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What to Wear to a Farm Wedding

06 Aug 2020 |

Although wedding season looks a little different in 2020, you can be sure that you will end up getting an invite for at least one event by the end of the year. Gone are the days of tradition, you can get married pretty much anywhere now! One popular destination is on the farm, the place most of you feel at home, but there is a much stricter dress code with farm weddings than on a regular day on the farm!

It is probably one of the trickier occasions to dress for as you might not have any idea of how informal or formal the event is. Weddings can be notoriously difficult to get ready for, even if you are not involved in the wedding party itself! You want to look sophisticated and stylish, but you cannot overshadow the bride and groom’s outfits.

To help you out, we have rounded up some of our top tips and tricks to get you dressing all fancy for that big day! We also wanted to show you that women can also rock a tweed three-piece suit to a wedding as well as men! Whether you go for a full suit or select just one or two of the pieces is up to you.

What to Wear to a Farm Wedding

As usual, we recommend mixing and matching any new items, such as a blazer or skirt, with items you already have in your wardrobe! On the other hand, if you are buying a whole new outfit for the special occasion, why not choose from your existing accessories collection and wear a pair of shoes that you already know fit and that you are comfortable in? Read on for all our favourite styling tips!

Check the dress code and event theme first

The first task in hand is to check with the wedding couple just how casual the event is. A farm wedding can either be a casual affair, with wellington boots encouraged, or a more upscale, rustic style, with cocktail dresses and suits as the norm. Wearing a casual outfit after assuming it is a low-key affair only to turn up to a fancy party is a huge no-no for any respectable country gentleman or lady.

Check the weather

Many of us buy an outfit closer to the big day but then forget to check if it not only fits still but if it is weather appropriate. Usually, men can get away with it unless it is pouring down with rain and you have gone for a beige suit. For women, it is another story. There is nothing worse than planning to wear a beautiful, chiffon, floaty dress only to find out that the wedding is outside, and it is the windiest day of the year. Having to spend the entire day and evening holding your dress down means you will not enjoy the occasion quite as much!

What to Wear to a Farm Wedding

Have a pair of back-up shoes in the car

In the UK, many of us like to be extra prepared for a turn in the weather. Whether it is keeping a coat in the car or taking an umbrella out everywhere you go, a wedding is a little trickier. If you are travelling to the wedding in your own car or staying in the wedding venue overnight, take an extra pair of shoes with you.

For the ladies, you might have decided to wear heels or wedges for the ceremony but we all know that comfort is key so a pair of classic ballet flats or sandals might be an alternative on the evening.

For gentlemen, you might decide that one pair of smart shoes just is not enough. Make sure to take an extra pair in case of any muddy disasters. Sure, it is easy enough to clean a pair, but you might not have time at a wedding!

What to Wear to a Farm Wedding

Make sure you wear something comfortable

There is no point trying to squeeze into a too-small dress or shirt just for one occasion. If you are someone who buys their outfit months in advance, try it on fully a week or two before the actual wedding to check it still fits. If you are having to hold in your breath, you have enough time to get yourself another outfit.

Do not forget to have a look in your existing wardrobe first before rushing out for a new dress or shirt. You can always change up an already seen look with accessories!

Women’s alternative to a dress: a tweed suit

If you are not a fan of dresses, it can be difficult to choose what to wear for formal events. Luckily, for country ladies, we have a great alternative: the tweed suit! Our new three-piece tweed suits (blazer, waistcoat, and skirt) not only look stylish, but they will also keep you warm too for all those postponed winter weddings.

  • Blazers: Even if you do not want to go the whole hog with a three-piece suit, a blazer is the most versatile piece of the trio. Our tweed blazer has four designs, from checked to striped to plain, all in darker hues for maximum versatility. These blazers are a standout piece on their own so you can dress them up or down as much as you would like. Although not exactly a wedding appropriate, a tweed blazer with skinny jeans is very country chic. For a wedding, you might decide to place the blazer over a summer dress to give it a more formal feel. Do not forget that the blazer should take centre stage so wear it over a simple, colour block dress for maximum impact. Finish off with simple heels and jewellery and you have got a classic look for any formal event!
  • Waistcoats: Despite our waistcoats being designed as part of the three-piece tweed suit, these waistcoats look just as good on without a jacket. Each design has a vibrant, colourful back to add an extra pop of colour. For a classic country lady look, add a simple white shirt underneath and pair with smart trousers or shoes. Women can definitely wear trousers to a wedding; just think of a classic power suit but with a countryside twist!
  • Skirts: Our fitted tweed skirt is the final piece to the tweed suit trio. To give it a dressier look, pair it with a patterned shirt and classic heels for a formal, country look. Some designs have a pop of colour running through the tweed so try and match up any accessories with this. These skirts look just as lovely paired casually with a polo shirt and Chelsea boots for a day out with the family!

Dressing for weddings can be difficult enough without the added issue of a theme in there too! The most important factors here to remember that you need to check with the couple involved just how formal or casual their dress code is. Also, do not forget that if you are there for the full day, you need an outfit that will be comfortable. From sitting through the vows and meals to dancing the night away! Make sure you try your outfit on beforehand and make sure you will be able to last the day and night in it!

What to Wear to a Farm Wedding

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