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What To Wear At The Theatre


When it comes to deciding what to wear at the theatre...

There are no real dress codes that are set in stone for when you're visiting the theatre, however, over the years it has become a tradition that we attend wearing formal or “smart” clothing that is both elegant and classy. After all, nobody wants to look out of place wearing jogging bottoms and a T-shirt. Usually, the norm is for people to wear semi-smart or formal items such as black jeans and a crisp shirt to a full-on three-piece suit. Keep on reading to see our best outfit ideas, tips and advice on what to wear to the theatre.

Can you wear jeans to the theatre?
Many theatres you visit over the years will be old, big and very grand. You will more than likely see fellow theatregoers wearing smart jeans that are either plain black or denim. So, the answer is yes. Also, just as smart is our men’s moleskin trousers that just like jeans, will team up perfectly with a shirt and blazer jacket.

What shoes should I wear?
The first bit of advice we must give is... wear comfortable shoes! Before entering the theatre, you could be in huge queues that lead out of the building and that’s after travelling and parking and let us tell you, wearing sky-high heels can be a real pain. Not only that, but most theatres across England have tightly packed seating areas where you have to scooch sideways to get to your seat – again, not fun. Lastly, theatres are mostly dark so who’s going to see your footwear anyway? We recommend that you choose something that is both comfortable and stylish. Opt for a pair of leather loafers, brogues or suede boots that will make you look the part whilst staying comfy.

Do I wear a jacket in the theatre?
As you enter any theatre, it will usually feel quite chilly but just you wait until everyone starts flooding into their seats. The temperature will immediately go from nice and cool to uncomfortably hot. Depending on if all seats are full will depend on if you need to throw on a jacket. In theatres, the air conditioning temperature is programmed in to anticipate a large number of people. So, when the house is packed on opening night, it may not feel quite so cold appose to when there aren’t as many people, you are effectively sat in a huge room with the air conditioning blasting. We recommend taking a jacket just in case. Alternatively, we have a fantastic selection of women’s tweed ponchos with a faux fur collar that will most definitely make a style statement. It’s there for if you need it and easy enough to fold up into your bag on layover your knee.

I want to wear a hat – should I?
Wearing a hat that matches in with your outfit is a brilliant idea – just not for the theatre. You have paid to come to see a show and want to enjoy it… so does the chap behind you. Wearing anything that can obstruct people’s view is a definite no-no. However, we have something that fits the bill. Our men’s tweed hats and flat caps are perfect for the job. Anything that sits close to one’s head shouldn’t be an issue. All of our tweed hats for men are smart, rich and traditional.


We hope to have covered the basics of what you can wear to the theatre above. After all, we know that deciding on the perfect outfit to wear to the theatre can be hard, especially if you have never been to before. Take a look at our top outfit ideas for men and women below. 

Women’s outfit ideas for the theatre:

A ladies shirt that is stylish and comfortable.
Whatever the weather is like outside, a light, airy and comfortable shirt is just what you need. All of our ladies shirts are made from 100% cotton with a choice of a full-button up or half-button. They all feature long sleeves and a traditional collar too. For a more laid-back look, choose one of our ladies’ plain shirts. Or, for something a little more eye-catching, opt for our famous Wistow shirts that boast fine country prints in an overhead style.

A luxurious ladies tweed jacket or tweed poncho.
Both made from 100% British wool, you are sure to make a huge style statement and turn a lot of heads wearing one of these. A tweed poncho is as practical as it is stylish. Stunning in looks, whilst keeping the chill of on a breezy night in London town. A tweed jacket is a timeless statement piece that oozes class, elegance and style. Whichever tweed you opt for, you can count on Rydale to ensure you look fabulous.

Shoes that look good and feel good.
Whether it’s flats or heels, there must be a balance of comfort and style. The last thing you want to be doing is thinking about how much your feet ache whilst trying to watch a theatre show. We have huge range of ladies’ footwear which include loafers, deck shoes and ankle boots – all in suede and leather. Don’t forget to think about the colour of your footwear and team them up perfectly with your whole outfit. Try and keep neutrals with more plain colour and more vibrant colours with intricate pieces that have more detail.

Men’s outfit ideas for the theatre:

Shirts are a must for any man.
Long sleeve or short sleeve, depending on the weather – it’s totally up to you! We have an extensive range of men’s shirts that are famous up and down the country for their lovely and light fabric, eye-catching designs and fair price. Our men’s short-sleeved shirts are ideal for a trip to the theatre in the summer months or worn under a thicker jumper or jacket. The collection of men’s long-sleeved shirts can be worn alone or styled under a tweed jacket – the options are endless!

Casual trousers to smart trousers.
Wearing smart trousers to the theatre is always a good idea. Explore our collection of men’s moleskin trousers which have been made suitable for any occasion; including the theatre. Our men’s jeans come in a range of colours including denim. New in this year is our men’s chino jeans – all in neutral colour ways that are perfect for dressing up for any occasion.

Shoes that make a statement.
Brogues, dealer, Chelsea or loafers – they are all perfect for a night out at the theatre. Our range of men’s footwear has every style and every colour to suit your needs and wants. From suede and leather, ankle boots and lace up boots to loafers and slip-ons. Go check out the collection – you’re sure to find something you like that is high in quality and fair in price.

Top tips and advice of theatre etiquette:

  • Book your tickets in advance if you can.
  • Turn off or put your mobile phone on silent.
  • Go to the toilet before you enter the theatre.
  • If you can take pictures, turn the flash off on your camera.
  • Respect everyone sitting around you.
  • Don’t talk loudly throughout the show.
  • Make sure you are back in your seat after intervals before the show re-starts.
  • Don’t fall asleep.
  • Do not leave before the show ends.

Let us know if you have any questions with regards to what to wear to the theatre and we will be more than happy to help you.


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