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How to Style a White Shirt

16 Jul 2021 |

At Rydale, you know we’re all about a versatile, capsule wardrobe. One of those staple pieces we love for both country gentlemen and ladies is a classic white shirt. It’s certainly one of the most wearable items that can be dressed up or down as well as any outfit in between.

In true country fashion, our white shirts are not your average white shirt. We‘ve incorporated our famous checked pattern into ours to make them extra special. These shirts obviously incorporate at least one colour so let that be the focal point of your outfit. Mix and match your colours subtly or stay within the same colour scheme for maximum effect.

In this blog post, we’ll look at our favourite styling tips for both country ladies and gentlemen but first, let’s look at how to pick the right white shirt to go in your countryside wardrobe.

Ladies White Shirt

How to pick the right white shirt for you

A country white shirt isn’t like your usual crisp white shirt but the rules are still the same. Shopping for a fitted shirt can be tricky so make sure you have our tips to hand before you purchase.

1. Make sure the coloured thread is a favourite. Choose a shirt that includes a colour you love and wear regularly. There’s no point in buying a colour that’s ‘on-trend’ this season but doesn’t go with anything in your wardrobe. If you’re unsure, stick with neutrals to begin with and build up colour eventually.

2. Get your measurements right. Grab an assistant and let them jot down your measurements. You might prefer a fitted style or a looser fit but it helps to know the size guide of the shop too.

3. Think about the occasions you’ll wear the shirt on. Wearing it for job interviews or work? Choose simple colours or muted tones. Picking a shirt for nights out or a special occasion? You can go bolder with colour here!

Men's Short Sleeved Shirt

4. Make sure you can move in the shirt. Whilst you might think you want a fitted shirt, there’s nothing worse than a tight shirt you cannot move in at all. Try on the shirt before purchasing or return it if it feels uncomfortable.

How to wear a white shirt - gentlemen

We know you’ve probably got at least one white shirt in your wardrobe, probably more but you might not have considered how to wear them before. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites with some simple styling tips to have you looking like the smart gentleman that you are!


The more casual the occasion, the more colour you can go wild with. You won’t need to pair it with a tie or suit so there’s less chance of colours clashing. Bright shades of blue, red and yellow pop in the summertime whereas muted tones of khaki, brown and burgundy suit the autumn/winter seasons. However, there is no rule to say you can’t mix it up!

Ladies White Printed Shirt

With summer here, short sleeves mean you can still keep that smart look whilst keeping cool. Short-sleeved shirts are best only for casual occasions but it means you can go for any style. One of our favourite styles is our check shirt in Garton Brown, with three different colours of thread running through it. Whilst red, yellow and green wouldn’t ordinarily go together here they are subtle and darker shades, allowing you to highlight one of the colours separately.

Another style that is even subtler is our short-sleeved shirt in Eastfield White. Again, it has multi-coloured thread running through it but is made of a lighter cotton blend, perfect for days out in the sun.


For smarter, evening occasions or for the office, a bit of colour goes a long way. We’re not saying neutrals are the way to go but less is more for dressier events. Stick with one colour of thread on your shirt and keep your outfit in the same colour family.

Men's White Long Sleeved Checked Shirt

Our Market Day checked shirts are two of our most popular designs for smarter occasions. Both have subtle navy checks, which is just enough colour for a classy event. If it’s more of a casual affair, stick on some dark-wash jeans and leather shoes to keep the look smart-casual. For more formal times, switch the jeans for a pair of smart dress trousers and you’ll be set for any posh party!

If you want to add a bit more colour, red and navy is a great combination for smart-casual occasions. Our Hovingham check shirt in White has both colours intertwined so it stands out without looking too bright and out of place. A navy blazer on top is a great way to add to the smartness of this look too.

How to wear a white shirt - ladies

Shirts are not just for men! A simple button down shirt can look so chic, provided it fits properly. Here are a few of our favourite styles with a handful of our styling tips to help you make the perfect country lady outfit.


One of our favourite ways to wear a white shirt is to trade it in for a floaty blouse instead! These are casual but still give that dressy, classy feel.

Our button down blouses give off such a fun, countryside vibe but still feel chic at the same time.  Pick your favourite animal and you’ll be receiving compliments all day long about your style. Pair with indigo skinny jeans and loafers for an outfit perfect for days out shopping or lunch with friends.

Men's Country Checked Shirt


As always, you can’t be a true country lady without a checked shirt in your wardrobe! Soft blues and pastel purples are two of our favourite shades, especially during spring and summertime. This is a look you can make as smart as you want to. Wear with suit trousers for important office meetings, stick with skinny jeans for nights at the pub or pair with a tweed skirt for outdoor country events.

We always say that a checked shirt is a staple for any country lady or gentlemen but choosing one with a white background allows you to make multiple outfits with just one shirt. Make sure to choose a colour scheme that works for you and your country wardrobe and you will wear your white shirt over and over again for years to come!

If you need any help or advise on How to Style a White Shirt then please get in contact with one of our team. Be sure to explore the full range of men's and ladies country shirts for more colours and styles to choose from. 

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