeboat while you can enjoy some well-deserved refreshments. 

Waxham beach 

Discover the unknown, Waxham is one of the beaches that not many people know about. This is what makes it all more intriguing and a joy to be on.  On a beautiful sunny day, the sea will glister, while your four-legged friend can enjoy the breeze sweeping their ears back while they live their best lives. Just vast of golden sand in front of you with space to walk, where you like and as far as you like. 

Sheringham Beach  

With its sweeping sandy shores and crystal-clear waters. This beach is one of Norfolk's favourite beaches, perfect for family days out and if you want a more relaxing walk then look no further.

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