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Managing a wet and soggy pup can be challenging at the best of times, so here at Rydale, we have developed a dog trying towel that will do just that. Made from 100% soft cotton, this super absorbent towel features an all-over dog print, bold and bright edges and eye-catching branding. No more shivering in the backseat of the car, this towel is suited to all dog breeds and all types of fur.

Not only for after a wet and windy walks, this dog drying towel is perfect for quickly and effectively drying your dog after a warm bubble bath. The post-bath energy burst is all well and good however, nobody wants the wet dog shake or them zooming all over the house whilst their soaking wet through. This towel offers the perfect opportunity to get them warm and cosy in good time.

This medium dog drying towel available in two colours: Navy and Grey.

  • Made from a super absorbent cotton fabric that will soak up moisture
  • Quick-drying technology that dries your dog quicker than you can, and who doesn’t want that?
  • 70cm x 140cm - ideal for medium sized dogs

Cotton is well-known for being soft, cool, breathable and most importantly, absorbent. Cotton material can absorb more than 20 times its weight in water, which makes this towel a must-have for any wet dog. Thanks to the fibres involved, it makes easy work for drying a wet coat and muddy paws. From paddling in the local river, bouncing in puddles or rolling in wet grass, this fast-drying towel is a must for all dog owners.

To use this towel, simply wrap them up like a burrito and give them a good old belly rub. Please check the size guide for exact measurements. Not the right size? We have small and large dog drying towels available too.  

If you have any questions regarding our pet drying towel, then please get in touch. We have a team of dog owners on hand to help with any queries you may have. Be sure to check our collection of dog clothing and accessories which includes dog jumpers, coats, blankets and much more.

Medium Dog Drying Towel - Yapham

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Customer Reviews
Super Absorbent

Really excellent towels for my pampered labrador, great after she's had a dip in the sea!

Jane D , Jul 03, 2024

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