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Splish Splash Wellies

17 Oct 2016 |

Splish…Splash…Splosh, the rainy season is upon us. What better way to welcome the mud and rain than with brand new £15 kid’s wellies?!

Every little one will love a pair of these brightly coloured boots to splash around in. With a variety of fun patterns to suit all, not only do they look great but they also have impressive functionality. Rubber loops to pull them on and off with, deep tread offering great stability in all conditions and with the sturdiest of rubber, they’ll stand the test of time.

Childrens Splish Splash Rydale WelliesStarting as small as a junior size 5 and going up to a size 2, what more could you want in a junior welly?

All of our bright patterns have been created right here in the heart of Yorkshire, inspired by the countryside that surrounds us (excuse the dinosaurs).

We hope your little ones have as much fun wearing them as we did creating them!

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