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What Should a Baby Wear to Bed?

22 Apr 2021 |

When it comes to dressing your little one for bed, it can be quite overwhelming, and you might ask yourself lots of different questions. Wondering if baby will be too hot or too cold or how many layers they should wear. Whether you are still pregnant and are setting up the crib, or your little bundle has already made their arrival we recommend following one simple rule – simple is always safest. They do not need duvets, lots of blankets or to be surrounded by fluffy teddies – as cute as they are. Allowing your baby to kick freely and have lots of space will help they feel unrestricted and sleep better.

It’s obvious that you want your baby to sleep soundly. But it’s just as important that they sleep safely too. In reality, babies can wear anything to bed. From vests and bodysuits, sleepsuits, top and bottom co-ords or even a just nappy – it’s all about the layering and that depends on the weather.

Baby Floral Sleepsuit

Young babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature, so here is where we need to step in. Making sure the room is at the correct temperature will help massively when is comes to dressing your baby at bedtime. The ideal room temperature for your baby's room is between 16°C and 20°C. It can sometimes be difficult to judge the temperature in the room, so use a room thermometer in the rooms where your baby sleeps. These can be found online or in the supermarket.

How to dress your baby for bed depending on the weather

  • More than 26°C - wearing only a vest or nappy
  • 24°C - 25°C - a vest along with a sleeping bag (0.5 tog)
  • 22°C - 23°C - a vest along with a sleeping bag (1 tog)
  • 18°C - 21°C – wearing a vest, sleepsuit or pyjamas and a sleeping bag (1 tog)
  • 15°C - 17°C – wearing a vest, sleepsuit or pyjamas and a sleeping bag (2.5 tog)
  • Less than 15°C – wearing a vest, sleepsuit or pyjamas and a sleeping bag (3.5 tog)

It is also worth noting that swaddling your baby can increase the tog rating by up to four times. In addition, a blanket folded in half can double the tog rating.

Baby Striped Bodysuit

As every baby is different, this is a guide only. All babies have different needs, and this will depend on them and your home environment.

It is inevitable that every parent will find themselves tip toeing up the stairs, freeze framing at the slightest creak of the floorboards and army crawling across the carpet to check that your baby is sleeping soundly. However, if you do have worries that your child might be too hot, here are some of the most common signs to look out for:

  1. Damp hair
  2. Flushed cheeks
  3. Sweating
  4. Fast breathing
  5. Tummy feels hot or clammy
  6. Heat rash

If your little one does feels hot to touch, the first thing your can do is take away a layer of clothing or bedding and on check them again in 10 to 15 minutes. Opening windows slightly or leaving the bedroom door open will help the air circulate though, welcoming a much-needed breeze. A tip to remember is when you are checking up on baby, remember not to check their hands or feet as these are most often cooler than the rest of their body. Try gently placing two fingers on either their neck, back or tummy to determine how hot they are.

You could also try a cooler than usual bath before bed. This will help take down their temperature on hot days. Increasing their fluids is great too! Breast milk is just as hydrating as water for babies. Or if your baby is formula fed, try cooled boiled water in excessive heat.

Baby Sleepsuit

The Great British weather can be unpredictable and often the temperature can drop rapidly during the night. If your baby feels a little cold, try adding an extra lightweight blanket, or placing them in a sleepsuit that encloses their feet for extra warmth. As the autumn and winter nights draw in closer, a great way to help your baby get all snuggly and warm when it reaches bedtime is to make sure they are kept at the right temperature with baby winter clothes, which will in turn have a beneficial effect on their quality of sleep.

Parents of babies are often sleep-deprived due to their baby's nightly awakenings, so simple and easy outfits for bedtime can be a real godsend. All-in-ones are great for when you are scrambling around in a dimply lit room looking for a change of clothes due to a milk spillage or nappy disaster. If you cannot be bothered with fastening all those buttons up (often in the wrong order at 3am), a top and bottom outfit set will offer a quick and easy change process.

Baby Vest

Here at Rydale, we offer an adorable selection of baby clothing and nightwear that is for both boys and girls. Starting at 0-3 months and finishing at 18-24 Months, you can choose from baby vests and body suits, sleepsuits and full outfits that can be worn during the day or during the night. Each garment has been crafted from premium 100% cotton fabrics to ensure your little one drifts of to sleep in comfort and country style. Most of our baby pieces come in a handy 2-pack, which is great for having a spare on hand should you need it. 

Whether you are a new parent to your baby or you have been through the joys of parenthood before, every parent knows that getting your baby a good night’s sleep is important for everyone so we hope you have enjoyed reading and picked up some helpful tips and tricks on what a baby should wear for bed. If you have any questions, please do not hessite to get in touch with us.

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