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What To Wear When Horse Riding

30 Mar 2020 |

Getting out into the great outdoors is something we all enjoy. Spending time outside and with nature is not only a hobby for many of us but it’s great for our health and well being. Some of us prefer walking, some of us prefer jogging, some of us prefer horse riding.

Horse riding is a great form of exercise for country folk as it can be a social journey as well as getting a workout in and getting fresh air! However, you need to make sure you have the right gear on so you are both safe and warm as it can get chilly on a longer ride! Whilst we know you might not want to fork out hundreds of pounds for specialist gear, we want you to know that regular, everyday clothing can be just as good for horse-riding recreationally.

We’ve rounded up our essentials for what to wear when horse riding and we’re pretty sure you’ll have many of these items already in your wardrobe. You know we’re a big fan of versatile, capsule wardrobes, where your clothing has multiple uses. These seven items are not items to only wear exclusively for horse riding; you can wear them for a range of other activities too!

  1. Equestrian polo shirts – One of the quintessential items for horse riding is an equestrian polo shirt. A regular polo shirt will do but if you really want to feel the part, having a colourful equestrian style will make you look like a pro. Our range is full of classic, vibrant shades so you can pick a favourite to wear; we have everything from two tone, stripes and polka dots so you will find a style to suit any outfit.

  2. Chelsea/jodhpur boots – No horse riding adventure would be complete without practical, stylish footwear. You can opt for knee-length boots but often they can be more of a bulkier style compared to those that finish just above your ankle. Jodhpur boots are obviously designed specifically with horse riding in mind, but a regular pair of Chelsea boots will do the trick if you’re more of a casual horse rider. Pick them up in a classic colour, such as brown or black, to get the maximum wear out of them.

  3. Jodhpurs – To go alongside your new ankle boots, you’ll need some tight-fitting bottoms, which is why jodhpurs are the perfect trousers to opt for. Our styles are super stretchy, so you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. Darker washes are even more flattering on all figures so tuck a pair into your ankle boots and you’re good to go. However, other thicker leggings would do just fine; skinny jeans work well for shorter rides but often feel uncomfortable on longer treks.

  4. Hoody or fleece– Even when the sun is shining, there can be a little chill in the air. If you know the weather will be staying dry outside, a regular hoody will do just fine as an outer layer. Whether you prefer a pullover style or a zip-up, either version is perfect for those sunny days when it’s a little cooler. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your look casual as comfort is key when horse riding! A fleece is an alternative to a hoody, often with more pockets and an extra splash of style with leather trims.

  5. Knee-length socks – If you’re keeping warm with a hoody on, your feet will need to do the exact same! Our cotton knee-length socks will go perfectly underneath any bottoms, just to give you an extra layer for warmth. You might prefer to stick with more traditional colours, styles and patterns or go crazy for bright colours and bold patterns. The choice really is yours!

  6. Printed shirt – You might prefer a more formal approach to dressing for horse riding; in which case, a printed shirt may be a better alternative to a polo shirt for you. With designs ranging from polka dots to horse print, you will be sure to look the part, whichever pattern or colour you go for. Whether it’s a button-up style, a pullover version or with long or short sleeves, we’ve created a range of blouses and shirts to suit any taste.

  7. Equestrian jacket or coat – With temperamental British weather, wearing a jacket or a coat out really is a given, considering the weather can take a turn for the worse within a matter of seconds. Our equestrian jackets and coats are specifically designed with horse riding in mind of course! Choose from a shorter style for warmer days or a longer style when you need some extra warmth. All our styles are waterproof and come with a hood attached so no need to worry about getting too wet! They’re also a very streamlined jacket so they won’t feel too bulky when you’re riding around.

Comfortable clothing is your number one priority when it comes to choosing what to wear when going horse riding. We always suggest you reuse your staple pieces already in your wardrobe and simply just add a couple of extra items for warmth or style. Our list of essentials is a general guideline to help you out when deciding what to wear when horse riding. As you can tell, most of the items listed above are what we consider to be country lady wardrobe essentials already anyway!

Whether you’re a formal dresser or you have a more casual style, horse riding gear is for everyone. Don’t forget that most clubs will have specialist equipment, such as helmets and other protective wear, so don’t worry about not owning them yourself. Of course, if you are a regular rider, you might want to consider buying your own protective gear but don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy the equipment!

As long as you feel comfortable and prepared, you will be the best dressed lady on the paddock! Mix and match what you already own whilst adding in a couple of new pieces and you’ll be good to go!

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