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What Shoes to Wear With Navy Blue Chinos

01 Aug 2023 |

If there’s an item of clothing that suits everyone and is versatile enough to take you from day to night as well as from casual to formal, it’s a pair of chinos. Not only do they cover many occasions and go with nearly every clothing item, they’re also comfortable! Gone are the days where in order to look trendy, you have to wear uncomfortable pieces.

Even with such a versatile item, people still seem to struggle to style chinos. Whether it’s for a casual day out with the family or a friend’s wedding, they should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. However, when your outfit is sorted, what do you put on your feet? How do you take chinos from being casual to formal?

Fear no more, we’ve created this guide to help you out with styling your navy blue chinos. Broken down into various types of shoes that you can wear with navy blue chinos, we’ve included styling tips for casual, smart-casual and smart occasions. Think of this as being the ultimate guide of what shoes to wear with navy blue chinos!

Boots - A Year-Round Look

A classic pair of leather ankle boots are a must in any country gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether they’re a brogue lace-up style or a slip-on Chelsea boot, made from leather or suede, it’s important to choose the right pair for the right occasion.

When wearing a pair of boots with navy blue chinos, you’ll need something sleek and streamlined, instead of chunky or clunky. Whilst it’s probably not what you’ll reach for in the summer, it’s really a year-long look, especially for more formal events. You’ll look casual/smart (depending on the occasion) whilst keeping your feet warm and dry! If it’s an outdoor event, you might want to choose a pair of boots with a sturdier tread.

Smart-Casual Look with Boots and Navy Chinos

Pair your navy blue chinos and Chelsea boots with a classic white T-shirt and a bomber jacket for a cool guy look. It’s perfect for days out with the family or running errands but you still look put-together enough for an evening in the pub or a family party. Switch the T-shirt for a collared shirt if it’s for work but you don’t have a strict suit dress policy.

Smart Look with Boots and Navy Chinos

If you’re off to a wedding, a meeting or a posh family do, pair your navy chinos with a pair of tan leather boots. Both brogue boots and Chelsea boots will look smart with this outfit but a tan pair looks great against navy chinos. Of course, you’ll need to wear a collared checked country shirt and maybe a tweed blazer if it’s cool. The ultimate country gentleman look!

Loafers - A Cool Summer Shoe

The summer shoes of choice for many, loafers are also comfy and cool, just like chinos. To give off the ultimate cool guy look. Ditch the socks, roll up the bottom of the chinos and you’ve got your style for all outdoor events this summer. And yes, men of all ages can rock this style!

Navy Blue Chinos

A pair of loafers are the perfect pair of shoes to have by your front door to slip on as you run out. Whether it’s nipping to the shops to a last-minute summer party, they’ll go with so many outfits without even having to think if they do or not!

Casual Look with Loafers and Navy Chinos

When loafers feel as comfortable as slippers, they can definitely be dressed casually. It’s such a lightweight shoe that you might forget that you have them on! To keep the look casual, go for a classic T-shirt and then slip on a hoodie if it gets cold out. This is the perfect look for a summer barbecue with friends or family.

Again, a blazer and a collared shirt should be your go-to pieces for a smarter outfit. A colourful checked shirt would look suave with a pair of navy chinos too. If it’s too warm for a blazer, you could opt for a gilet if it gets particularly cold.

Boat Shoes - Preppy and Casual

If you’re going for a comfortable and casual look, pairing your navy chinos with a pair of deck shoes is a great idea. Deck shoes always give off that preppy style, perfect for summer. Similarly to loafers, they’re super comfortable but they’re a little more casual. However, they can be dressed up but maybe not for formal events.

When it comes to a casual outfit, stick on a classic T-shirt or polo shirt. These two items are so versatile, going with lots of different shoes, so it would be a great idea to curate a collection of them in your favourite or most-worn colours. Boat shoes and navy chinos also look best with the chinos rolled up slightly to expose your ankles. However, those with wider calves might prefer to just roll up the bottoms once.

Brogues - An Easy Way to Smarten Up

The easiest way to smarten up a pair of navy chinos is to wear a pair of brogues with them. You’ll even see this look in wedding parties during the summer as it still looks smart but chinos aren’t as restrictive as regular smart trousers. We recommend sticking to leather brogues because they’re the most versatile and easiest to clean too!

You’ll find that brown or tan brogues are also the most wearable. Black brogues look great with black tie suits or for the office but are very hard to style for other occasions. A general rule is the darker the trousers, the easier it is to style with black brogues. However, with a pair of navy chinos, it’s not a strong look!

Brogues and navy chinos for a smart event are crying out for a collared shirt and some tweed! Our go-to smart guy look for formal events is a tweed blazer (and sometimes a matching waistcoat) and a country checked shirt. In fact, whilst this ensemble looks great as an outfit, the beauty is that each piece can be styled with other pieces well too, thus forming a country capsule wardrobe.

Navy Chinos - Versatile Enough for Any Occasion

Chinos have a bad reputation of being a casual trouser but we’re here to tell you that you can rock them for any event, no matter how casual or formal it is! They’re an incredibly versatile pair of trousers to have in your wardrobe, especially for the summer. When you’ve gathered a few basic items, you’ve got all of the staples you need for any occasion over the summer, whether it’s an outdoor family barbecue, a friend’s wedding or an office party. You can wear one pair of navy chinos across all of them! All you have to do is switch up your shoes and top and you’ll easily be the best dressed man there

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