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How to Keep Feet Warm in Wellies

24 Mar 2021 |

On cold winter walks and rainy days, it is crucial you have a decent and reliable pair of wellingtons to keep your keep warm and toasty. Winter in the UK really means winter so enjoying your outdoor adventures and not worrying about your footwear is important, especially with little ones. Wellington boots are perfect for taking on demanding jobs, wet or dry and nobody likes cold feet. Even worse, nobody likes cold and wet feet.

Whether you are out on your daily dog walk, out in the garden or exploring the nearby countryside, it is really important to keep warm, and that included your feet. Adding some extra insulation to your footwear choice could help keep you healthy, comfortable, and warm. To make sure your feet are not the first to suffer, here are some of our top tops on how to keep warm in wellies.

Neoprene Lined Wellington Boots

So, what is the secret? One option is to invest in a quality pair. We know shelling out for a pair of wellies can be off-putting, but you get what you pay for after all. Neoprene lined wellingtons are fantastic for trapping warm air within the boot itself, ensuring your feet remain warm when you are wearing them for a prolonged amount of time. Neoprene wellies are particularly good for long dog walks, yard duties, shooting or even fishing.

Neoprene is used as a substitute for rubber. It is entirely waterproof, which is ideal material for wellingtons and other outerwear to insulate against wet and cold environments. The spongy, flexible material is sandwiched between two pieces of fabric that is usually either nylon or polyester, creating a protective layer for both your feet and lower legs.

Boot Socks

Another huge benefit to wearing lined wellingtons is that you do not need to wear layers and layers of socks to keep your feet warm. An ordinary pair of socks, or even boots socks would suffice to get the required insulation.

If you are always on the move, and in all sorts of different environments, then maybe a less expensive pair would work better for you. Firstly, I would decide what type of wellie boot you would like. From a classic lightweight pair of wellies, printed rubber wellies or mid-calf wellies, having a choice is ideal to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Experiencing cold feet is normal when your outdoors in cold weather, or experiencing sudden changes in temperature, but there are some other causes for cold feet you may want to consider.

  • Poor circulation
  • High stress or anxiety
  • Anemia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Nerve disorders
  • Diabetes

Some people tend to have colder feet naturally, without any other underlying health conditions. One way to avoid cold feet is to consider clothing choices including socks. Trying to move around more and stay active, or you could try using a heat pad or hot water bottle whilst you are relaxing in the evenings. This can help your blood vessels open and allow more blood flow to your legs.

There is no better way to become wet-weather ready then with a classic country style wellie. Standard wellingtons, that are not lined means only one thing – a good pair of socks, or two! Ensure you have a good collection of thick knitted socks and knee-high socks with a cushioned sole. Wearing knee-high boots means you may want knee-high socks, making for the perfect extra layer in freezing conditions.

Classic Waterproof Wellingtons

Another great choice to keep your keep warm in wellies is boot socks! The main idea here is to keep your feet as warm and toasty as possible, and boot socks have a reputation for being chunky and super comfortable when worn with wellies. There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of boots that are not comfortable, especially if they need wearing in. With a pair of thick boot socks you can avoid rubbing and painful blisters. The Rydale boots socks have been designed for ultimate comfort, and they come in a 3 pack!

We also have a great selection of wellie socks and boot liners that are ideal for wearing with wellies. Wellington socks do not always have to cost a fortune, but they are definitely a worthy investment to keep your feet snug when spending time outdoors. The Rydale boot liners feature beautiful faux fur that will fold over the top of your boots for an eye-catching look.

We hope you get some helpful tips on how to keep your feet warm in wellies. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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