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Wedding Outfit Accessories

15 Jun 2021 |

With so many wedding plans cancelled over the past year, many of us have been waiting eagerly to re-book that special day to tie the knot. We all know how exciting it is to arrange a day to remember and the thought and effort that goes into it can take months or even years to prepare for.

The bride and groom are without a doubt the centre of attention at a wedding, but what if you are one of their guests? I think it is fair to say that guests are just as important because, let’s face it, what would a wedding be without the attendance of our closest family and friends to witness that special moment.

In fact, being a guest at a wedding can be just as challenging as being a member of the bridal party, they agonise just as much when it comes to selecting the ideal look for that all important day. They don’t want to outshine the pretty bride, but they still want to be photo ready to be a part of that lifelong photo album.

Nowadays weddings can take place in so many different venues, they are often themed and there may even be a dress code required. We all love a country themed wedding, and they seem to be becoming increasingly popular these days, whether they are in a grand stately Hall or a customised Barn, they are in huge demand.

Ladies Tweed Poncho

Some of us have even found ourselves ordering bales of hay and a flock of geese from the local farmer just to entertain our guests. The typical Stately Hall is also a very desirable location to become Mr and Mrs and the sheer quality of the venue alone is reason enough to dress your very best. With serving staff frequently passing by offering a much-needed champagne filled flute, a jazz sax playing away in the background and the little pageboy eagerly waiting for that glittery balloon from the centre piece on the top table, your day as a wedding guest can certainly be a long one.

It doesn’t take long for the guys to slacken that carefully knotted tie after the formalities of a wedding ceremony and the ladies are also quick to loosen or free themselves of that carefully placed hat or fascinator. After hearing the sweet wedded bliss of the “I do’s” all we really want to do is to let our hair down and head to the bar for some light-hearted wedding shenanigans.

The after-ceremony celebrations soon kick in and three to four drinks later our worst fears are faced when we see Dad heading to the dancefloor to show off his embarrassing dance moves. The day can present us with so many different activities and the key to enjoying yourself from start to finish is comfort. Let’s look at some wedding outfit accessories that will keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable on that special day.

Men's Tweed Suit

Choosing the right shoes

Comfort always starts with what we wear on our feet, the hustle and bustle of daily events can really take its toll on us if we are not wearing comfortable shoes. Weddings are an important event when it comes to selecting the correct footwear as you must get the right balance between looking smart whilst remaining comfortable.

Easier for the guys, a smart pair of skipdale brogues are ideal for special occasions, with a thick and rubbery sole, they are durable and will adapt to literally any foot movement you make. Although we typically think of heels when it comes to the ladies dressing up, boots can also look smart and stylish, especially at a country themed wedding, filled with country colours, the Allerton tall Spanish-style boots are ideal for that country folk celebration.

Hats and headwear

It is no secret that a hat is probably the most important accessory at a wedding, especially if you are the Mother of the Bride. It takes pride of place at the front of the service, whilst the onlookers admire it sitting prettily on the front row, it just must stand out, and the bigger it is, the better.

Obviously, our hat is chosen to compliment our wedding attire and a plain coloured headpiece is ideal to blend in nicely with your outfit. It is always best to remain neutral to avoid standing out too much alongside the bridal party, unless of course you’re the proud Mother, then you could get away vibrant Reds, Yellows, or Greens to signify your importance as a top guest throughout the day.

Ladies Tall Country Boots

Overnight accessories

If your bridal host is having the real deal, you will likely be invited to stay over at the chosen venue after the celebrations have ended. This type of wedding can certainly increase your need for preparation, and there will be accessories that you simply should not forget. Now, it’s no good turning up to the wedding of the year with your old gym bag, filled with your pyjamas and toothbrush, because we don’t want the other guests to think we haven’t made the utmost effort for the special day, that would just be embarrassing.

Selecting a classy weekend or overnight bag can make all the difference when you arrive at your wedding venue and it can still be used for other occasions afterwards. Having a stylish wash bag to hand makes life much easier when you are away, Browns and Tweeds are perfect for that country wedding bash and they will last you a lifetime.

Scarves, ties and belts

Tweed Weekend Bag

Once you have selected your outfit, there then comes the deliberation of how to complete it. Whether you are going to be wearing trousers or a dress a belt is the perfect way to add some finishing touches whilst remaining understated. They complete a waistline nicely and…well they keep your trousers up!

For the ladies whom don’t like bling, a scarf is the perfect answer to dressing up your neck. Soft and floaty in style, they look elegant paired with a dress or a suit. They are lightweight and are easy to remove when you want to kick back during that busy day. Ideal for any age they are a classical accessory and always look fabulous at weddings.

Gents usually have a choice when it comes to formal accessories and often, it will include a tie. Ties always secure a gent’s formal attire and are the most worn accessory in the history of gentlemen’s wear. Ties should always be coordinated if they are being worn at a themed wedding and pheasants, mallards and hares are always welcome at a country theme.

With so many ideas and tips on how to accessorise with your country favourites, you may need some advice on your purchase, please contact us and let Rydale get you ready for that special day in the country. Be sure to check out some of our hand-selected pieces for both men and women.  

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