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Wearing a tweed blazer as a country lady: top tips


As a lady, it can be difficult to know how to dress for certain occasions, especially when there’s so much choice on the market.

When it comes to smart dressing, we tend to stick to the same items: a smart suit, fitted dress or you might be able to dress up a pair of jeans.

We seem to have that middle ground between dressing casual and smart that we really struggle to get to grips with.

Smart casual outfits are made for those times when you don’t need to wear your office clothes but you want to look like you made some effort into what you’re wearing.

This is where a tweed blazer can come in real handy. Added to a casual outfit, it can instantly smarten your look, but you could also put your blazer on top of a shirt and trousers combination for a twist on regular office dress.

You might already own a tweed blazer, but are unsure on how to style it. Maybe you’ve been debating whether you have the right gap in your wardrobe for one but can’t decide if you have the right items to wear it with?

In this guide, we’ll take you through our favourite items to style your tweed blazer with and you’ll find you have most of the items already.

We’re all about restyling what you already have here at Rydale with adding a couple of new touches or twists to make a brand new outfit!

Our Tweed Blazers

Finding the right fit and cut for you is the very first step when it comes to finding the perfect tweed blazer for you. Our two designs are made so that you can pick the one that’s perfect for you.

Short Tweed Blazer: Our shorter style reaches just on the hips for a more formal style blazer. It comes in darker washes with a splash of colour through the check for maximum wearability.

Ladies Short Tweed Blazers

This means you can mix and match it with the rest of your wardrobe as much as you can. The fitted, elasticated back gives it a more professional look.

Long Tweed Blazer: Long blazers are the style if you want to dress your blazer down more often.

The loose fit gives it a chic, casual feel but it can also be dressed up with a shirt underneath. Touching the top of the thigh, this blazer is designed to give you a more flattering shape for all shapes and sizes.

 Ladies Long Tweed Blazer

What to wear with a tweed blazer

The items you pair with your blazer are vital to looking like a country lady. The versatility of such an item means that you can wear it for so many different occasions, but perhaps simply change your top or footwear to reflect the nature of where you’re going.

It’s not just an item for country folk anymore but let’s face it, we know how to wear them the best!

Shirts: Because tweed blazers tend to come in dark colours, wearing a lighter shirt underneath really catches the eye. It could be plain coloured, printed or checked.

When it comes to wearing a checked shirt underneath, it is always best to pick out the accent colour in the tweed and match it up with the check in your shirt.

Whether you go for a smaller checked pattern or a gingham style check is entirely up to you. Our favourite combination is the Long Tweed Blazer in Lucy with our Country Shirt in Ellie II Pink.

The pink in the blazer is subtle, which means you can bring the colour out with the shirt; perfect for lunch out or popping down to the shops.

Ladies Short Tweed Blazer

Jumpers: Although the weather is getting a little warmer now we’re into spring, sometimes it can be a little chilly.

Adding a jumper as a layer underneath a tweed blazer adds a real cosy feel to your outfit. Our Cable Knit V-neck Jumpers are a fabulous layering item to have.

They’re 100% cotton and come in an array of neutral and bright colours, one for every day of the week! Just be aware that if you will be wearing jumpers underneath, you might need to size up with your tweed blazer as they tend to be form-fitting.

Dresses: Clashing prints with tweed is actually okay! Usually it’s a big no-no but tweed really does compliment many other patterns, like spots and stripes.

A simple navy wrap dress would look great under a traditional tweed jacket like our Long Tweed Blazer in Poppy.

Pairing a printed dress with a non-check tweed is the best way to go.

Jeans: Our Portia Ladies Skinny Jeans are a customer favourite and rightly so!

They have a snug fit without feeling too tight and come in a range of colours, from classic navy denim to bright pink! When it comes to wearing them with a tweed blazer, we suggest choosing a dark pair to let your blazer shine.

This doesn’t have to mean black or navy. Our Berry jeans add a splash of colour to your outfit without being too distracting. Wear with our Long Tweed Blazer in Kate to really bring the berry in your jeans out!

Jodhpurs: Even if you’re not going horse-riding, jodhpurs are a great alternative to jeans.

They have a tighter fit, which is perfect when tucking them into a pair of boots. Jodhpurs are stretchier than jeans too, making them more comfortable.

Beige jodhpurs should be a staple in any country lady’s wardrobe and adding them with a tweed blazer, you’re ready for the afternoon out!

Footwear: When it comes to what you have on your feet, it really does depend on where you’ll be going.

Wearing your blazer to walk the dogs? Stick on a pair of Wistow Wellington Boots to avoid making your jeans dirty (don't forget to pick up a welly boot bag too). Spending the day hitting the shops?

A pair of brown leather Chelsea boots should hit the mark. Running around after the kids all day?

Slip on a pair of canvas trainers, just make sure they’re clean!

Our Ripon II High Gloss Tweed Patterned Wellington Boots even match some of our blazers!

Tweed is one of those materials that we often have no idea what to wear it with. As soon as you start mixing and matching it with other items, you can see that it is incredibly versatile compared to some fabrics.

Whether you’re heading out for a meal or getting things marked off that to-do list, a tweed jacket is a staple in any country lady’s wardrobe. Perfect for a trip away for the weekend, you can fit it into your weekend bag

Try it on top of your outfit today and see if it goes. If not, try changing your top before heading out of the door.

You will soon see that it complements so many items already in your closet and will become a fast favourite too!

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