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How to Style Your Winter Wardrobe For Women


There’s something about dressing for winter that many women struggle with so don’t feel alone there! Many of us wear layer upon layer and feel a bit too bulky and probably unable to move very far. Keeping warm but looking stylish is probably the trickiest part of winter styling.

With our countryside staples, we like to be able to mix and match as much as we possibly can. When you buy quality pieces, you want to wear them as much as you can but equally, it requires caring for them better. Reproofing and cleaning regularly will prolong the life of any item but especially winter staples.

In this guide, we’ll look at our three winter wardrobe style staples, perfect for any county lady. As always, they’ll go with just about everything else you have in your wardrobe but choosing your patterns and colour schemes wisely will ensure you’ll get even more wear out of each item.

Outerwear is the key

Whilst many outfits should start with the base, winter outfits often start from the coat. Even if you’ve got your favourite outfit underneath, you need to keep as warm and cosy as possible! Don’t forget you can go as neutral or as bright with your outerwear so you can really show off your personality.

Ladies Thermal Leggings

Because they tend to be one of the pricier items we all wear, we recommend going for a style and colour that will go with as much of  your wardrobe as possible. Maybe you want to add a splash of colour to your neutral wardrobe? Perhaps you own lots of colourful pieces already and want a neutral coloured coat so it goes with everything?

As we get firmly into winter, a longer coat is the best option so you don’t have to keep pulling it down to cover your hips. They’re super flattering on every figure and age so you then just have to pick the style for you. For something for everyday wear and casual occasions, a puffer style coat with a hood is perfect for grabbing as you go out of the door. Whether you prefer a shorter style or a longer version, this coat still looks super chic and you’ll get tons of compliments on your faux fur hood. Another option is a parka style coat, with our version coming in a classic navy or khaki colour.

Women's Loungewear Set

For a classic countryside look, how about a long tweed coat? With six different tweed patterns to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice! Whilst we wouldn’t recommend wearing this style during heavy rainfall, it’s a great option for drier days and running to and from the car!

For those of you who are outdoors more than most, a riding coat might be your preferred option. Both of our shorter and three-quarter styles are waterproof and windproof so you know you’ll stay as warm as can be! With stormproof cuffs, a fleece lining and reflective strips to help you be seen at night, we’ve got as many weatherproof features in as we possibly could!

Thermals are your new best friend

Nobody will ever know you’re wearing them underneath your outfit unless you want them to! Our range of thermals comes in two shades, a light grey and deep burgundy, so they will go under just about any clothing.

Ladies Long Winter Coat

For days when it’s not as cold, a vest style will just keep the chill off underneath any shirt or jumper. A long-sleeved version will go under any jumper, sweatshirt or shirt as a base layer. Keeping that extra warmth in is perfect for any outdoor events you might be attending this winter.

If it’s extra cold outside, investing in a pair of thermal leggings might be an option for you. We wear ours under an array of jeans and trousers and it feels like you’ve got a blanket on your legs at all times!

Leather boots last a lifetime…

…As long as you look after them properly! Our range of leather boots has everything from Chelsea ankle boots to knee high worker boots and everything in between. Again, it’s important to think about where and when you’ll be wearing your leather boots to determine which style you might need.

Ladies Tall Country Boots

If you’ll be doing a lot of hiking, you need to invest in a decent pair of walking boots. A chocolate brown leather pair or a blue waterproof pair will see you through any season. Both pairs offer extra ankle support, comfortable soles and an extremely sturdy tread so they are as practical as can be.

For lots of outdoor working activities, our pair of trusted Tullymore boots should be your go-to if they’re not already! Whilst they’re super practical and comfortable, they’re also very stylish and a perfect alternative to wellington boots during the winter. You can tuck in your breeks, jodhpurs or skinny jeans into these without them looking too bulky. Don’t forget those knee-high socks to keep your feet toasty too!

If you’re not the outdoorsy type or are looking for a pair of leather boots to wear during the day and night, look no further than the classic Chelsea boot with a Rydale twist. For a pair you can wear to the office, a brogue style will suit your lifestyle and you won’t have to change your shoes when you go out after work. For an even dressier pair, why not try some patent croc print Chelsea boots?

Ladies Waterproof Walking Jacket

The glossy finish makes them look super chic, perfect for dressier evenings. For an everyday pair of Chelsea boots, our regular pull-on pair come with a thicker tread than a traditional Chelsea boot so they’re perfect for walking and countryside living.

You might prefer a knee-high style, especially during the winter months. Our tweed, Spanish riding boot styles will hit just the right spot for you, with both suede and leather to choose from. Both are elegant and ladylike for dressier occasions but are great for throwing on over a pair of skinny jeans to run some errands.

With these three country winter wardrobe staples, you’ll be able to get through the season and beyond. There’s something about having a few quality pieces per season that really make any outfit and outerwear, thermals and leather boots are the perfect foundation for any winter time outfit. Buying quality pieces means they’ll last for years to come so you won’t need to replace them next year! Look after them properly and they’ll last for years.


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