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How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

22 Sep 2021 |

With summer nearly over and temperatures dropping, it’s getting close to jacket weather. Here at Rydale, you know we’re all about a practical, versatile wardrobe and your outerwear is no different. Owning jackets that only go with a handful of outfits or less is not the way to go. Investing in outerwear that is versatile means you can keep them for years, as long as you look after them.

If you’re looking for the ultimate versatile jacket, you shouldn’t look much further than a bomber jacket. Whilst they’re not suitable for formal occasions, they’re the perfect jacket for everyday wear. You’ll notice early on in this blog post that layering is our go-to tip for both cool and cold weather style so it’s time to grab all of yours, have a wardrobe try-on and see which items need replacing. Keep reading for our top styling tips on what to wear with a bomber jacket.

Cool weather style - ladies

Now that summer has gone and autumn has arrived, a bomber jacket is the perfect jacket to wear when it’s cool. It can be a jacket that you actually don’t need to plan an outfit for; simply throw it on over most outfits, provided it doesn’t clash with your colour scheme.

Ladies Navy Bomber Jacket

A simple outfit for everyone is jeans and a T-shirt, keeping it ultra casual for running errands and informal occasions. It’s a look for everyday style so don’t be tempted to make your outfit too dressy. However, classy and smart are the country lady way so stick with classic pieces.

Dark wash skinny jeans should be a staple in your country lady wardrobe as they go with just about everything! Whilst lighter-coloured skinny jeans are just as stylish, dark denim suits every shape and size. What you wear with them is where you can reflect your personality. A plain crew-neck T-shirt, a striped top, a checked shirt or a rugby/polo shirt will all compliment dark jeans. Choose your favourite colour or pattern! If you go for a bright-coloured bomber jacket, you could either keep the top underneath a neutral shade or in the same colour family (reds and pink, blues and purples, greens and browns etc). On the other hand, a neutral coloured jacket means you can go crazy for colour with your T-shirt.

Cool weather style - gentlemen

A bomber jacket is the ultimate cool weather item for country gentlemen. Not only will it keep you warm and cosy on the inside, it’s also a cool guy item so you’ll look like the most stylish man in the village! For cool weather style, think classic items with a casual theme because you can’t really dress up a bomber jacket.

Rydale Bomber Jacket

Just like the country ladies, dark wash jeans and a top are the perfect starter outfit to wear with a bomber jacket. Dark wash jeans are the easiest item to wear and are super versatile. Whether they’re a pair of denim jeans or chino jeans, a dark wash or navy shade will go with just about everything in your wardrobe.

When it comes to your top half, anything really does go. To keep it super casual, a polo shirt, a rugby shirt or a classic crew neck T-shirt are great ways to add some colour into your outfit. Whether it’s plain or patterned, show off your personality with a burst of colour. If you’re not a big fan of colour, a neutral T-shirt works just as well. Shades of grey, navy and earthy beige and khaki tones complement dark wash jeans too.

If you’re feeling a bit dressier, a classic countryside checked shirt should be your go-to item. For cooler days, a short-sleeved version will work well so you don’t overheat underneath. If it’s a bit chilly, you can always add a vest or T-shirt underneath it to layer up.

Cold weather style - ladies

The first thing to do when the weather drops is layer. Layer up as much or as little as you want. Some days, a jumper or sweatshirt over a T-shirt will be enough. Other days, you might need a thermal, a scarf and a jumper! The main reason we all struggle with layering is because there’s a fine line between layers and bulk. That’s why we recommend going for thin layers. Not only will you add warmth with every layer, you won’t be as restricted as you would be with thicker layers.

Men's Green Bomber Jacket

You can start from layering underneath your first layer. Adding a thermal top, vest or extra T-shirt under a T-shirt or shirt keeps the heat as close to your body as possible. Obviously this will depend on just how cold it is but investing in base layers is a great idea for those living in the countryside. You can also layer them underneath sweaters and jumpers, which also prolongs the life of knitwear too. It can be economical too as you can often get more wears out of your knitwear before washing as you just wear a different base layer every time.

If you’d rather layer on top of your T-shirts and tops, fleeces, gilets, hoodies and cardigans are your next step. We usually go for something without a hood as there’s nothing worse than having to fight with a hood inside of a jacket and deciding whether to tuck it inside or leave it outside. However, hoodies can often be a comfortable, extra warm inside layer so do what suits you!

Many people go for base layers, a top and a fleece because they’re always cold; however, for some, that means they will completely overheat! Layering is definitely trial and error, working out what works best for you.

Cold weather style - gentlemen

Now is the time to dig out all of your winter clothing, we’re talking about those knitted jumpers and fluffy fleeces tucked at the back of your wardrobe somewhere (they might need a wash before you wear them). Layering is not just for women. In fact, classic country style could be a checked shirt over a T-shirt with a gilet or fleece on top. Wearing a similar colour to your bomber jacket is a great way to streamline the look too.

The key to layering is thinking about where you’re going to be and what the temperature will be like. If you’re going to be outdoors for a long time, you probably won’t be removing any layers at all. For times like these, you can wear overhead and pullover styles of fleeces and sweatshirts. If you’re likely to be indoors and the heating will be on, full zip-up styles are probably best as they’re much easier to remove layer by layer.

Ladies Bomber Jacket

How to choose the right coloured bomber jacket for you

First of all, think about which colours suit you best. Pale complexions with darker hair often suit deeper shades, such as forest green and burgundy, whereas darker skin tones look amazing against brighter shades, such as royal blue and red. However, you will know which colour looks best against your skin and hair colour!

Secondly, think about what colours you wear the most. You’ll need a bomber jacket in a colour that compliments the rest of your wardrobe, not clash with it. Do you have a wardrobe full of bright colours and patterns or do you stick with neutrals with a splash of colour? You’ll probably find you’re somewhere in between like most people but most will have a colour scheme throughout. Whether it’s various shades of blue, red or green, you might want to buy a bomber jacket in that colour to go with as many items as possible!

Finally, if all else fails, stick with a neutral shade! Black, grey, olive and navy are shades that work with most wardrobes. They also mean you can add lots of colour to your outfit underneath and you won’t have to worry about colour clashes! You can never go wrong with a neutral colour and you might actually get more wear out of it than a coloured jacket.

As you can see, a bomber jacket will soon become your go to casual jacket of choice now the weather is declining. You can throw a bomber jacket over most outfits for everyday wear and it will keep you warm and cosy on the inside! The key to styling it for winter is layering so stock up early on jumpers, hats, scarves and thick socks before everyone else does!

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