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How to Wear an A Line Skirt

26 Jul 2021 |

Trying to find items that you can easily dress up and down can be a challenge. We want to have pieces in our wardrobe that we absolutely love and that we will wear time and time again. That’s why we can select quality items because we know if they fit well, they will last for years and they won’t go out of style either.

One of those pieces that is always on-trend is an A line skirt. It’s a simple item that often gets overlooked because it can be quite plain. The good thing is plain items can be dressed up just as easily as they can be dressed down casually.

In this blog post, we’ll look at our favourite A line skirts we have to offer and how to wear them for both casual and smart-casual occasions but first, let’s dive into why we’re such big fans of the A line skirt.

Ladies Navy A-Line Skirt

Why are they so great to wear?

If you’re not convinced just yet, we’ve gathered some of our favourite reasons why we just love A line skirts. You know we love versatile items here at Rydale and A line skirts are one of the most versatile items to have in any country lady’s wardrobe!

They look great on every woman

No matter what your shape, age, height or size, A-line skirts are very flattering. Just above or on the knee is the best fit for most but if your best asset is your legs, you can definitely go for a shorter style.

They add a feminine touch to any outfit

Whilst trousers are super chic and comfortable, there’s something about a skirt that brings that feminine edge to an outfit. Switch out the jeans or chinos for a skirt for an instant change to any look!

Ladies A Line Skirt

They’re easy to dress up or down

An A line skirt can look super casual when paired with T-shirts and flats or can be dressed up for occasions with a blouse or fitted shirt and heeled ankle boots. Switch up your accessories and any look can take you from day to night!

They accentuate your waist

A line skirts nip you in at the waist, every woman’s slimmest part, giving an hourglass figure. Even those who feel like they have no waist soon discover one when wearing an A line skirt!

They’re more comfortable than other styles

They’re not meant to be restrictive, meaning you can move around freely in one. If you’re going to tuck in thicker tops, you might want to consider sizing up though because of their fitted style.

They go with most footwear

From the super casual canvas sneakers to leather heeled ankle boots and everything in between, you can wear almost any type of footwear. Boots of any length or any material, smart shoes, casual shoes, all compliment A line skirts. You can even wear yours with slippers if you want to (maybe not outside of the house, though)!

Ladies Khaki A Line Skirt

Types of A line skirts

If you’re still undecided about whether an A line skirt is for you or not, let’s take a look at the different materials. We offer four different styles but all can be worn for a variety of occasions.


A denim A line skirt is probably the most casual of the bunch. Whilst you can definitely still look smart and sophisticated in one, it’s best to choose another style for dressier occasions. However, a night with the girls or a family outing in the evening are definitely times when you can dress one up a little.


Another style that you might think you can’t dress up is a chino or twill skirt. With navy, khaki and sorbet pink to choose from, you can stick with the classics or add in some colour. A chino A line skirt is perfect for everyday wear because it goes with so many items!

Ladies A Line Skirt

Plain tweed

A country classic of tweed had to be incorporated into a skirt somehow! With 7 colours to choose from, this style is perfect for smart-casual occasions. Even when you’re dressed casually, this look will still look smart and put-together.

Checked tweed

More tweed? This is a newer, updated version of tweed with bright coloured checks running through it. Choose from 5 colour schemes and have fun matching up the thread to your tops and accessories. Again, this style always looks chic so even when worn with casual clothing, it still looks classy!

How to dress up or down

We’ve added some of our favourite styling tips too for casual occasions and dressy events. Even the casual outfits will look very put-together so no loungewear here!


One of our favourite pieces to wear with any A-line skirt has to be a polo shirt. Whether it’s striped, polka dot or plain, it’s a simple piece that keeps you casual and cool (in more ways than one). Polo shirts will always be a classic with countryside living so try yours with an A line skirt instead. Finish off the look with a pair of canvas trainers or slip on boat shoes and you’re set for any errand that might crop up.

Ladies Denim A Line Skirt

Another staple every country lady should have is a striped T-shirt. It can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved depending on the temperature, but it will always look chic no matter the season. Wear with a pair of classic tan driving loafers for a ladylike feel.


When it comes to dressing up, throw on any fitted shirt or flowy blouse and you’re all set for a night out. Country check and animal print are two of our favourites but make sure you tuck them in. Regardless of the sleeve length, you should always tuck your shirt inside your skirt. It will accentuate your waist even more!

When thinking about shoes, going for classic leather styles is always a safe bet. A pair of tan leather loafers or brogue Chelsea boots give off a classy style but are still super comfortable. You might not think ankle boots suit an A line skirt but they really do! During colder months, knee high riding boots still keep the look smart. Just make sure they’ve been cleaned beforehand because dirty boots will make the outfit look less put-together.

A line skirts are much easier to wear than you might have initially thought. We know you’ll probably have a few of these pieces to go with them in your wardrobe already so it won’t take you long to make some new outfits! Switch out your jeans or chinos for an A line skirt in any weather and it will give a ladylike feel to any look.

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