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How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

16 Jul 2021 |

With autumn on the horizon, boots are a hot topic every year. Every catwalk and high street store has an array every year but whilst shorter, ankle boots might look the best with some outfits, longer boots are far more practical.

Knee-high or over the knee boots are easier to wear than you might think. Our styles come in versatile neutral colours so you rarely have to think if a pair goes with an outfit. With multiple materials and styles to choose from, you will find a pair that you can wear constantly throughout the colder months.

They are super easy to style too so you’ll be able to wear them with whatever you have in your wardrobe already! You know at Rydale, we’re all about capsule wardrobes and getting the most of your closet.

Keep reading to see the different styles we stock as well as which items we love to wear them with!

Ladies Knee High Leather Boots

Top tips for wearing over the knee boots

Whilst they are versatile, there are a few top tips to try before you invest in a pair of over the knee boots. Here are a couple of them to get you started on the right track with your boots!

  • Stick with slim-fitting bottoms - Skinny jeans, jodhpurs, leggings, tights and chinos all work with over the knee boots as there isn’t lots of excess material.
  • Always tuck in your trousers - No matter what you’re wearing, your trousers must always be tucked in. Wearing trousers that go over your boots defeats the point of wearing knee high boots! They are meant to be shown off!
  • Keep them clean - Whether they’re leather or suede, make sure you clean them regularly. We’re not saying they need a thorough clean after every use but give them a quick wipe to get rid of any excess mud or marks and they won’t require a deep clean as often.
  • Use protective spray - Both leather and suede need a waterproof protection spray but each needs their own version. Make sure you buy the right one for your boots!

Suede boots

Whilst suede has a bad reputation among many as it can be considered hard to look after, we think it’s hard done by! Keeping suede clean can require a bit of work and maintenance, it’s not any more difficult than keeping leather boots clean.

Suede doesn’t have to be boring either; our boot styles have incorporated traditional elements but added lots of modern touches to allow you to get the best of both worlds. With features such as gold/bronze zips, studs and tassels, your suede boots will be the focal point of any outfit.

Ladies Knee High Suede Boots

However, your boots can stand out or blend in as much as you’d like them to. For example, our best-selling Allerton boots in Navy elongate your legs when worn with indigo dark-wash skinny jeans tucked inside them. On the other hand, the same pair of boots in Tan stand out much more so would be the focus of any outfit. You could still wear them with indigo skinny jeans or keep in the same colour scheme with a beige pair of jodhpurs.

If you prefer a darker, muted pair of suede boots, a dark chocolate brown pair might be the right ones for you. Our Haworth boots have a sturdy tread on them, perfect for the great outdoors; however, we recommend sticking with wellington boots if you’ll be working outdoors frequently! Suede can be easier to clean but not when it’s caked in mud!

With neutral coloured boots, you get to choose whatever you want on your top half. Floaty blouses and short-sleeved polo shirts work well in summer whereas long-sleeved checked shirts and cable knit jumpers are perfect for winter. Go crazy for colour or stick with neutrals, the choice is entirely yours!

Ladies Tall Leather Boots

Leather boots

Ask any country lady that you know and they will all say that they own at least one pair of leather boots. Many will probably own multiple pairs in various styles with one being a longer pair. Knee high leather boots are one of the most practical pairs of footwear you will ever own. Provided you get ones with a strong tread, they will see you through the years when you invest in a high quality pair.

A pair of over the knee leather boots are certainly dressier than suede is. We love to wear ours with a tweed skirt and suit jacket, perfect for occasions when you want to feel sophisticated. Gone are the days when dark boots were considered more professional; a pair of tan riding boots paired with tweed is a dream combination. You can pop on a collared shirt underneath the blazer and it’s a look good enough for most offices.

Ladies Suede & Tweed Country Boots

If you’d rather go for a darker coloured boot, a dark brown pair will have you set for numerous occasions. For those who just want a pair of boots for everyday life, the Allerton boot is the perfect option for you. These are the best pair to dress both up and down. Wear with skinny jeans and a cosy jumper for autumn activities or pair with a fitted dress or skirt for dressier events.

However, if you spend most of your time outdoors, the Haworth boot is the one for you. This sturdy sole was meant to be worn outside for practical activities,  whether that’s general country life or working on the farm. This style is not one to be dressed up because of the thicker sole so casual is the way to go here. Skinny jeans or fitted leggings tucked inside with a waterproof jacket on top will see you through any weather!

As you can see, over the knee boots can pretty much be worn with any item of clothing, most of which will already be in your current country wardrobe. Whilst we don’t recommend wearing them for the most formal occasions, casual and smart-casual dress codes are free reign. Dress up with a tweed suit and fancy jewellery or dress down with skinny jeans and a polo shirt. Don’t forget to keep them clean though or they won’t last you as long as they should. Over the knee boots are an investment item so look after them properly to save money in the long run!

If you have any questions on How to Wear Over the Knee Boots please please get in touch with one of our team. Make sure you check out our full collection of over the knee boots!

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