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How to match your coat with leather boots


We might almost be into summer, but that doesn’t always mean that the weather is always glorious sunshine.

We have been graced with some beautiful weather so far this year, but the chances are that it won’t be long until we see a few dark clouds on the horizon.

With that in mind, don’t be tempted to pack away your country boots, coats and fleeces away just yet, because you might very well need them occasionally during any summer showers that we have.

You’ve probably got a selection of coats and jackets that you wear during the warmer months, but have you thought about wearing them with leather boots?

Again, you’re sure to have a pair of these tucked in the cupboard under the stairs somewhere, but do consider boots for summer.

Certain types of boots are best kept for winter but think about your ankle-style ones and see if you have an outfit to go with them. If you’re looking for a new pair, however, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, depending on the season, we’ll show you which jackets and coats go best with each boot style. Now, it’s time to dust off your outerwear and boots and get ready for all weathers!

Leather Boots

Tall boots

We tend to stick with taller boots during the colder months, as they do a better job at keeping us warm compared to their shorter-ankle counterparts.

However, you may find yourself reaching for a longer style of boot when you’re going for long walks in the countryside, or even just walking the dog.

We seem to think they have better waterproof qualities and we don’t feel as anxious if we walk through a puddle while wearing a pair of knee-high boots.

When it’s colder outside, go for a darker shade, such as black or brown, as they tend to be a little more versatile than a bright shade or a lighter colour.

They’re also a lot easier to keep clean; we recommend giving them a quick wipe after every wear and a deep clean once a fortnight or month depending on how often you wear them.

Think of all the outfits and items you can wear them with, the possibilities are endless!

Our Tall Allerton Leather Boots in Brown are a classic example of a staple item in your wardrobe.

Allerton Leather Boots

They’re our most sleek style, with less embellishments and they are easier to get on than some styles.

Tuck skinny jeans into them for an even more polished look. When it comes to choosing a coat to pair with them, you have so many options.

Try our Ladies Cawood Wax Jacket in Brown for a shorter, classic style or if it’s particularly cold, pop on our Arram Long Fur Trim Coat in Bark.

Cawood Wax Jacket

Tweed jackets complement brown tall boots well so why not give our Ladies Bramham Short Tweed Jacket in Megan a go?

Brown can be a difficult colour to match with, so instead of matching, try to keep the colours in the family. Other browns, beiges, nudes, khakis and even classic denim shades complement dark brown boots.

If you prefer a casual style and know you’ll only be wearing your leather boots for outdoor activities, you might decide that the Ladies Tullymore III Leather Boots in Navy are more your cup of tea.

These are an extremely hard-wearing pair of boots, making them perfect for spending your time outdoors and in particular, hiking.

If you’re planning on spending lots of time outdoors, make sure you’ve got a waterproof coat or jacket that it has a hood attached with you too!

You might prefer a jacket where the hood hides away when you don’t need it, and if that’s the case, our Rosedale Fleece Lined Jacket in Mulberry is the one for you.

If you’d rather the hood stay on the outside, our brand new Askwith Short Riding Coat comes in five different colours so plenty of choice to pick from!

If it’s a little warmer and you’re after a jacket that you can throw in your bag in case of emergencies, our Jacket in a Packet has ten shades to choose from so you might end up picking a couple to go with your entire wardrobe!

Jacket in a Packet

Short ankle boots

When it comes to shorter styles of boot, we usually relate them with springtime because it’s still cooler, but now that we’re in early summer, it’s only a matter of time before temperatures start to rise.

Tall boots are great at keeping you warm during the winter but can often feel restrictive when it’s warmer. The new Whenby short boots, however, are perfect for those days when it looks a little dull and cool outside.

With a pair of skinny jeans tucked inside them, they’re perfect for days when you need to get your errands done but still need something comfy on your feet.

Our Oak or Navy Whenby boots will match 90% of your wardrobe. With ankle boots, they are guaranteed to go with the outfits you already have, meaning you get to spend more time mixing and matching them!

Shorter boots usually mean that you can pair them with a shorter jacket too. If it’s particularly cold, a quilted jacket is the perfect jacket to grab, like our Marske Quilted Jacket in Smoke. This dark grey shade will complement so many colours and it’s a lightweight style, so you won’t overheat.

If opting for ankle boots, this means you can go crazy for colour with your jacket or coat. Our Milly II Belted Wax Jacket is a real standout.

Milly Belted II Jacket

Tweed may be more your thing and our Ladies Short Tweed Belted Jacket in Blue Check looks great when worn with classic denim.

If you stick with a neutral pair of boots in a classic shade, such as brown, black or tan, you’ll have a lot more outfit options than choosing boots in a bright colour.

Of course, making a style your own is important, so don’t be afraid to add colour in other ways to your outfit, like through your jacket or coat. Bright coloured outerwear looks even better when paired with a darker outfit, so it really stands out.


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