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What to Wear With a Tweed Jacket

08 Nov 2018 |

Tweed is one of those marmite fabrics: you either love it or you hate it. Many people often don’t really know how to style tweed, which may be why they’re not a fan. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled all of our top tips in one handy guide to elevate your style status with tweed.

Before we get into what to wear with a tweed jacket it's best to understand the material that you want to pair up your outfit with.

What is tweed?

Tweed is a rough, wool fabric that has a history of being durable and moisture-resistant. It was most commonly worn for outdoor activities, such as shooting and hunting, but in recent years, it has seen somewhat of a fashion resurgence, with many high-street and luxury retailers featuring tweed in their latest collections.

Now, with modern manufacturing, companies have been able to make a wool blend of tweed; however, many do still use traditional wool fabric for their jackets.

It predominantly comes in jacket or blazer styles but is often now available in waistcoat form and trousers, as well as accessories, such as handbags. It is not necessarily associated with being as formal now either, as tweed jackets are often thrown on over a casual look to instantly make it smarter.

You can wear them for the office or to just dress up your outfit. The tweed jacket is a staple of the smart-casual look. It is often used as an accent material for trims so you can have a little tweed without having the full effect.

How to style your tweed jacket (men)

It is a great shame that because tweed has always been a difficult material to pull off, many jackets stay in the back of the wardrobe collecting dust.

It’s really not as difficult as you might think to find key pieces to match your tweed jacket, especially because it is more commonly worn with more casual outfits, as opposed to old-school formal styles. Of course, this depends on the colour of your tweed as well as the pattern intertwined.

Men's Derby Tweeds

A traditional green/khaki jacket , like our Derby Tweed style, is seen as the quintessential tweed. It’s a more casual style than a blazer which makes it more versatile. You may think it’s less wearable but it doesn’t have to be.

Finding the perfect shirt to go underneath is a good start. Going for classic oxford shirt gives you more options. It has a subtle pattern for those who like their fashion safe. If you’re more of a risk-taker, try matching the accent colour of your jacket to the colour of a checked shirt. We have so many to choose from!

If white is a little too formal for you, pick out a colour within the pattern and try to match the shirt colour as closely as possible. If you’re going down the formal route, pair it with plain trousers and smart shoes, such as classic leather brogues or loafers.

Finding a matching waistcoat can give you the perfect look for a party or wedding. If you’re looking for a more casual outfit, add a pair of jeans and boots for a look that is perfect for those forthcoming winter months.

Plus, you could always top it off with a classic Yorkshire flat cap.

Men's Tweed Blazer & Hawthorn Waistcoat

Grey is a perfect palette cleanser to pair with most tweed styles as it avoids making the outfit too dark. It also makes it easier to match your shoes as grey goes with everything!

You may find a brown or a grey jacket is more versatile with your wardrobe. It can be dressed down a little more than a green tweed can. You can even get away with wearing just a plain white t-shirt underneath and pairing it with jeans and trainers if you want to.

With the colder months, try adding a polo-neck underneath for added warmth. If you’re not a fan of jeans, wearing a pair of chinos or cord trousers adds a more tailored look to your outfit. Of course, your shoes can make an outfit and it means you can get away with a deck shoes or canvas trainer.

The key is to not go overly casual as joggers or shorts really don’t lend well with tweed.

During winter, a tweed jacket is a great layering piece. Try a jumper or even a Huggate fleece underneath if you’re feeling casual.

How to style your tweed jacket (women)

Tweed is a great, unisex style and many of the same tips from the men’s section apply just the same for women. The key is to getting the jacket fitted but you also don’t want it too tight. Decide if you’ll be wearing jumpers/fleeces underneath it to determine how snug a fit you’re looking for.

Ladies Tweed Blazer

With tweed usually being offered in an array of colours for women, it often doesn’t take as long to match up the colours in the pattern. Pink is often woven into the pattern which makes it a great shade to pull out. Our Hannah Country Check Shirt in Matilda is the perfect fit!

Your shirt is also a great way to show off some personality. Our range of printed shirts mean you have tonnes of choice too!. Our Wistow Shirts add a more formal look and create that lovely country style.

If you’re wanting more of a monochrome look, adding in a pop of colour through accessories is always a great and cheaper option.

Shoes are once again a focal point and you have even more choice here. Similarly, to men, you can choose the more formal route with brogues or smart heels, or you can dress the look down with boots, classic ballet flats or even sleek trainers.

Once again, avoid going too casual as it won’t make a complete look. Make sure to avoid stiletto style heels or the outfit will not look smart casual.

For women, there also tends to be more styles. A looser-fit blazer style may work best for your body proportions and this can really ramp things up. Paired with skinny jeans and heels, it’s the perfect day-to-night look.

If you’re not ready to go full-tweed ahead with a jacket, a gentle nod through a handbag is a great alternative. Our Verity Tweed Satchel makes the perfect day bag. It’s the perfect size to fit in all of your handbag essentials!

Verity Tweed Satchel

This all depends on the style of jacket you choose. A more traditional piece, like our Long Tweed Blazer lends itself to a more formal outfit; alternatively, if the long jacket doesn’t suit your body shape the Short Tweed Jacket could do just the trick.

Tweed is such a versatile fabric when you decide how to style it. Whether you’re looking for a fitted blazer for formal looks or a coat designed for everyday wear, there really is a style to suit any look.

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