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How to Wear Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans

29 Jun 2021 |

With summer on its way, it might seem strange to talk about wearing jeans and ankle boots. However, we also know how unpredictable the weather can be in the UK (we certainly don’t expect snow in May usually). It could be jinxing it if you put away your winter boots because we all know UK summers have a habit of being drizzly.

Ankle boots are the perfect pair of shoes for light downpours and paired with skinny jeans, they’re a go-to outfit for most women. Whether you’re into colour and patterns or prefer to stick with classic, neutral shades, there are a pair of your dream ankle boots out there for you. Our range has both flat and heeled versions in a variety of leather and suede. 

In this blog post, we’ll show you the best combinations of ankle boots and skinny jeans from our range, focusing on the colour of the boots. Pick the colour you think you’ll wear the most and start building your outfits!

Ladies Suede Chelsea Boots


Classic black boots often have a formal, office wear feel about them but it’s simply because we don’t know how to wear them! Whilst a leather pair of Chelsea boots will never go amiss, you can go for a more statement pair now.

If you prefer to stick with the classics, a pair of black leather Chelsea or jodhpur boots will go with pretty much any outfit. Neutral, dark shoes compliment brighter outfits because your boots won’t be competing with the rest of the outfit. However, pairing dark boots with dark skinny jeans elongates the leg and allows you to go crazy for colour or pattern on your top half, whether that’s a checked shirt, a striped T-shirt or long waterproof coat

If you’re a fan of statement footwear instead, a pair of patent croc-print Chelsea boots might be right up your street. Again, we like to pair them with darker jeans so the boots stand out more but to give it a fresher look, we’re big fans of pairing patent boots with our dark denim biker jeans. The zips give the jeans a much-needed contemporary feel and feel a bit more luxurious to a pair of regular skinny jeans. Keep the monochrome look going with an ultra-cool white and silver checked shirt and a navy leather belt. You can always accessorise to add some colour, from a pop of red or pink lipstick, bright nail polish or a jewel-toned quilted jacket.

Ladies Navy Chelsea Boots

If you want that luxury feeling on your feet, a favourite pair of ankle boots of ours is our classic Kirby Chelsea boots in black and silver. With a black leather front and a metallic silver back, this pair really stands out from the crowd. No longer are black Chelsea boots considered a ‘safe’ option when you’re adding a metallic element. Silver and pink are two colours that really complement each other so try these boots with a pair of pink skinny jeans and a dark top to let the jeans and boots stand out!


If you want a less formal alternative to black, a chocolate brown shade is perfect for a range of occasions. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend wearing dark brown boots for the most formal of events, they’re great for anything from working in the office to days out with the family, from chilled nights out at the pub to family gatherings day or night. 

A classic pair of brown leather Chelsea boots are the most versatile of any ankle boot. However, our styles are far from boring! Our flat version is a deep brown shade with a darker chocolate colour on the back, giving them a sophisticated edge to them. Our heeled version is that classic ankle boot with a comfortable low heel, perfect for those times when you have to run from the office to an evening meal out! Classic doesn’t have to mean dull though. When paired with classic dark wash skinny jeans, you can add personality on your top half, whether that’s colour, pattern or both! If you want to take a risk, a pair of khaki skinny jeans really goes well with other earthy tones, such as brown, so keep that look throughout with an oatmeal cable knit jumper and a leather tote bag, big enough for a laptop for work.

Ladies Heeled Chelsea Boots

If you prefer suede to leather, our heeled Chelsea boots are super stylish and will see you through all seasons. Our version comes with either berry or navy elasticated panels so you can pick the hue that matches your wardrobe best. These ankle boots look incredibly smart when paired with a subtle checked shirt and a tweed blazer, an outfit perfect for relaxed office environments or outdoor family events. 

Another smart version is a pair of brown lace-up brogue boots. These are perfect for colder, rainy days when regular brogues just won’t do in the rain! With classic footwear, you should stick with a classic outfit: dark navy skinny jeans, a floaty printed blouse and a leather handbag. This is such a comfortable, country look that you won’t look out of place if you’re doing the school run or running errands beforehand!

If you’re after ankle boots that make a statement, suede and animal print are the best combination! Our dark brown suede Chelsea boots with a leopard print back are a great option if you like to show off your footwear. With such funky footwear, the rest of your outfit should be as ‘quiet’ as possible so stick with block colours and neutrals if you can. Adding another pattern on top of leopard print can look a bit much so let your feet do the talking!

Ladies Leather Chelsea Boots

Perhaps you need a pair of practical boots for countryside living. Our leather yard boots and sturdy pull-on Chelsea boots should do the trick. Both of these styles have a thicker tread than our regular ankle boots, meaning they’re perfect for farm work and walks in the woods. They’re both easy to clean as well so you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty! Don’t forget your waterproof jacket if you’re heading outside!


If you’re looking for a modern version of the ankle boot, tan and cognac shades have been everywhere in the past few years and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! We think they’re just as versatile as brown and black boots, possibly more. Dark coloured ankle boots are great for autumn and winter but when the days get lighter and the weather gets warmer, dark footwear can look a bit odd. This is where a pair of tan ankle boots comes in because they’re perfect for all seasons. 

A traditional pair of leather Chelsea boots is a great place to start if you’re dipping your toes into this hue for the first time. Our range features the classic tan leather Chelsea boots in both a flat style and a heeled version. Keep the look classic with dark denim skinny jeans, meaning you can pretty much wear whatever you want to on your top half. If it’s cooler than usual, a striped jumper is an option or a panelled polo shirt is great for casual days out. 

Ladies Brogue Chelsea Boots

Other colours 

Whilst we love to stick with traditional footwear colours, we also offer a selection of boots in colours often not seen in the usual footwear departments. The key here is to let the boots stand out !

Navy - If you like subtle colours, navy is a great way to ease yourself in. When paired with dark denim skinny jeans, this look will elongate your legs! Add a suede heeled boot to give yourself an extra boost or go for a leather flat Chelsea boot with a twist of tweed at the back. 

Burgundy - Oxblood footwear comes around every winter time so why not get ahead of the curve? Our crocodile patent burgundy Chelsea boots are really popular; they have that luxurious feel without being too dressy or formal. These ankle boots look amazing paired with dark denim biker skinny jeans, which just adds to the overall cool factor of the outfit!

Khaki - One pair of our most practical boots come in a khaki shade. Our ankle hiker boots are the perfect mix between comfortable and stylish, with a faux fur trim and sturdy tread. Don’t wear these with khaki skinny jeans though as the look can be a bit too much. However, you can accessorise with other khaki items, so why not match your shoes to your padded coat instead?

Whether you’ve got a pair of ankle boots tucked away in your wardrobe or you’re thinking about making them your next purchase, you won’t find many types of footwear as versatile as a pair of ankle boots. If you’re new to boots, we recommend starting with a classic leather pair of Chelsea boots in a neutral colour. You’ll get the most wear out of those, especially with a pair of trusted skinny jeans too. Skinny jeans and ankle boots are just the perfect and easiest combination when you’ve no idea what to wear!

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