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How to Wear Trainers With Jeans


Jeans are the versatile workhorse and staple of wardrobes across the world, rugged enough to wear out in the yard but still smart enough for a smart casual workplace or most social situations that don’t call for a suit. Whatever the occasion, you can count on a trusty pair of jeans, there’s very little they don’t go with, and they come in a wide range of colours and designs.

The versatility of jeans leads them to being easy to match with most footwear, with different cut and styles of jeans more suited to certain type of shoes. Although they do easily go together, sometimes matching the jeans to the correct pair of shoes can be difficult. Today we will be looking a timeless casual classic, the trainers and jeans combination. With athleisure trend booming in recent years and showing no sign of slowing down any time soon, the trainer and jeans look is something that is both comfortable and stylish.

Ladies Trainers

No longer seen as just an athletic shoe as it once was, the trainer is now seen as a much more fashionable item and many brands now creating trainers more suited to a formal situation.  Whether meeting with friends in the pub, heading for a walk around town or nipping out to the shops, a good pair of jeans and some nice trainers will see you through anything.

When picking the style of jeans you want, it mostly comes down to personal preference and the event you are wearing them for. A straight leg jean is perfect for someone who prefers a classic silhouette with room for comfort, great for an everyday pair of jeans. The slim fit jean is a good choice for a less casual event, the narrower fitting carries a more formal appearance, but still carry over some of the comfort from the classic straight fit, they aren’t restrictive like some skinny jeans can be. A tapered fit pair of jeans falls somewhere between the two, they have more space around the top and taper in towards the bottom of the jeans.

For the Ladies

When it comes to creating an outfit that perfectly combines jeans and trainers, sometimes it is best just to go simple. A pair of cropped jeans, such as our Ella ladies cropped jeans, with a pair of low top canvas trainers will create a quick and simple outfit, but not one that looks rushed. We suggest you try match the colour tones, if you have darker jeans, then darker shoes will usually go better. However, if you are feeling bolder, you can mix it up and go with any colour combination you wish, just try make sure the colours complement each other.

Ladies Cropped Jeans

A pair of no-show socks or trainer socks will keep the outfit looking sleek. If you are wondering what should be worn on top, the beauty of this outfit is that anything you want to wear will go well. Having a cosy day? A hoodie would go with the look. For ultimate comfort without looking too much like you are in your loungewear, a baggier pair of jeans can be the perfect compromise.

Have something more formal in mind, a smarter top will go nicely with the jeans as long as the colours compliment each other, creating a perfect smart casual look ideal for drinks out with friends or a casual Friday at work. A darker pair of jeans that finish around the ankle, with a contrasting pair of white trainers, a white blouse and a neutral-coloured blazer can turn a casual outfit into something much more suited for a smart casual occasion. One of our Rydale ladies tweed blazers would finish the outfit off nicely whilst adding a bit of country flair at the same time.

For the Gent's

When it comes to wearing jeans and trainers for men, the rules are pretty similar. In most cases, it is a good idea to match the shades, darker jeans, darker shoes. Try wear jeans that fit properly, you don’t want them being too long and trailing along the floor and hiding your carefully picked trainers from the world.

Ladies Canvas Trainers

When it comes to styling your jeans with a pair of trainers, we would recommend you have jeans that end around your ankles, that way you can show off your trainers without having too much of your sock on show. It also avoids all the bunching up of material at the bottom of your leg which can look a bit messy. The trainers worn again are up to you, however we find that a nice plain pair of trainers are often the best choice for a sleek look that is just as acceptable out in town as well as in an office.

A good outfit for a day off when comfort is most important, but you don’t want to look like you haven’t made an effort, a good pair of straight fit jeans, the colour is up to you, with a pair of low top pair of trainers with a plain t shirt is a classic look that is comfortable enough to sit around the house in, but also doesn’t look out of place if you need to pop to the shop.

When it comes to colours, you can try match your t shirt to your trainers for a more co-ordinated look or contrasting colours to create something more striking. Just because it’s a casual outfit, doesn’t mean it has to be just thrown together. Finish the look with a classic leather belt to avoid any unfortunate accidents and you’ll be ready for your day.

Ladies Low Top Trainers

If you are dressing to impress or have a smart casual event to attend, jeans and trainers are still a great option. A slim fit pair of jeans can easily replace a pair of chinos or even a pair of trousers in some situations, especially in a darker shade. A pair of indigo or even black jeans can be a fine addition to a smart outfit. These days it is completely acceptable to replace a pair of shoes with a smart pair of trainers.

We wouldn’t recommend anything chunky or too colourful, but a nice monochrome pair of trainers that complements the rest of your outfit can look just as smart as a pair of shoes. A shirt is a good option for a more formal event, however we wouldn’t suggest a dress shirt with jeans. A checked country shirt would really finish the look, either tucked or untucked depending on the situation.

Although once seen as nothing more than a functional shoe for exercise, the trainer has taken huge strides in the fashion world and has become a comfortable replacement for a smart shoe in both formal and smart situations. With brands offering more sleek and understated designs, it is easy to see why. With jeans styling so well with the trainers, it is no wonder they have become such a winning combination.

Here at Rydale we have a great selection of men’s and women’s jeans ideal for creating a look that’s just as at home on a lazy weekend as it is in a smart casual setting. Don’t forget to accessorise with our high quality leather belts and anything else you feel will complement your outfit.


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