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Fishing Waterproofs for Men

30 Jun 2022 |

Whether you’re a seasoned fisher or a complete novice, having the right gear is important. Whether it’s equipment or clothing, you have to get the fundamentals right first. Whilst we would never recommend spending lots of money in case you don’t enjoy it, you will need a few basics to take part.

When it comes to clothing, waterproof items are a necessity. Whether the forecast is rain or not, being around water means a need for waterproof clothing. However, we’re not suggesting that you invest in a scuba suit or top of the range equipment but having the basics down will mean you are prepared. Of course, we recommend buying pieces that you’ll wear elsewhere too so versatility is key for waterproof fishing clothing.

We’ve rounded up a selection of the must-have items you need for fishing as well as how to choose the right items too. Outdoor country clothing has multiple qualities and they’re not all the same. Keep reading for our top tips.

How to choose the right clothing for fishing

Which qualities should you be looking for before you buy any fishing attire? We’ve listed a handful of features that are important and must be considered before you make any purchases. Most of these may seem obvious but you’ll be surprised what can happen when you don’t do your research properly and spend the day fishing and feeling uncomfortable.

Men's Fishing Jacket

It must be waterproof - Before you buy any clothing, make sure any outer layer is fully waterproof. Of course, this means upkeep from you as waterproofing doesn’t last forever but we recommend reading up on the product descriptions before purchasing. Showerproof and waterproof are not the same. However, you can get away with showerproof jackets if the weather is nicer. As always, check this beforehand and if needs be, take a thinner and thicker jacket to counteract any unpredictable weather forecasts!

It must be made of breathable fabrics - Whilst you’ll want to stay warm outdoors, you don’t want to be sweating. Materials that wick sweat should be your first layer and anything else should be left for another day. Even though fishing isn’t the most energetic sport, sitting for hours outside can mean you get hot and cold in the space of ten minutes. Mesh lined jackets are a great option for warmer days as they will keep you warm but not hot. Fleece lined jackets are perfect for the cold because you can often forgo an extra middle layer.

It needs to have pockets - Fishing requires lots of little items so having pockets handy is ideal. Of course you will have storage with you but having multiple pockets for smaller items is much easier. Our waterproof jackets always have plenty of space but our fishing jackets have extra storage for that exact reason.

Men's Overtrousers

It must be comfortable - Think about it properly. You can sit there all day on a fishing trip. The last thing you want is too tight trousers or a shirt that feels restrictive. Your outfit needs to be functional, practical and comfortable. Everything else is secondary. However, that doesn’t mean compromising on style or just throwing your pyjamas and slippers on, no matter how comfortable they are! Think soft materials, fitted items that aren’t too tight or baggy and lots of layers.

You need sun protection - Whilst it’s the last thing most people think about, it’s important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Sunscreen is recommended during warmer months and many basic moisturisers now include sun protection for colder months. Our best advice other than that is to wear a hat. Especially when it’s sunny, your head and hair can burn quickly, causing lots of discomfort. We all know the problems that exposure to too much sunlight can do so always take extra precautions.

Our favourite waterproof clothing for men

Of course, you can’t have every piece of clothing waterproofed but it’s important to get the basics right. Your outer layer is the most important when doing any outdoor activity but for fishing especially, sitting for sometimes an entire day outside means you’ll want something waterproof on. Here are some of our favourite items to consider. Don’t forget, these can be worn for everyday life too so don’t think you’re just buying fishing clothing!

Men's Fishing Wellies

A specialised fishing jacket - If fishing is a hobby that you plan to stick to, you can invest in a fishing jacket. Our Esk design has been designed for exactly that as many country folk love a fishing excursion! With this style, you are getting a fully waterproof and windproof jacket, complete with eight pockets, a foldaway hood, stormproof cuffs and an elasticated, drawstring hem. We couldn’t cram any more features into this jacket if we tried! In a light green olive colour, this jacket is for all seasons, all weather and all outdoor occasions.

A fleece-lined waterproof jacket - For the great outdoors in the UK, it’s cold far more than it’s warm. A fleece-lined option will mean you can often ditch the middle layer items, such as a fleece or gilet, as it offers you that stitched in already. Whether you opt for a darker herringbone patterned jacket or a block colour, each style is similar other than the colour. The fleece lining helps to keep the warmth in and for added insulation but because it’s a thin lining, it’s still breathable. Both designs are lightweight too so you won’t feel restricted but you’ll still keep warm!

A mesh-lined waterproof jacket - When it’s not too cold but still cold enough for a jacket, a mesh-lined option is a great alternative to a fleece-lined one. Our Gembling and Lisset styles both offer all the qualities you’d expect from a countryside coat but offer a mesh lining instead. Whilst they won’t be as thick as a fleece-lined jacket, they’re perfect for that inbetween weather when the temperature is improving but the weather isn’t! You could always add an extra layer underneath if you wanted to.

A jacket in a packet - Whilst they’re not designed for heavy downpours, our jacket in a packet styles are all waterproof. They’re a great option for the summer if you get caught outdoors in unexpected rain. Whenever we go out on countryside excursions, we leave one tucked away in its carry bag at the bottom of our rucksacks. You just never know when you’ll need it! From light grey to dark olive, claret to royal blue, there’s a shade for every man.

Men's Waterproof Jacket

A utility waistcoat - During the summer months, a jacket might feel too heavy if the sun is shining and the weather is hot! A different option would be to wear a utility waistcoat instead. You’re looking for something heavy-duty but equally lightweight because warm weather requires lightweight clothing. Our Egton and Windermere waistcoats offer all the features of a jacket, such as lots of useful pockets, a mesh lining and a water-resistant coating, so you can be rest assured that you’ll be comfortable when out fishing in one of these waistcoats. 

A pair of waterproof overtrousers - It might seem unnecessary but regular fishermen will tell you that waterproof overtrousers can be a lifesaver. So many men go fishing in some of their favourite trousers and then complain when they get dirty or wet. A pair of waterproof overtrousers saves you from that problem! Coming in both olive and navy shades, they will come in more useful than you might think with a countryside lifestyle!

Whilst it’s not necessary to buy clothing specifically for fishing, you’ll find that you will wear these items outside of a fishing trip too. A waterproof jacket can be worn everyday and waterproof overtrousers are ideal for dog walking when it’s raining heavily out. Why ruin your regular clothing when waterproof clothing exists?


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