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How to Dress a Newborn

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Planning your newborns outfits during pregnancy can be tricky, but it’s lots of fun. We spend hours and hours scowling the internet and entering every shop possible to find super cute outfits for their first few weeks and months. We know all sorts of questions will be running through your mind leading up to the big day, so to help ease your mind, we have come up with some helpful tips of how to dress a newborn.

What to Look for When Buying Baby Clothes

Upon baby’s arrival, you may be overwhelmed with all the cute and tiny outfits you have bought, but how do you get them on and off? When shopping for your new arrival’s clothes and accessories, try to choose baby clothes that open down the front – this is great for when changing nappies and speedy clothes changes if they are fussy.

Baby Vest

We aim to almost always look for baby clothing that is machine washable. We know you will have a one-off piece for special occasions, but who has time for hand-washing everything when you have a newborn baby anyway? Another great benefit to choosing newborn baby clothes that can be bundled into the washing machine is that you will go through many, many outfits a day. From milk spills to explosions at the other end, believe us when we say that your machine will get lots of use.

From baby grows and sleepsuits, these are a great buy that will keep your new baby warm, comfortable, and unrestricted. The Rydale sleepsuits for babies are made using the softest fabrics that will be kind to baby's skin. With some of the cutest patterns that are perfect for both baby boys and baby girls, they are always a practical choice when shopping for newborn clothing.

Baby Outfit

Although its tempting, and most first-time mums will do it, try to resist buying so many different baby clothing pieces. When they are born, they are so teeny and delicate, but that does not last for long! Quite often baby will jump straight to 0-3 months, so we recommend buying a few of each size so nothing is left unused.

What Should a Newborn Baby Wear?

Always think comfort. Cotton baby clothes are always a good starting point. The advantages to your baby wearing cotton clothing are that it is an all-weather textile. It will keep them cool on a hot summers day as well as providing just the right amount of insulation on a cooler day. With cotton being a natural material, it has barely any chemicals compared to synthetic materials such as polyester and acrylic.

Cotton sleepsuits, baby grows, and simple little two-piece outfits are a great place to start and you’re little one is sure to enjoy a soft, comfortable and breathable piece of clothing. Starting from a baby vest to keep them warm and the nappy in place, you can then build up the outfit based on where you plan to go and what the weather is like. Wearing a vest is great for cold days, but it can be a life saver on a hot day for when you want to take the main outfit off whilst keeping them covered up. Along with a vest, pop on an all-in-one and finish with a snuggly baby blanket.

Baby Bibs 2 Pack

If you want to opt for a full newborn baby outfit, we offer a gorgeous two-piece outfit that has the perfect balance of cuteness and comfort. A matching baby outfit, that often will not match, is a great go-to option for practicality. Wearing bottoms with a comfortable elasticated waist will not only make for easier nappy changes, but they will allow more freedom of movement for your little wriggler.

How to Dress a Baby for Sleep

While is sounds like a simple question, some new parents often wonder how to dress their baby for sleep. Your baby will spend almost all their first two or three months sleeping and eating, so having plenty of comfy sleepsuits, baby grows, and pyjamas in their wardrobe are a must! Newborns can get a little chilly during their sleep and have sometimes have trouble regulating their own body temperature, so all-in-one pieces are a popular choice. They are excellent for cosy nights, especially when the temperature falls, and the cold weather starts. If you need to an extra layer, try adding a heavier blanket.

Baby Sleepsuit

Try to remember that simple is always safest. We know there is nothing cuter than a swaddled-up baby looking extra warm and cosy, but they will not always need those added layers. Try to follow this rule of thumb: dress your baby in one additional layer than what you would be comfortable wearing in that room. Consider a simple one-piece or vest during the summer. In colder months, opt for a long-sleeved pair of pyjamas with a heavier blanket.

Practical Accessories for Your Baby

When it comes to adding accessories to your little one’s outfit, the temptation for cute headbands is real. But a more practical solution such as baby hats, bibs, mitts, and socks can be much more beneficial for your baby. Dressing a newborn is more about common sense than fashion sense and adding these simple pieces to their daily outfit will eliminate any worries you may have.

  • Baby Hats – As soon as baby is born, you’ll often put them straight into a snuggly hat to keep them warm. Well, this does not stop when you get home. Hats will keep the baby warm, especially in those early few weeks. Babies lose a lot of heat through their heads, so invest in a few cotton hats to help with that.

  • Baby Bibs – Bibs can be a lifesaver when it comes to wiping away dribble or mopping up spilt milk. The Rydale range of baby bibs will protect their clothes from stains and wet clothing. Our adorable twin packs mean you can always have one on hand, so you never miss a dribble.

  • Scratch Mittens – All babies are notorious for having teeny tiny, yet very sharp fingernails. They also tend to move their hands toward their face in jittery movements as they develop motor skills which can lead to some nasty scratches. Popping on a pair of scratch mitts will not only prevent this from happening, but they will keep those little hands warm.

  • Socks – Socks are a great help for when newborns are wearing clothes without built-in footies. Babies tend to have poor circulation in their feet at first, and they are often colder than ours. Socks are a great way to keep them warm from head-to-toe – especially when your outdoors.

Shop our new baby clothing range and explore a whole range of cute and practical outfits. Starting from 0-3 months, right up to 18-24 months – we have styles to suit both boys and girls for their first moments. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for baby clothes for sleeping, chilling, keeping warm or staying comfy - we have you and your little one covered. As all new parents, we know how important it is that your baby is dressed in the proper attire. Comfort is crucial when it comes to baby clothing - we are all about soft textures and lightweight, breathable materials.

We hope you have managed to get some helpful tips and insights on how to dress a newborn baby, but if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are always happy to assist.


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