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The Best Men’s Winter Boots


Now that winter is here, you need to get your winter wardrobe sorted pronto. We often leave footwear until last, probably because it lasts us longer than most other clothing items. There is a flip side to that thinking though. How often do you get into the middle of winter, forget you needed to upgrade your boot collection and struggle to find the style and size you’re after?

We always recommend purchasing boots before you really need them to avoid having to get whatever’s left over, rather than what you actually want. If you’re unsure of which style you’re looking for, keep reading as we round up the four best men’s winter boots.

Chelsea boots

What better place to start than with the classic Chelsea boot? It’s definitely evolved from its humble beginnings, with different materials and features on the boots, making it the perfect boot for any occasion. We love that you can wear a pair of Chelsea boots to the office with smart trousers, a day out with the family in jeans and a night out at the pub with friends in chinos.

Men's Brogue Boots

If you want to get the most versatile pair, a pair of leather Chelsea boots in a neutral, classic colour are the best route to go down. If you know you’ll require them for dressier occasions, look for a pair with a more streamlined sole and less embellishments on the boot itself. A classic tan or brown pair of Chelsea boots are fitting for any event, whether it’s a wedding or a family meal out. The key here is to make sure they’re clean before every wear. The best way to do this is to give them a quick wipe after you’ve worn them while you can remember too! Dirt and grime will come off much easier if it’s removed straight away, rather than left overnight. Use a leather protector cream or spray every couple of months to keep them looking sleek.

If leather isn’t your thing, why not try a suede pair? Our navy pair worn with navy straight leg jeans is the perfect look for both day and night occasions. Because suede is much harder to clean, we recommend only wearing these for mostly indoor events or make sure you’re prepared to clean them! There’s nothing worse than a pair of suede Chelsea boots that look muddy and dirty. They can even look great with a tweed suit for dressier occasions or for the office. Suede Chelsea boots are so versatile, you’ll want to wear them all the time!

For a more practical pair when out and about, a pair of worker boots in a Chelsea boot style might be more suitable for your lifestyle. If you’re outdoors quite a lot but find taller boots a little restricting, ankle length Chelsea work boots might be the ones for you. Just because they’re called work boots though, doesn’t mean you can only wear them for work!

Men's Lace Up Boots

It just means that they have a better tread than traditional Chelsea boots, making them ideal for the great outdoors. For a plain pair, try a dark brown or tan coloured pair. Either shade will go with pretty much everything in your wardrobe already, from jeans and chinos to overtrousers and work trousers. The extra loops at the top of the boot will also help you to get them on but are hidden once under a pair of trousers.

For something more special, how about combining a work boot with a brogue boot? Our brogue market boots are the perfect mixture between practicality and style. Getting a pair in a classic tan/brown shade ensures maximum wearability. Think of a pair of brogue market boots like the bridge between smart and casual. You couldn’t wear them for a wedding but they’re pretty easy to dress up for smart-casual events, plus they’re really comfortable!

Men's Tall Leather Boots

Lace up boots

Pull on boots might not be your cup of tea so you might prefer a pair that lace up instead. If you’re into a simple, classic pair, our Atwick style will be right up your street. With our traditional Rydale check inside, a padded part around the ankle and a sturdy tread, what more can you need in a boot? These are definitely a pair you can wear for the office for a meeting and then out to the pub for after-work drinks. You won’t even be able to feel these on your feet because they’re super light-weight, yet incredibly sturdy and comfortable.

For an even smarter alternative, a brogue style works so well for those who have a lot of smart-casual events to go to, especially over the winter! No need to buy a new pair for every event, invest in one pair in a traditional tan colour and you’re set for a whole range of occasions. The key is to keep them as clean as possible so you can get the most wear out of them!

Men's Leather Chelsea Boots

Walking boots

Living in the countryside and doing a lot of walking? It’s about time to invest in a proper pair of walking boots. In a classic brown colour, our Aike boots are our most practical pair. These are hard-wearing but comfortable, exactly what is required from a walking boot. Because they’re leather, they’re waterproof for any weather with additional support for the soles and ankles. The padding at the top of the boot fits just above the ankle too for extra support.

Tall boots

Working outdoors might mean you need a taller pair of boots. Our knee-high range is designed specifically with you in mind. The Tullymore boots come in both tan and dark brown shades so the choice is up to you. This pull-on style is perfect for tucking in your trousers so they are secure to your leg. The thick rubber sole makes it durable and flexible, meaning you can wear them for long periods of time like all day on the farm. It’s a boot that has a couple of versions but the style doesn’t change at all. They’re one of our most popular styles so why change it?

As you can see, there is quite a lot of choice when it comes to picking a pair of winter boots. We recommend thinking about where you’ll be wearing them first. Outdoors? Stick with tall boots, work boots or walking boots. Need a pair to wear for a mixture of events, from super casual to winter weddings and parties? Chelsea boots or brogue market boots are a better fit. With any of our boots, looking after them properly by cleaning and polishing them regularly will increase their lifespan. A good pair of leather boots are an investment piece so get the most for your money by cleaning them quickly after every use!


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