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What Colour Shirt to Wear With a Black Suit


A black suit is a staple amongst most men. Although country folk prefer earthy, softer tones, such as grey, brown and navy, a black suit is a necessity for formal events and for those working in corporate offices.

Even if you rarely attend either of the above, a black suit jacket and trousers can be separated for a more informal look. A suit jacket over a casual outfit, such as jeans and clean sneakers, is perfect for special family occasions. Wearing smart trousers with a casual shirt is a great look for after-work drinks straight from the office. Black suits don’t have to be boring and corporate all of the time!

Investing in a well-fitted black suit will last you years. Buy them as a set so you know the set works well together. Keep it simple and traditional to get the most wear out of the suit.

When it comes to colour, there are some strict rules with black suits. Whilst colour is allowed, there are some that complement black suits more than others. Keep reading for our favourite colours and which items you should add to complete the whole outfit.

Men's Navy Shirt

A classic white shirt 

You might think you can’t go wrong with a classic white shirt and a black suit. However, you should really only wear a white shirt for formalwear or if your workplace requires you to! Whilst the look is super elegant, it’s too smart for everyday wear. If you have to wear one for work, spruce up the look with a colourful tie, be it colourful or patterned. It adds some personality to your outfit without being over the top. Finish off the look with black patent leather shoes only for the formalest of occasions. Opt for brown or tan leather brogues instead for a more updated look.

A stylish blue shirt

Blue and black are a colour combination that any gentleman can pull off. For daytime events, a light blue shirt still looks smart but brightens the look without being too formal like a white shirt does. A light blue shirt, navy tie and light brown shoes are the perfect items to pair with a black suit for non black-tie events, such as big meetings at work and weddings.

Men's Gingham Shirt

If you’re feeling extra stylish, a dark blue or navy shirt is a great option for evening events. It’s dark enough to look sleek but not too dark that it merges in with the black suit. You can finish the look with a skinny black tie but it’s not a necessity. Black patent smart shoes are a must here as brown gives the outfit a more casual feel.

A cool grey shirt

Another colour that goes hand in hand with black is grey. Whether it’s a cool grey not much darker than a classic white shirt or a darker grey shade for a cooler, edgier look, any shade of grey works well! Similar to a blue shirt, light greys work best for daytime events and darker hues work best for the evening. Grey and black colour combinations require everything to stay in the neutral category so black shiny shoes and silver grey ties are the best way to go.

A light pink shirt

You might not think a light pink shirt would go well with a black suit but it does! You must stick with pastel pink only to give a more youthful look. Pink and black is a simple colour combination and goes well with other neutrals, such as grey. Stick with black patent shoes and a skinny black tie again so the pink shirt takes centre stage of the outfit.

Men's Plain Pink Shirt

A country checked shirt

A black suit is a blank canvas so you can wear a statement shirt to update the look. What better way to try than with a classic country checked shirt? Whether it’s a fine check, grid print or gingham, try to use a smaller check print to give off smart vibes, rather than casual. Try to have a black or dark-coloured thread running through the shirt though to tie it all together.

With a checked shirt, there is no need to wear a tie either as the shirt does the talking! Finish off the look with brown or tan brogues to give a smart but relaxed version of a black suit.

A smart striped shirt

Many men avoid striped shirts because they just don’t know how to style them. A smart striped shirt with a black suit is a match-made in heaven! Stick with classic shades of stripes, such as blue and white or red and white. Too much colour will look awkward so stay with tried and tested colours!

Again, you won’t need to wear a tie with a striped shirt so it stays as the focal point of the look. Stick with black patent brogues again and ditch the suit jacket for smart-casual evenings out straight from the office!

All collared shirts worn underneath a black suit jacket should be long-sleeved. The look we’re going for here is smart and not casual. If it gets too warm, simply remove your suit jacket and the outfit will still look smart, whether you’re at a wedding, function or at the office.

Whilst country gentlemen often prefer tweed suits for more formal occasions, a classic black suit is often needed. Even if it’s not worn often, there will be times when you need to dig it back out of the wardrobe. We recommend investing in a decent black suit jacket and trousers combination and trying them on every year in case they need replacing. If you have an event coming up that you plan on wearing your black suit for, try your suit on in plenty of time just in case it needs to be altered or you need to buy a new one!

Black suits can be worn casually by wearing just the jacket or trousers with a smart shirt and usually brown leather shoes. There are other casual ways to wear a black suit but country gentlemen should stick to the classics because they never go out of style!


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