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How to Wear Cropped Trousers

When it comes to dressing up for smart and casual occasions trousers have always been a key item. Easy to wear and match with other garments, they have never let us down. We all like to expose a bit of leg during the summertime, but what if you are not a natural lover of dresses and shorts?

With thanks to the Italians the cropped trouser have been designed for both men and women and they are the only answer if you want to look classy in trousers during the summertime. Typically ankle length, the pedal pushing pants were a massive hit during late the 50’s and early 60’s after they were worn by Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn for the movie hit picture Dick Van Dyke.

Their popularity quickly escalated after this time, and they offered women a smart and easy alternative to wearing dresses for every occasion. You can bet your bottom dollar that you will have seen your gran in a pair on the beach in one of her classical black and white photo collections and she certainly looked a picture of beauty. Before our roads became the centre stage for cars the trouser was ideal for pedalling to work, and they were always our grandparent’s saviour when they prevented them from getting caught in that dreaded oily bicycle chain.

Ladies Denim Cropped Jeans

More commonly worn by women, cropped trousers are now very popular amongst the guys and they can be seen wearing them with deck shoes and loafers during most seasons. You will often see the odd chap wearing them without socks, which always gives off a true sense of Italian class. Ideal for the classic and sophisticated look, the cropped trouser unlike most trousers makes a bold statement wherever they are worn, and they are very distinctive in style.

The guys 

There simply isn’t anything better than a smart oxford shirt with a jumper draped casually over the shoulder with crossed sleeves at the front. It is always best to keep your waistline tidy by wearing a thin tan belt. A pair of deck shoes always look delectable, with cropped trousers and bare ankles.

If you’re going to be attending a formal event, a tweed Blazer or a moleskin waistcoat over a long-sleeved checked shirt is truly the look to go for! Accessorising is always a great idea, and a Panama hat is the key to dressing up for a wedding or christening. With summer finally here, and restrictions lifting, bbq’s and fun days are awaiting us and with a smart pair of cropped trousers paired with some of our top outfit tips, you will be more than ready to enjoy those lazy summer days!

Ladies Khaki Cropped Jeans

The girls

The ladies are very lucky when it comes to wearing cropped trousers as we have far more choices than the guys when it comes to getting dressed up for the day ahead. Shirts, blouses and plain t-shirts work well for smart, yet casual occasions, and we can always add those finishing little touches with bit of jewellery and a touch of make-up.

Pairing your trousers with a striped or checked shirt and a pair of Navy loafers or trainer is a great look for this season, and if you are heading to the beach or a friend’s BBQ, why not add a real touch of summer with a straw hat! We all know that the weather can change at anytime and it is always a good idea to carry a  jacket, or a blazer to shield us from those unexpected downpours, or gusty coastline winds!

Ladies Cropped Trousers

Some of us prefer to wear a pair of socks with our footwear to keep our feet protected whilst we are out and about, and a pair of ankle length socks still look amazingly stylish whilst accompanying a pair of cropped trousers. For ladies who love a heel, try a low block heel for a more dressed up look. As with any trousers, a belt is always a key accessory to smartly trim off the waistline, polo, brown or tan work well with most coloured crops. Experiment a little with some of these easy and hassle-free outfit ideas.

Mainly made from cotton, cropped trousers are a breathable material and they will keep you feeling light and refreshed whilst you are busy enjoying the delights of summer. Most contain elastane which helps to keep the trousers stretchy and versatile, making them ideal for almost any outdoor activity. 

If you need any assistance when it comes to purchasing your cropped trousers, please get in touch with us at Rydale. Be sure to check out our ladies selection of crops for ore colours and styles to choose from. 

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